Sunday, October 26, 2008

A visit from Mimi and Gan-daddy

My mom and dad came into town on Wednesday night (after the long 10 hour trek from Savannah, Ga.) to visit with us and Louisa. All in all, we had a great visit. Dad had gastro Thursday and Friday, which we all know is NEVER fun. On Thursday, I had to work so mom and dad stayed with Louisa all day. They went gallivanting around town and Louisa got to eat her first Happy Meal from McDonald's. She loved it! She also talked her Mimi and Gan-daddy into buying her some pink crocs. The child is OBSESSED with shoes. On Friday, dad slept off his Phenergan, and mom, Louisa and I took a trip to Brookhaven, MS to a fabric store that I have been wanting to go to since I moved here. We drove down 55S and commented on how we were in the middle of nowhere, and then we pulled off on our exit and went into some serious back-woods Mississippi (we were waiting to hear banjos playing). If anyone has ever been to the Cotton Patch, you must know what I mean about the trip - we kept driving and thinking "there cant really be anything out here, right......" And then, we found it. Let me just tell you, I was in heaven. Loooove that fabric store, my bank account would've been better off if I never knew it was there. They had sooooo much cute fabric for a steal! Anyway, that was the excitement for Friday.

Saturday, thank goodness Gan-daddy was feeling better so we were able to do more gallivanting in Jackson. Mom and dad bought Lula Kate a pair of pink cowboy boots, eat your heart out Aunt Carol. She is now super-obsessed with them. I think they are too big, but she loves to put them on and stomp throughout the house. We also went to the Belhaven park and played on the playground with Mimi and Gan-daddy.

Lula loved having company in town - especially company that she could wrap around her pinkie! She cried when they left and said "no bye-bye." So sad! Here are some pictures from the visit.

Here is Mimi pushing me on the swing

Gan-daddy loved this part of the playground

Her new-found fear of frogs.....

Taking a break

And finally, the pink cowboy boots - Brooke, here is your shout-out with the finger up the nose!!!

What a lady!!


Andy, Katie, and Leighton said...

She is going to miss you too! I sure she will stay in touch!

Carol said...

I love it!!! Tell her Aunt Carol wants those boots once she out grows them lol Tell her I promise I will stick my finger up my nose for atleast one photo op lol