Friday, October 3, 2008

A long, long night

So, for those of you that I haven't complained to before - Louisa has a horrible sleeping problem, she doesn't sleep. So, we finally went to see a specialist after 7 months of her screaming randomly in the night. His first suggestion, take away her nap during the day. Seeing as she doesn't sleep during the day anyway, I decided that I was a bit skeptical. However, he wanted to go ahead with a sleep study to determine if there is a method to her madness. With me being the type A personality that I am, I wanted to know the method to her madness as well so I could control it. Honestly. :)

Anyway, last night was the scheduled sleep study. When we got there we found out that all of the staff (the sleep study techs) were absolutely wonderful, good thing as to how the night would progress. They spent about an hour and a half hooking up millions of electrodes, wires, gadgets, you name it to my child's head, face, chin, nose, legs, etc. She was actually being a fairly good sport about it. Then the so-called sleeping was to occur. Ummm.....somehow we kinda missed that part. She was great, she didn't try to pull anything off even though things were in the way of her putting her fingers in her mouth and everything. Who knew, my daughter the good sport - she must have gotten that characteristic from my husband who is a bit more even-keeled than I. After what seemed like an eternity of screaming, replacing electrodes that had fallen off, panicking that my child would strangle herself with all the wires, trying to get her to drift back off to sleep as everything was normal and the worst of all - watching her hold her arms out to me and saying her very first sentence ever "I want my mommy" with the most pitiful look ever while I could do nothing, it finally was over. We wont know anything for a few weeks, but I know this - I cannot have that happen to her again. Broke my heart, and now I will break your hearts and show you pictures of the beginnings of the electrodes. Note, I don't have pics of her with all her get-up, she wasn't wanting to pose for pictures after a while.


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, how did her face get so scratched up? Your child gets hooked up to wires and electrodes, mine wears a football helmet 23/7, aren't we a nice group!

Amy S. Norris said...

you are such a cracker. that was the permanent marker they had to put on her face, not scratches. but you should see her legs! maybe we shouldn't have partied so hard in high school! ha!!

Katie said...

OH MY GOD how awful!! well yay for her first sentence, especially since it involved you!