Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are we there yet?!

This past weekend we went to Barnesville, Ga. for Byron's 10 year high school reunion. Yes - we have previously determined that Byron and I have both fallen off our rockers - but this was the last time we indulged in our insanity as it was our last weekend trip that we will make again. 7 hours in the car is never fun, add in an 18 month old, not a good time had by anyone. Also, for someone with OCD such as I, blood pressures will reach stroke level when you are driving down the interstate and randomly hear your child saying "uh-oh" over and over, thinking nothing of it - then hearing her sing "keen-up, keen-up" (her clean up song) and looking in the backseat and seeing orange Sunkist spots all over her, crushed Goldish pieces (the cracker) smushed all over and bits and pieces of Combos all over the backseat. For everyone who knows me, I like a clean car - this was not my idea of fun. I was having nervous tics the entire rest of the drive just waiting to get back to Jackson so I could clean out the backseat.

The reunion was fun, Byron was able to catch up with some classmates that he hasn't seen in a while, and I made some new friends with some of the wives. All in all, it was a good time. Louisa was able to see Guinney and Pa-Paw, Uncle Brad and Aunt CC and Kale and Kaney girl. She enjoyed playing with everyone.

Sorry - no pictures on this post, I fell down on the job. I was thinking of including a picture of Louisa screaming in her car seat - but realized the picture wouldn't do her justice without sound involved. :)

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