Saturday, November 15, 2008

Campfire on Cowan Place

Mom and Dad gave Byron and I a copper fire pit for Christmas like 4 years ago. We wanted one sooooo bad. Well, it has been in the box ever since because we haven't had a place to put it before. Well, since Byron has been off this week he has been working on the backyard. For anyone who has seen our backyard, we all know what a JUNGLE it is. He bricked in more of our patio off the deck and now we have a perfect place for the fire pit. So, we cranked it up tonight. This was Louisa's first campfire. We roasted "mellows" and drank hot chocolate. She didn't quite catch the concept of roasting the marshmellows, but enjoyed playing with the stick. She also enjoyed telling Byron "moe ticks" which means more sticks. Slavedriver. We had a great time. Byron is excited too because this gives him the opportunity to get rid of some of the backyard debris. Thanks Mom and Dad for the gift!!

I had this rocking horse when I was a little girl. I think my Aunt Jane made it for me, please someone correct me if I am wrong. But, I loved it. Mom and Dad brought it to Mississippi on one of their voyages and until tonight, Lula hasn't cared anything about it. But, tonight she was all about getting on it and "ri-ing." Yes, she is wearing a tutu, thanks again mom and dad for exposing her to that at Walmart the last time yall were here, because the last time we were at Target she threw an absolute fit until I got it for her. Now, she wont take it off. We all know that story. But, this is a cute picture of her on the horse that I once rode on. Brownie points to the person that has the picture of me riding it when I was little and can email it to me so I can add to the blog.

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