Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gorgeous Weather

Here in Jackson, Saturday was beautiful - the definition of football weather, the kind of day that makes you wish you were in Athens. Instead, we were in Mississippi and we went to Wellsfest - a festival that a local church puts on. It was fun for Louisa because she got her face painted (a ladybug), got a balloon animal, played duck scoop and of course - her most favorite, eat popcorn. She had a good time, and the place was crawling with kids so she had plenty of babies to watch. Oh yeah - as we were getting ready to go, she was "helping" Byron put on his boots - just check out the picture, priceless. Later we played in the backyard of our neighbors and had a tea party with her Aunt Courtney, Dana and Savannah. Fun day.

We had another beautiful day today and we went to the park in Belhaven and saw some friends there to play with. She had a good time swinging and sliding with her friend, Lucy Neal, who is 2 months younger. Oops - forgot the camera this time!

As for developmental milestones, my child has finally started to give kisses. For all of you moms out there, you know how it instantly melts your heart to get that gooey, messy "kiss." I am loving it! It is cute too because she enjoys kissing the dogs and cat too! Ha. Until the next time something eventful occurs..............


Katie said...

what the heck is duck scoop?? hahaha just teasing :)

Amy S. Norris said... just wait!