Friday, October 31, 2008

Queen for a Day

We all know that Louisa is great - but her preschool crowned her QUEEN of the school. Seriously. Yes, I must admit she had some help from some sponsors, but whatever, she is queen. Her preschool had a fundraiser that you could "vote" (ie. give money) for the queen and king of the school. She was crowned tonight at a ceremony. Whether it was that she was tired from the long day at school being dressed as a peacock and having a Halloween party, or she was hurting from yet ANOTHER ear infection...........she was acting like a real queen, throwing a fit and having a meltdown. It was okay, the other princesses and princes at the ceremony were starting to meltdown too, must have been dinnertime. The preschool director and I joked that the last thing "miss priss" needed was a crown, she is known at school for prissing up and down the halls and telling everyone their business. I seriously have no idea where she gets that from. :) Here are some pictures.

Queen and King of Woodland Hills Preschool

Acting like a queen..........meltdown, anyone?

The royal family

Oh yeah - here is a final picture of the pretty peacock for the year. This was taken this morning before I took her to school. Sadly, when I dropped her off at school she was the ONLY one dressed up. I was soooo embarrassed for her. I worried that she was being made fun of all day. Byron even asked me on the phone at lunch "did you bring extra clothes for her in case she feels self-conscious?" Ugghhh, that made me feel worse. But, luckily when I picked her up there were lots of kids in costume. Thank goodness!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So, on Sunday - Louisa had her very first experience with pumpkin carving. We got out the newspaper for all of the pumpkin guts, set out plenty of pumpkin-carving materials, and most importantly, had Lula in just her diaper, because we all know how messy pumpkin carving gets. Well, we couldn't get her out of the house without shoes, and well - you'll never guess which ones she picked. Thanks Mom and Dad. At least we live in Mississippi, where it may be okay to have your child naked on the front porch in cowboy boots. She wasn't too sure of it at first, but once she started to get her hands dirty, she had a great time. She kept calling the carved pieces "apples" which is what she calls just about every fruit-type item. One of these pictures cracks me up, it looks like she is practicing her Vanna White pose showing off the pumpkins. :) Of course, we had to get her dressed up nice later and take the "real" pictures. She was having such a good time laughing at Byron - her Aunt Courtney could hear her squealing inside her house across the street!

Quick update - Louisa's MRI is scheduled for Monday. We have to be at the hospital at 8 am, and I am not sure yet what time they will actually do the MRI. But, obviously they have to sedate her for her to stay still. If she is anything like she was coming out of anesthesia for her ear tubes - I am in for a treat Monday. Talk about spitfire!! Later that same day we are supposed to meet with the pediatric gastroenterologist. Keep her in your thoughts, and I will try and keep everyone posted on the results.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A visit from Mimi and Gan-daddy

My mom and dad came into town on Wednesday night (after the long 10 hour trek from Savannah, Ga.) to visit with us and Louisa. All in all, we had a great visit. Dad had gastro Thursday and Friday, which we all know is NEVER fun. On Thursday, I had to work so mom and dad stayed with Louisa all day. They went gallivanting around town and Louisa got to eat her first Happy Meal from McDonald's. She loved it! She also talked her Mimi and Gan-daddy into buying her some pink crocs. The child is OBSESSED with shoes. On Friday, dad slept off his Phenergan, and mom, Louisa and I took a trip to Brookhaven, MS to a fabric store that I have been wanting to go to since I moved here. We drove down 55S and commented on how we were in the middle of nowhere, and then we pulled off on our exit and went into some serious back-woods Mississippi (we were waiting to hear banjos playing). If anyone has ever been to the Cotton Patch, you must know what I mean about the trip - we kept driving and thinking "there cant really be anything out here, right......" And then, we found it. Let me just tell you, I was in heaven. Loooove that fabric store, my bank account would've been better off if I never knew it was there. They had sooooo much cute fabric for a steal! Anyway, that was the excitement for Friday.

Saturday, thank goodness Gan-daddy was feeling better so we were able to do more gallivanting in Jackson. Mom and dad bought Lula Kate a pair of pink cowboy boots, eat your heart out Aunt Carol. She is now super-obsessed with them. I think they are too big, but she loves to put them on and stomp throughout the house. We also went to the Belhaven park and played on the playground with Mimi and Gan-daddy.

Lula loved having company in town - especially company that she could wrap around her pinkie! She cried when they left and said "no bye-bye." So sad! Here are some pictures from the visit.

Here is Mimi pushing me on the swing

Gan-daddy loved this part of the playground

Her new-found fear of frogs.....

Taking a break

And finally, the pink cowboy boots - Brooke, here is your shout-out with the finger up the nose!!!

What a lady!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lucy, the gentle giant

We have 2 labs - Mallard, the chocolate lab (he is the one who finished off the chocolate pie, including the glass Pyrex dish it was in after our July 4 party), and Lucy - our rescue lab/horse mix that weighs in at a whopping 124 lbs. Seriously. Although she is gargantuan, she is the sweetest dog ever. She is so well behaved, especially when in comparison to Mallard, aka. Brownie (who gets into the trash can at least twice a week - one would have thought he would've learned his lesson after the stay at the animal hospital after the Pyrex incident). Anyway, Louisa loves to pick on poor Lucy, and Lucy is so sweet and just puts up with Lula. She loves her, I sometimes think that Lucy thinks Lula is hers, kinda like an elephant that adopts a mouse. I have blogged before about how Louisa likes to jump on Lucy's back and say "gee-up, gee-up" (which means giddy-up), but I was finally able to catch it on camera. Yes, my child is only wearing blue jeans, but she had just finished dinner, and she eats shirtless in order to save her clothes. So, one day she will be super embarrassed that I had this on the blog, but - I had to share the photos.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally, an answer. Too bad it is the wrong one.....

So - I finally had the follow-up appointment for Louisa's sleep study yesterday. I was fully prepared to be told that she just "wasn't a sleeper" and that nothing was wrong with her, we would just have to suck it up. That was not the answer I got - in fact, it was far from it.

The night we did the sleep study, they tracked her over a 5 hour period of time. In that time period, she awakened 32 times, she also is not getting any of the stage 4 sleep (which is the deep sleep in which your body resets). Most alarming though, she had 24 episodes of central apnea. Before yesterday, I had no idea what that meant. Now, I have read every article, info, etc. about it. What happens is that your brain just flat out refuses to tell your body to breathe - resulting in apnea, the absence of breathing. This is not like the obstructive sleep apnea in which you can remove tonsils and adenoids to help open the airway - her brain is not telling her body to do something that she should. In the meantime, her oxygen saturation level is dropping. She begins breathing again (obviously), and this is possibly why so many times she wakes in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder - because she is almost choking to death.

So, what to do. The sleep study doctors believe (90%) that this central sleep apnea is related to her gastroesophogeal reflux. So - we are going to be following up with the pediatric gastroenterologist for more info about her reflux. We are also going to do an MRI of her brain to make sure that there are no neurological reasons why her brain is telling her not to breathe.

If the day wasn't already good enough - we had to go to the ENT doctor because her ears had been draining for a while and my husband ENT thought we should probably have her tubes checked out. So, of course - one of the tubes that she just had placed in April is out and she has a raging ear infection. This was just the best day ever.

So, now I am patiently waiting - which for any of you that know me, I am not patient, and I don't like to wait. So, this is no good for me. Last night, I laid awake in bed wondering, "is my child breathing right now, or not." I ask everyone to keep their fingers crossed for Lula. I will try and keep everyone up to date on how everything is going.

Now for the bit of good news - I am convinced that since she is not sleeping, and now I know for sure - that it HAS to be an explanation for her odd behavior. This has to be the reason that she is soooooo hyperactive, irritable, fussy, sensitive and moody. So, I am looking forward to her being able to sleep good at night. I cannot imagine how I would be if I was so sleep deprived. Poor thing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Pretty Peacock

Tonight we went to Louisa's first Halloween Party. It was at UMC (the hospital where Byron lives) and was hosted by the resident's spousal alliance. She dressed up in her costume, she is a peacock this year, and believe it or not, was a great sport the whole time. She never once tried to remove any pieces of the costume. I was quite impressed. Here are some pictures of the event.

Here she is enjoying her first experience of trick-or-treating. Daddy was picking out the best candy for her pumpkin. I encouraged him to get only the candy that "Louisa" would eat, haha. We had to leave soon after because she was having meltdowns because we wouldn't "apen," which translates to open. Sorry Charlie - no sugar after 5pm for you.

This is us coming out of the "spooky maze." As you can tell, it was a crawl under some tables placed together, she was loving it until her peacock antennae (or whatever they are) kept getting stuck in the spider webs.

Loving her some "pop-pop," otherwise known as a popcorn ball. This would have occupied her for hours - I made sure to pocket some for the house, for a rainy day - you know.

This is me and my friends Julie (to the left) with her son, Chapman who is 11 months and Tori (to my right) with her daughter, Ella who is 16 months (I think).

Byron and Louisa were decorating a cookie. She loved the black icing, soon it got everywhere. :) Spooky.

Here is Louisa playing with Ella, the ladybug. It is sooo hard to get pictures of little ones together!

The family leaving the party. I think it was a success. She is obsessed right now with spiders, which she calls "piders" (a shout-out to my nurse friend Pam from C3M). Until our next monster the way, love that song!

Are we there yet?!

This past weekend we went to Barnesville, Ga. for Byron's 10 year high school reunion. Yes - we have previously determined that Byron and I have both fallen off our rockers - but this was the last time we indulged in our insanity as it was our last weekend trip that we will make again. 7 hours in the car is never fun, add in an 18 month old, not a good time had by anyone. Also, for someone with OCD such as I, blood pressures will reach stroke level when you are driving down the interstate and randomly hear your child saying "uh-oh" over and over, thinking nothing of it - then hearing her sing "keen-up, keen-up" (her clean up song) and looking in the backseat and seeing orange Sunkist spots all over her, crushed Goldish pieces (the cracker) smushed all over and bits and pieces of Combos all over the backseat. For everyone who knows me, I like a clean car - this was not my idea of fun. I was having nervous tics the entire rest of the drive just waiting to get back to Jackson so I could clean out the backseat.

The reunion was fun, Byron was able to catch up with some classmates that he hasn't seen in a while, and I made some new friends with some of the wives. All in all, it was a good time. Louisa was able to see Guinney and Pa-Paw, Uncle Brad and Aunt CC and Kale and Kaney girl. She enjoyed playing with everyone.

Sorry - no pictures on this post, I fell down on the job. I was thinking of including a picture of Louisa screaming in her car seat - but realized the picture wouldn't do her justice without sound involved. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A new Norris!

Nope - I'm not preggers. Not ready for that just yet. But, welcome to the family Zonkey! Our beloved goldfish, Kool-aid, passed away in August while we were in Georgia, and so we waited a while, but missed having a goldfish in the kitchen. We went toPetsmart today and Byron picked us out another winner. Yes, Julie - I named him Zonkey. I'm not quite sure if his momma was a donkey, or his diddy was a zebra..........not even kidding. Anyway, we felt the name was appropriate since he had a stripe down his back. For those wondering if we have lost our minds, no, well.........yeah.Zonkey was the name of the donkey-zebra mix that we saw at the pumpkin patch, and it was such a hit, we had to keep it going!

Where's the beach?

For her birthday, yes - back in March, Aunt Courtney gave Louisa one of those turtles that are a sandbox. Until today, it has been a fixture in our living room - sans the sand. Well, Byron and I finally got around to going and buying sand, a concept that brought out the "cheapo" in me (why should you have to pay for something like that, especially $4 for a bag!). I was sooo glad that Byron was with me, because I never could've handled the 50 pound bags myself. Anyway, got it out on the back deck, and she loves it. We are learning how to keep the sand in the sandbox, a task that comes easy to her OCD mother, but not so easy to an 18 month wild-child. Her Aunt Courtney came over to join in on the fun, and brought her a huge green marsh mellow sucker - which went well with all the sand already on her hands and face. Gross.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

This morning we went to a pumpkin patch in Brandon, MS. We had so much fun. There was a hayride through the farm where we got to see animals, and then it took us to a pumpkin patch where Louisa was able to pick out 2 pumpkins for the front porch. She loved the hayride, but didn't quite catch the concept of picking out the pumpkins. She loved to look at them though. We went with some friends that have little ones too. We tried to get a photo with all of them together, Louisa, Ella and Chapman, but it is so difficult to get them to stay all in one place, plus the pumpkin patch was getting in the way of Chapman's nap. He was a champ though. After the hayride, we got to look at a small petting zoo that they had at the farm. Louisa was fascinated by the big turkeys - I don't think they shared her love because they kept poking out their feathers and shaking and making funny noises - being the city girl that I am, I was scared, but Byron said that is what they do when they aren't too sure of things. Whatever, those things are huge and scary - hope they remember their behavior towards us in the end of November. Hehe.

Here are some pictures.

These were taken on the hayride:

Here is Louisa playing with her friend Ella:

The great pumpkin patch:

The scary turkey:

A bunny rabbit:

For those that may read this in Jackson - we went to the Nichols-Boyd Pumpkin Patch on Hwy 43 in Brandon. I highly recommend it, it was great family fun. We were also excited to find out that they also have a Christmas Tree farm in December, so we will pull a Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation picking out a real tree. Hopefully, we wont suffer the same fate as they did in the movie!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mississippi State Fair

Sunday we went to the Mississippi State Fair. It was Louisa's first fair and we went with our friends Phoebe and Kyle that have a little girl Louisa's age named Lucy Neal. The girls had a good time squealing with all the other kids that were on the rides. Louisa was loving watching all the people and everything going on. We rode the carousel when we first got there, Louisa didn't much care for it - that should have been a sign for us that she would not enjoy the rest of the fair - who doesn't love a carousel ride? She didn't want to ride on the horse, and then once it got going, she didn't want to do anything but snuggle with daddy.

Then, walking around we found a booth that had snakes and baby alligators that you could pet. As you can see from the picture - Louisa didn't like it. Don't blame you on the alligators girl - those things are evil.

Next was the highlight of the fair, the petting zoo! Phoebe and I were more excited than anyone because we heard that there was a zebra! Byron got the girls some carrots to feed the animals. Lucy Neal was all over feeding the animals, Louisa.....not so sure, but I was able to capture a few moments of her trying to make friends.

A tradition at the fair is lemonade and the free biscuits. Louisa soon became obsessed with the lemonade because Lucy Neal was eating the ice, so Lula kept repeating "ice, ice, ice" and then when we gave her pieces she would just let them melt and go to pieces when she couldn't find the ice cube! The biscuit was a life-saver though, she was soooo quiet and behaved in her stroller eating the treat.

Lastly, we decided to try some rides. Lula, daddy, Phoebe and Lucy Neal went on what we thought was going to be a "kiddie roller coaster." Turns out, it wasn't so calm. Of course, Louisa didn't like it. Imagine that! But, after the roller coaster, mommy went on a ride with her (yes, I got on a fair ride and didn't vomit) that was a kiddie hot-air balloon ride, but she didn't much care for that either.

Lessons learned:
free biscuits, yes.
petting zoo, maybe.
crowd of people, yes.
roller coaster, no.
fair next year, maybe.

Until next time............................................