Friday, November 14, 2008

Third time's a charm..........

We went for tubes this morning, and anesthesia was a walk in the park for Lula this time. Like they say, third time's a charm. She was given Versed in pre-op and she got drunk as a skunk! She was so glassy-eyed and giggly, and when one of the nurses was talking and getting information from us, Lou tooted and giggled like it was the funniest thing ever. Way to go, little miss Emily Post. We had originally gone to have the left tube replaced since it had fallen out, but Dr. Carron (her ENT) said once he got her in the OR he looked in the right ear and that one had fallen out as well, so we have brand new tubes in both ears, again. She came out of anesthesia better than she has ever! Usually she screams, bucks, arches, etc. But today she just snuggled. What a pro. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this set stays and does its job - but if not, I wonder if the ENT world works like 2 get 1 free. :) My bank account could only hope.

For dessert tonight, Byron made Lula a strawberry shortcake. It was her first experience with whipped cream........I will let the picture tell the story.

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Carol said...

maybe that whip cream in the ear will help the tubs stay in place lol- I can't believe how big she has gotten!!!