Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where's the beach?

For her birthday, yes - back in March, Aunt Courtney gave Louisa one of those turtles that are a sandbox. Until today, it has been a fixture in our living room - sans the sand. Well, Byron and I finally got around to going and buying sand, a concept that brought out the "cheapo" in me (why should you have to pay for something like that, especially $4 for a bag!). I was sooo glad that Byron was with me, because I never could've handled the 50 pound bags myself. Anyway, got it out on the back deck, and she loves it. We are learning how to keep the sand in the sandbox, a task that comes easy to her OCD mother, but not so easy to an 18 month wild-child. Her Aunt Courtney came over to join in on the fun, and brought her a huge green marsh mellow sucker - which went well with all the sand already on her hands and face. Gross.

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