Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feeding the Dogs

This was cracking me up. I was busy trying to tidy up the house so that my Friday morning clean wouldn't be too awful and I could hear Louisa tinkering in the breakfast room and hear the dog bowls clinging. She loves to bang them around and play with them. Well, I started to hear the "ting" of the food hitting the bowls and I walked in there to find her reaching down into the big bag of dog food and grabbing out handfuls and placing them into the bowls for the dogs to eat. Mallard & Lucy were loving the attention. To pun, they were eating it up. Haha, I know. Honestly, she did this for like 30 minutes - she NEVER concentrates on something for that long. It was too cute. She kept saying, "Nucy eat, Mawward eat." I was able to get some things done, you know my motto, "whatever works."

By the way - I am now officially unemployed. Scary. It hasn't hit me yet. I am sure that I will enjoy it Monday morning when I don't have to wake up with my alarm!! Yipee.


Misty said...

You're not unemployed! You're just working really hard for lots of rewards but no money!! There's a difference. NEVER think of yourself as unemployed. You are doing a million different jobs every day!! By the way, good for you. I know it's hard to give up something you love; but whenever you question yourself, just look at what you gave it up for. You'll only have (meaning 24/7 responsibility) Louisa for a short time in the whole span of your life. One day she will grow up, and then you can work at a job that pays money as long as you want. That's what I always think when I miss work. I'll have plenty of time for that once my kids or grown (or at least in school -- if you wanted to move to some part time or prn then!!) Keep your head up; you're doing the best thing for your child. Somebody famous said something to this effect, "If you mess up raising your children, I don't think much else matters." I agree, and you are doing what you think will be best for your child! Don't second guess it! Merry Christmas!

Tori said...

Ella and Louisa are two peas in a pod. She loves to play in Jake's food. She takes the food and tries to feed him or she throw the food in the water bowl. So sweet! Good hanging out with you all last night. Can't wait to do it more often!!! YEAH!