Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Pretty Peacock

Tonight we went to Louisa's first Halloween Party. It was at UMC (the hospital where Byron lives) and was hosted by the resident's spousal alliance. She dressed up in her costume, she is a peacock this year, and believe it or not, was a great sport the whole time. She never once tried to remove any pieces of the costume. I was quite impressed. Here are some pictures of the event.

Here she is enjoying her first experience of trick-or-treating. Daddy was picking out the best candy for her pumpkin. I encouraged him to get only the candy that "Louisa" would eat, haha. We had to leave soon after because she was having meltdowns because we wouldn't "apen," which translates to open. Sorry Charlie - no sugar after 5pm for you.

This is us coming out of the "spooky maze." As you can tell, it was a crawl under some tables placed together, she was loving it until her peacock antennae (or whatever they are) kept getting stuck in the spider webs.

Loving her some "pop-pop," otherwise known as a popcorn ball. This would have occupied her for hours - I made sure to pocket some for the house, for a rainy day - you know.

This is me and my friends Julie (to the left) with her son, Chapman who is 11 months and Tori (to my right) with her daughter, Ella who is 16 months (I think).

Byron and Louisa were decorating a cookie. She loved the black icing, soon it got everywhere. :) Spooky.

Here is Louisa playing with Ella, the ladybug. It is sooo hard to get pictures of little ones together!

The family leaving the party. I think it was a success. She is obsessed right now with spiders, which she calls "piders" (a shout-out to my nurse friend Pam from C3M). Until our next monster mash.........by the way, love that song!


pmginn said...

Cute costume! Tell me you didn't make it.

Amy S. Norris said...

ummm, no. i have to admit - way easier to buy on internet!!

pmginn said...

Peacocks don't have antennae! :)

(That came to our attention while I was showing off your daughter's pictures at work. :)

But we did agree that she's the prettiest little peafowl we've ever seen.

pmginn said...

WHOA - I googled it, and peacocks DO have antenna! And my co-workers were so convinced they didn't .... I'll just have to set them straight today! (Although they were right about Louisa being a peafowl and not a peacock. :)

Amy S. Norris said...

how funny!!!!!

pmginn said...

OK, further continuation to your peacock/peafowl education. Though they are antenna-like things on their heads, they are actually feathers. For those who are so anal as to have to be correct (Raymond :).