Monday, October 6, 2008

Mississippi State Fair

Sunday we went to the Mississippi State Fair. It was Louisa's first fair and we went with our friends Phoebe and Kyle that have a little girl Louisa's age named Lucy Neal. The girls had a good time squealing with all the other kids that were on the rides. Louisa was loving watching all the people and everything going on. We rode the carousel when we first got there, Louisa didn't much care for it - that should have been a sign for us that she would not enjoy the rest of the fair - who doesn't love a carousel ride? She didn't want to ride on the horse, and then once it got going, she didn't want to do anything but snuggle with daddy.

Then, walking around we found a booth that had snakes and baby alligators that you could pet. As you can see from the picture - Louisa didn't like it. Don't blame you on the alligators girl - those things are evil.

Next was the highlight of the fair, the petting zoo! Phoebe and I were more excited than anyone because we heard that there was a zebra! Byron got the girls some carrots to feed the animals. Lucy Neal was all over feeding the animals, Louisa.....not so sure, but I was able to capture a few moments of her trying to make friends.

A tradition at the fair is lemonade and the free biscuits. Louisa soon became obsessed with the lemonade because Lucy Neal was eating the ice, so Lula kept repeating "ice, ice, ice" and then when we gave her pieces she would just let them melt and go to pieces when she couldn't find the ice cube! The biscuit was a life-saver though, she was soooo quiet and behaved in her stroller eating the treat.

Lastly, we decided to try some rides. Lula, daddy, Phoebe and Lucy Neal went on what we thought was going to be a "kiddie roller coaster." Turns out, it wasn't so calm. Of course, Louisa didn't like it. Imagine that! But, after the roller coaster, mommy went on a ride with her (yes, I got on a fair ride and didn't vomit) that was a kiddie hot-air balloon ride, but she didn't much care for that either.

Lessons learned:
free biscuits, yes.
petting zoo, maybe.
crowd of people, yes.
roller coaster, no.
fair next year, maybe.

Until next time............................................


Julie, Mitch & Chapman said...

How cute! I'm so glad y'all had fun. I don't know if Chapman can ride the rides but I am sure he would enjoy the lights and people! And, Mitch doesn't ride rides - it will be ME taking him! So, go Byron!!!!!

The Milan Family said...

OMG! This blog is fantastic!!!!! Lu is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo precious and beautiful! She's growing up so fast!!!!!!! Talk to you soon! : )

pmginn said...

Hey, give the girl a break. The first time I rode a carousel as an adult, I was truly amazed at the speed that thing whipped around!

I remember those wrap-around dresses ...... love it!

Amy S. Norris said...

yeah - okay, i will cut her some slack. as phoebe and i were on the "sidelines" we both said, "wow, it's going kinda fast." ha.