Friday, December 26, 2008

"Mare-ing Kiss-thmas"

Well, Santa Claus did visit......whether we had been nice or not! Louisa still hasn't grasped the entire concept of Santa, she is actually petrified of him. She will call him "Claws" or "Senta" and say "ho ho ho, mareing kiss-thmas." She never once bothered with the presents under the tree which was a blessing. On Christmas Eve, we ate a ham (my first one I ever cooked!) and allowed her to open one present since that was a tradition that both Byron and I had growing up. We let her open a book that we could read before she went to bed. She loved it, and in turn went into the living room and started to grab presents from under the tree and said "open pressens." Well, her behavior was short-lived.

The next morning, Christmas morning, Byron was on call so he had to go in and round but when he got back, we opened presents. She got lots of books, movies, an etch-a-sketch, a small battery-powered 4-wheeler and lots of plastic kitchen items from Aunt Sandy to go along with the kitchen that MiMi and Gandaddy are getting her. She LOVED the plastic food, she could have played with it all for hours.

One of the ENT attending doctors had us over for Christmas lunch since we were stuck here in Mississippi with Byron being on call. We had a great time. They have pet ducks and a pet bird that visited with us, so Lula Kate was impressed. Here are just a few pictures from the day.

Posing with daddy and his new jacket with her finger in her nose looking for more presents.

Watch out......Lula behind the wheel! PS - she has a slight obsession with putting bows in her hair if you were wondering.

Mallard & Lucy enjoying a toy.

Murray is just happy if you give her a box.

Haha, here comes trouble.......the high-heeled princess shoes and a purse. Ha! What a priss!!!

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