Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So, on Sunday - Louisa had her very first experience with pumpkin carving. We got out the newspaper for all of the pumpkin guts, set out plenty of pumpkin-carving materials, and most importantly, had Lula in just her diaper, because we all know how messy pumpkin carving gets. Well, we couldn't get her out of the house without shoes, and well - you'll never guess which ones she picked. Thanks Mom and Dad. At least we live in Mississippi, where it may be okay to have your child naked on the front porch in cowboy boots. She wasn't too sure of it at first, but once she started to get her hands dirty, she had a great time. She kept calling the carved pieces "apples" which is what she calls just about every fruit-type item. One of these pictures cracks me up, it looks like she is practicing her Vanna White pose showing off the pumpkins. :) Of course, we had to get her dressed up nice later and take the "real" pictures. She was having such a good time laughing at Byron - her Aunt Courtney could hear her squealing inside her house across the street!

Quick update - Louisa's MRI is scheduled for Monday. We have to be at the hospital at 8 am, and I am not sure yet what time they will actually do the MRI. But, obviously they have to sedate her for her to stay still. If she is anything like she was coming out of anesthesia for her ear tubes - I am in for a treat Monday. Talk about spitfire!! Later that same day we are supposed to meet with the pediatric gastroenterologist. Keep her in your thoughts, and I will try and keep everyone posted on the results.


pmginn said...

Priceless! :) Thanks for a good chuckle this morning.

Her boots remind me of something Uncle Frankie said years ago - that he can't wear cowboy boots, because he's so short the tops of them would rub his butt-cheeks.

Carol said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is too cute!! Love the boots Lula- save them for Aunt Carol when you grow out of them!!!! :-)

The Bryans said...

I love the pictures! We'll check on you on Monday.