Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowgirls.........

For this Thanksgiving, we took a trip to visit Patsy and Doug (Byron's mom and step-dad) in Kentucky. They are cattle farmers in RURAL Kentucky, which is just about as gorgeous this time of year as it comes. Secretly, I want to be a farmer. There is something so soothing and serene about being in the middle of nowhere, looking out your kitchen window and seeing rolling hills for miles dotted with cattle. Love it. The nervous breakdown that I was heading for just ran away as soon as I stepped out of Remy (my car) and took in a deep breath of fresh air (with a little scent of cow-poo). Seriously, I could sit outside forever, freezing to death just watching the cows, listening to them and watching the roosters run around and scratch the ground. I would just have to figure out how to get over not having a Target within a few hours and learn how to not make myself carsick on the long, steep and winding roads. I feel refreshed.

Lula LOVED it. All of Byron's family was there - most of them came in from Louisiana and Georgia. We had a ball. Louisa loved playing with Kaney, and the two of them are going to wear Claudia and I out when they get older and they are together. Maybe we wont move back to Georgia.......haha, just kidding. Cant wait to get on that midnight train! She loved to watch the cows, but didn't like to be near them. I think she was so curious, but scared to death of them. She loved to "ride" the tractors and the mule (the motorized golf-cart type vehicle). Doug has the farm down to a tee and has a huge feed barn where most of the cattle comes to eat. Well, Louisa and I were watching the cows eat through the gate and I kept telling her not to touch because the gate was covered in dirt, well, guess what. She touched. And before I could get to her and wipe it off, of course she ate it and immediately told me "I nike it" (which means I don't like it). Well, of course she didn't like it, it wasn't dirt - it was cow pooie!! Gross.

She and I also had a battle of the control-freaks. She was having issues going to sleep there, I think just because there was so much going on. At one time I was trying to rock her to sleep, and I kept saying "okay Louisa, we are going night-night." The joker looked at me with a straight face and said "mama, I NOT night-night." I just about whipped her rear end. This child is going to give me gray hair already, can you imagine her as a teenager. I must have been bad as a child, maybe this is my payback. Ha. I was an angel. :)

Does this remind you of that movie The Christmas Story when the kid couldn't move his arms because the jacket was so thick? Haha.

This is the moment "I nike it" when she ate cow-dung.

What a motley crew!

Looking into the feed barn

Louisa, pa-paw and Possum (the cattle dog)

Patsy says, "happy cows come from Kentucky." I say, "beef, it's what's for dinner."

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Misty said...

It looks like you had fun!! Thanks for commenting on the costumes. They're the first real clothes I've ever made!!! Anyway, let us know if you're in Barnesville over the holidays or if you need a break on your way down I-16 to Savannah (if you're heading between Barnesville and there.) We'd love to see you!