Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"I poo-poo potty"

I know that everyone is finally going to be able to sleep tonight knowing that Louisa poo-pooed in the potty. :) We aren't "formally" potty training just yet, but trying to get certain times down until I am able to be home with her and be consistent. But, we always have her sit on the potty before we get in the tub. She has gone tee-tee about 90% of the time that we sit her down, and we all hoop and holler and she gets sticker. So, our bathtub is covered with stickers, haha. They are actually candy corn stickers too because they were on clearance at Target! Anyway, tonight she didn't have to tee-tee, but as we were about to get out of the tub, she leaned over and said, "uh-oh poo-poo." Since we have recently had some accidents in the tub (haha Carol, remember that one!!) I quickly got her up and put her on the potty just to see. SHE POOED!! We were cheering and hollering and carrying on so much I think she was confused! Then, she got up and I was trying to clean her up and she looked at the poo in the potty and jumped and started crying. It scared her! Of course she got a candy corn sticker for that one.

Now that everyone who doesn't have children is soooo super-grossed out by this blog, I will alleviate any anxiety that you may, I don't have a picture for this blog. I thought of taking a photo of Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo, but I thought I would spare you all! As I have said before, I am scared of potty training, but I am getting optimistic that this may not be as bad as I thought. I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, but whatever!!


Rebecca said...

Hidey ho! I am so happy to hear that Weisa went poo poo in the potty! What a big girl! I am very disappointment that there is no pic, just kidding.

Miss ya'll bunches!

pmginn said...

Oh Amy, memories of playing Romper Room in the tub with your mom ..... she was one strict teacher. :)

I swear I think if it weren't for Young World day care, Heather & Ashley might still be wearing diapers. I'm forever indebted to Mrs. Caroline for teaching them to poo and pee in a potty!

Phoebe said...

hilarious! yay louisa! what a big girl!