Friday, October 24, 2008

Lucy, the gentle giant

We have 2 labs - Mallard, the chocolate lab (he is the one who finished off the chocolate pie, including the glass Pyrex dish it was in after our July 4 party), and Lucy - our rescue lab/horse mix that weighs in at a whopping 124 lbs. Seriously. Although she is gargantuan, she is the sweetest dog ever. She is so well behaved, especially when in comparison to Mallard, aka. Brownie (who gets into the trash can at least twice a week - one would have thought he would've learned his lesson after the stay at the animal hospital after the Pyrex incident). Anyway, Louisa loves to pick on poor Lucy, and Lucy is so sweet and just puts up with Lula. She loves her, I sometimes think that Lucy thinks Lula is hers, kinda like an elephant that adopts a mouse. I have blogged before about how Louisa likes to jump on Lucy's back and say "gee-up, gee-up" (which means giddy-up), but I was finally able to catch it on camera. Yes, my child is only wearing blue jeans, but she had just finished dinner, and she eats shirtless in order to save her clothes. So, one day she will be super embarrassed that I had this on the blog, but - I had to share the photos.


pmginn said...

Isn't Lucy short for Lucifer? Has she just settled down past her "teenage years"?

Amy S. Norris said...

oh she has defninitely settled, she is soooo calm and sweet. unless you are a new person, then she has to have a few minutes of her "craze" to get used to you.