Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guiney and Pa-Paw come to town

Here is Louisa and Doug (Pa-Paw) playing on the fire truck at the park.

Patsy and Louisa, notice how Lula is digging in her pants. This is her new trick. It is SUPER gross when she has gone "big potty."

Byron's mom and step dad came into town on Monday. I had to work, as always (not for long) but Byron is on vacation this week so he was able to spend some time with them and Louisa. Although they were only in town for a day, they were able to go to the park with Louisa and we all went to dinner at a place that I was just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell me I was being punked. Here is the story. I will withhold the name of the restaurant to save any ill-feelings:
We decide to go to this restaurant that everyone in Jackson has told us that we need to go eat at. Everyone said the catfish is so good and that the food is the best. Okay, so we were sold. Well, we get there and are seated at a table..........and then the story begins. We have paper place mats with tons of writing on them and a mention of a few food items. We all flip them over, thinking for sure the menu is on the other side, ummm - nope. Haha, punked number 1 - that IS the menu. Only 2 choices. Seriously. So, the waiter (who is wearing a hat with a feather in it, how unsanitary is that, plus he is sooooo unkempt looking that I think I can smell him just by looking at him, and he had grease stains all over his outfit and, I'm thinking you serve AND cook here...hmmmm, punked number 2) comes and takes our drink orders, and then soon returns to our table with our drinks in tin mugs. Yes, like homeless people eat soup out of, punked number 3. Not kidding. Well, the food comes soon. Here is the spread: we are all served on tin pie dishes, for real, there is a big random plastic tube (the kind you put utensils in on the side of the stove) of coleslaw, some catfish, some fries, hush puppies and fried chicken that has black, yes I said black, batter. Then to kick it all off, something starts to reek of moth balls. By this point, I am checking all over the place for Ashton and his hidden cameras, almost beggin him to show up so that I can be put out of this embarrassing and weird situation. Somehow, we left the place after eating so-so food, and he never jumped out and punked us. So, the scary thing is........that place was serious. Seriously.


The Bryans said...

That is hilarious! I didn't think anything could be worse than the Igloo of Fish but apparently there is! We have got to stay away from the fried fish joints in Jackson.

The Milan Family said...

i know EXACTLY where you are talking about! : )