Sunday, September 21, 2008

welcome to the world of blogging

okay so here is my first experience with blogging. i have finally fallen to the peer pressure and started my own. now, the biggest challenge will be updating it on a regular basis - we all know how often i send out updates. ha!

we are doing great over here in mississippi. louisa is now 18 months and still a firecracker, which an example is shown in the picture of her throwing an absolute fit in the bumbo. we went to georgia a month ago and she had her first experience at the beach. she loved it. wasnt too fond of the sand, but liked the water and wanted to chase the birds.

we took her to the circus a few weekends ago, and we had a great time. she wasnt too sure of the elephants, but loved the show with the dogs (she said "ruh ruh") the whole time. it was cute when the lights would turn off for a show, she would say "shhh night night." she thought it was time to go to sleep. she also kept mimicking the ring master when he would blow his whistle. it was a good time had by all, especially when she got popcorn and cotton candy!

here are some pictures of the monkey in the last couple of months. she has a mouth full of teeth!

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