Friday, October 31, 2008

Queen for a Day

We all know that Louisa is great - but her preschool crowned her QUEEN of the school. Seriously. Yes, I must admit she had some help from some sponsors, but whatever, she is queen. Her preschool had a fundraiser that you could "vote" (ie. give money) for the queen and king of the school. She was crowned tonight at a ceremony. Whether it was that she was tired from the long day at school being dressed as a peacock and having a Halloween party, or she was hurting from yet ANOTHER ear infection...........she was acting like a real queen, throwing a fit and having a meltdown. It was okay, the other princesses and princes at the ceremony were starting to meltdown too, must have been dinnertime. The preschool director and I joked that the last thing "miss priss" needed was a crown, she is known at school for prissing up and down the halls and telling everyone their business. I seriously have no idea where she gets that from. :) Here are some pictures.

Queen and King of Woodland Hills Preschool

Acting like a queen..........meltdown, anyone?

The royal family

Oh yeah - here is a final picture of the pretty peacock for the year. This was taken this morning before I took her to school. Sadly, when I dropped her off at school she was the ONLY one dressed up. I was soooo embarrassed for her. I worried that she was being made fun of all day. Byron even asked me on the phone at lunch "did you bring extra clothes for her in case she feels self-conscious?" Ugghhh, that made me feel worse. But, luckily when I picked her up there were lots of kids in costume. Thank goodness!


Bonnie Furnanz said...

Amy, Aunt Jane and I are just sitting here and laughing our heads off at your blog. You have done such a great job! We are thinking and praying for Lula and the results of the MRI.
Anxious to see you and the wee one.
Love you,
Aunt Jane and Bonnie

The Milan Family said...


i just left dr. smith's office. you are with lula at the doc this morning. he was telling me all about Queen for a Day! he was so proud!!!!!!!! Lula is sooooooooooooo adorable. I mean, you and byron could quit your job and put that girl in the movies!!!let me know how she is doing healthwise. xoxox, courtney milan (Miriam and Liv's mom)

The Bryans said...

We were so excited to hear that Louisa was Queen! I love looking at the blog - it makes it feel like you aren't so far away.