Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowgirls.........

For this Thanksgiving, we took a trip to visit Patsy and Doug (Byron's mom and step-dad) in Kentucky. They are cattle farmers in RURAL Kentucky, which is just about as gorgeous this time of year as it comes. Secretly, I want to be a farmer. There is something so soothing and serene about being in the middle of nowhere, looking out your kitchen window and seeing rolling hills for miles dotted with cattle. Love it. The nervous breakdown that I was heading for just ran away as soon as I stepped out of Remy (my car) and took in a deep breath of fresh air (with a little scent of cow-poo). Seriously, I could sit outside forever, freezing to death just watching the cows, listening to them and watching the roosters run around and scratch the ground. I would just have to figure out how to get over not having a Target within a few hours and learn how to not make myself carsick on the long, steep and winding roads. I feel refreshed.

Lula LOVED it. All of Byron's family was there - most of them came in from Louisiana and Georgia. We had a ball. Louisa loved playing with Kaney, and the two of them are going to wear Claudia and I out when they get older and they are together. Maybe we wont move back to Georgia.......haha, just kidding. Cant wait to get on that midnight train! She loved to watch the cows, but didn't like to be near them. I think she was so curious, but scared to death of them. She loved to "ride" the tractors and the mule (the motorized golf-cart type vehicle). Doug has the farm down to a tee and has a huge feed barn where most of the cattle comes to eat. Well, Louisa and I were watching the cows eat through the gate and I kept telling her not to touch because the gate was covered in dirt, well, guess what. She touched. And before I could get to her and wipe it off, of course she ate it and immediately told me "I nike it" (which means I don't like it). Well, of course she didn't like it, it wasn't dirt - it was cow pooie!! Gross.

She and I also had a battle of the control-freaks. She was having issues going to sleep there, I think just because there was so much going on. At one time I was trying to rock her to sleep, and I kept saying "okay Louisa, we are going night-night." The joker looked at me with a straight face and said "mama, I NOT night-night." I just about whipped her rear end. This child is going to give me gray hair already, can you imagine her as a teenager. I must have been bad as a child, maybe this is my payback. Ha. I was an angel. :)

Does this remind you of that movie The Christmas Story when the kid couldn't move his arms because the jacket was so thick? Haha.

This is the moment "I nike it" when she ate cow-dung.

What a motley crew!

Looking into the feed barn

Louisa, pa-paw and Possum (the cattle dog)

Patsy says, "happy cows come from Kentucky." I say, "beef, it's what's for dinner."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A time to be Thankful

Somehow, Thanksgiving has crept up on me this year. Is it really the end of November already!!?? I mean, I have seen the turkeys and the orange and brown decorations and all, but when did this happen?

When I picked Lula up from school yesterday she had her "artwork" that was a picture of a turkey and it said "This year I am thankful that I am not a turkey." Cute, right. It dawned on me, that I have not even sat still long enough to give thanks this year and determine what it is that I am thankful for. As with every year, there are a ton of things that I am so grateful and thankful for, but I try to focus on just one. So, as I laid in bed last night I thought long and hard. It seems that right now in my life, things keep going wrong (or just not how I want them to, which you know - is wrong). I keep finding myself asking for a break and for something to just go "easy." Well, it dawned on me last night that for all of these things that are "going wrong," I bet that each one has a silver lining that I just have not found yet. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason, whether we can figure out the reason or not - but this is sooo true, and I dont know how I have overlooked this for so long. So, now instead of focusing on everything that is not going my way, I am going to try and find the silver lining to it all. I know it is there, I just havent been looking at it right. So, this year, I am thankful for silver linings. I think there is a Grateful Dead song for that.....I will get by, we all know the tune.

Okay, that is enough "cheese" and "deep thoughts" for me for the next 2 years. I will spare everyone from here on out. I know that my mom is reading this and is just reveling in the fact that yes, I am thankful for something. She started a Thanksgiving journal about 5 years ago that she brings out each Thanksgiving and has everyone write what they are thankful for. I have made fun of her each and every year, refused to write in it and told her how cheesy it is. Well mom, here is your laugh. Haha.

Im going to do a first and give a "shout-out" in my blog. I want to wish mom and dad Happy Birthdays. Dad's bday is tomorrow (Wed) and mom's is Thurday. I hope that yall both have a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas.................... some SLEEP!!!! For real. That is all I ask. Just 4 uninterrupted hours. I know, Dr. Smith - be careful what you wish for, right!? But I think I would do so good with it. On Friday, I was home sick with the stomach bug, and I got tons of sleep, no thanks to Phenergan, but that doesn't count!

Last night was ROUGH with Lula. I don't know what was going on. Don't know if she is starting to get sick or what, but she just did not sleep. Usually, she sleeps great for the first 3 hours or so once we first put her down, but not last night. Finally at one point, I told Byron, "I'm just going to get her and put her in our bed." First of all, Louisa is not a snuggler but I thought, hey, what kid doesn't want to be in mom and dad's bed? Seriously, that is like the best place EVER when you are a kid. Well, she hasn't gotten that message. She squirmed and whispered and talked and poked my eyeballs and stuck her fingers in my nose and mouth, etc. Finally, I just got back up and went back into her room into the most uncomfortable wooden rocking chair ever, and got back to my business, old-school style. Who knows. I sure don't.

Anyway, we are leaving for Kentucky Tuesday night after Byron and I get off of work. Another all-night trip. Wahoo. However, Byron is currently outside throwing up his toenails (because he doesn't want to risk waking Lou in the house) and I can only imagine that Louisa is next, so I don't really know how that is supposed to play in with our trip. I know that God only gives you what you can handle, but I think he thinks a lot more highly of me than I do.........because I can see the nervous breakdown right around the corner. That wooden rocker that is so uncomfortable is about to see me fall right off of it, wont be the first time, ha!

Daddy's little "helper"

So, after Louisa had helped me grocery shopping, she was actually an angel, when we came home to unload groceries she stayed outside and helped Byron while I unloaded everything. I couldn't resist this picture, although Byron's head is cut off (I was hanging out the front door trying to capture the moment) I just thought it was too cute to pass up!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"I poo-poo potty"

I know that everyone is finally going to be able to sleep tonight knowing that Louisa poo-pooed in the potty. :) We aren't "formally" potty training just yet, but trying to get certain times down until I am able to be home with her and be consistent. But, we always have her sit on the potty before we get in the tub. She has gone tee-tee about 90% of the time that we sit her down, and we all hoop and holler and she gets sticker. So, our bathtub is covered with stickers, haha. They are actually candy corn stickers too because they were on clearance at Target! Anyway, tonight she didn't have to tee-tee, but as we were about to get out of the tub, she leaned over and said, "uh-oh poo-poo." Since we have recently had some accidents in the tub (haha Carol, remember that one!!) I quickly got her up and put her on the potty just to see. SHE POOED!! We were cheering and hollering and carrying on so much I think she was confused! Then, she got up and I was trying to clean her up and she looked at the poo in the potty and jumped and started crying. It scared her! Of course she got a candy corn sticker for that one.

Now that everyone who doesn't have children is soooo super-grossed out by this blog, I will alleviate any anxiety that you may, I don't have a picture for this blog. I thought of taking a photo of Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo, but I thought I would spare you all! As I have said before, I am scared of potty training, but I am getting optimistic that this may not be as bad as I thought. I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, but whatever!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

plug for brownie-goose

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A picture speaks 1,000 words

This picture really needs no explanation. This is the true-blue Louisa Kate, tutu and all. What a mess.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Campfire on Cowan Place

Mom and Dad gave Byron and I a copper fire pit for Christmas like 4 years ago. We wanted one sooooo bad. Well, it has been in the box ever since because we haven't had a place to put it before. Well, since Byron has been off this week he has been working on the backyard. For anyone who has seen our backyard, we all know what a JUNGLE it is. He bricked in more of our patio off the deck and now we have a perfect place for the fire pit. So, we cranked it up tonight. This was Louisa's first campfire. We roasted "mellows" and drank hot chocolate. She didn't quite catch the concept of roasting the marshmellows, but enjoyed playing with the stick. She also enjoyed telling Byron "moe ticks" which means more sticks. Slavedriver. We had a great time. Byron is excited too because this gives him the opportunity to get rid of some of the backyard debris. Thanks Mom and Dad for the gift!!

I had this rocking horse when I was a little girl. I think my Aunt Jane made it for me, please someone correct me if I am wrong. But, I loved it. Mom and Dad brought it to Mississippi on one of their voyages and until tonight, Lula hasn't cared anything about it. But, tonight she was all about getting on it and "ri-ing." Yes, she is wearing a tutu, thanks again mom and dad for exposing her to that at Walmart the last time yall were here, because the last time we were at Target she threw an absolute fit until I got it for her. Now, she wont take it off. We all know that story. But, this is a cute picture of her on the horse that I once rode on. Brownie points to the person that has the picture of me riding it when I was little and can email it to me so I can add to the blog.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Third time's a charm..........

We went for tubes this morning, and anesthesia was a walk in the park for Lula this time. Like they say, third time's a charm. She was given Versed in pre-op and she got drunk as a skunk! She was so glassy-eyed and giggly, and when one of the nurses was talking and getting information from us, Lou tooted and giggled like it was the funniest thing ever. Way to go, little miss Emily Post. We had originally gone to have the left tube replaced since it had fallen out, but Dr. Carron (her ENT) said once he got her in the OR he looked in the right ear and that one had fallen out as well, so we have brand new tubes in both ears, again. She came out of anesthesia better than she has ever! Usually she screams, bucks, arches, etc. But today she just snuggled. What a pro. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this set stays and does its job - but if not, I wonder if the ENT world works like 2 get 1 free. :) My bank account could only hope.

For dessert tonight, Byron made Lula a strawberry shortcake. It was her first experience with whipped cream........I will let the picture tell the story.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to you!

Today, November 13th my friend Julie's little boy, Chapman, turned one. We went to his birthday party which was crawling with kids and toys. Louisa had a great time playing and her favorite past-time, watching other kids play. Julie had made some delicious cupcakes, Katie - you would love them, funfetti cake mix, still a favorite, and Lula Kate was loving the blue icing. She was able to play with Chapman, Ella and Reagan. It is hilarious to me to sit back and watch myself and my friends (although I didn't know them in college and high school, I can just imagine) at this point in our lives. This party, and the other parties from now on, is soooo different from yester-years. There are some similarities, in that there is a lot of screaming, running around, acting crazy, and mumbling and slurring - but the catch is, no one has been drinking and everyone acting a fool is allowed to because of their age. You could have set a clock by the meltdowns and temper-tantrums that began around "bedtime." All in all, we had a great time, and here are some pictures.
Chapman, looking like a smurf, enjoying some birthday cupcake.

Louisa and Ella playing at Chapman's picnic table.

Ahhhhh........the blue icing. Like baby crack.

Absolute may-hem.

Tomorrow Louisa is getting another tube put in her left ear, since the other one has fallen out. We have to be at the hospital at 6 am. Gross. She is getting to be a pro at this anesthesia stuff. Scary, isn't it?

Guiney and Pa-Paw come to town

Here is Louisa and Doug (Pa-Paw) playing on the fire truck at the park.

Patsy and Louisa, notice how Lula is digging in her pants. This is her new trick. It is SUPER gross when she has gone "big potty."

Byron's mom and step dad came into town on Monday. I had to work, as always (not for long) but Byron is on vacation this week so he was able to spend some time with them and Louisa. Although they were only in town for a day, they were able to go to the park with Louisa and we all went to dinner at a place that I was just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell me I was being punked. Here is the story. I will withhold the name of the restaurant to save any ill-feelings:
We decide to go to this restaurant that everyone in Jackson has told us that we need to go eat at. Everyone said the catfish is so good and that the food is the best. Okay, so we were sold. Well, we get there and are seated at a table..........and then the story begins. We have paper place mats with tons of writing on them and a mention of a few food items. We all flip them over, thinking for sure the menu is on the other side, ummm - nope. Haha, punked number 1 - that IS the menu. Only 2 choices. Seriously. So, the waiter (who is wearing a hat with a feather in it, how unsanitary is that, plus he is sooooo unkempt looking that I think I can smell him just by looking at him, and he had grease stains all over his outfit and, I'm thinking you serve AND cook here...hmmmm, punked number 2) comes and takes our drink orders, and then soon returns to our table with our drinks in tin mugs. Yes, like homeless people eat soup out of, punked number 3. Not kidding. Well, the food comes soon. Here is the spread: we are all served on tin pie dishes, for real, there is a big random plastic tube (the kind you put utensils in on the side of the stove) of coleslaw, some catfish, some fries, hush puppies and fried chicken that has black, yes I said black, batter. Then to kick it all off, something starts to reek of moth balls. By this point, I am checking all over the place for Ashton and his hidden cameras, almost beggin him to show up so that I can be put out of this embarrassing and weird situation. Somehow, we left the place after eating so-so food, and he never jumped out and punked us. So, the scary thing is........that place was serious. Seriously.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The launch of brownie-goose

For those of you who may or may not know already, I am retiring from my job at Children's Medical Group on December 18th. This has been a tough decision for me, as I really do love being a pediatric nurse, but Louisa needs my full attention right now. I need to be a mom first, not a nurse for right now.

In the meantime, I have decided to try and expand my love of sewing. I have started a website at
that I will continue to update with new designs as the time comes. You can also get to it at Please bookmark me, keep checking back and most importantly - tell all of your friends. I have literally just started, so my inventory is small right now - but keep checking back as I have tons of patterns and fabric, I am just waiting for more time in which to spend in front of my sewing machine!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a beautiful brain!

Well, thankfully Louisa's MRI was clean as they come. That was good news for all! She did fairly well with the procedure and came out of anesthesia better than she did when she had her tubes placed.

As for the GI appointment, I am still speechless. Although the sleep guys thought that it was almost certain that her central apnea was related her her reflux, the pediatric gastroenterologist doesn't agree. She said there is no research that has been shown to link the two together in her age group. So, back to square one - but with lighter hearts knowing that her brain is fine.

As for a plan, I have no clue. I cannot update anyone at the moment as to what we are going to do next because I personally have no idea. This frustrates me to no end. So, as soon as I know something, I will update everyone.

PS - I have the CUTEST pictures of Lula with her new potty, but Byron thinks it better that I not share them on the internet due to some weirdos that may be out there..........but as soon as I can capture a moment with some clothing on, I will share it. She is soooo excited about the potty and she told everyone in Target while we were buying it that she "teetee and poopoo potty." She was so proud. Now, she loves to sit on it and put the lid up and down. I personally am scared to death of potty-training, but maybe this will be one thing that Louisa will do the easy way. Is that asking too much?