Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, my first "real day" as a stay at home mom was a disaster. I was at Children's Medical Group with a sick child. I was soooo embarrassed to have to go, but I had already done all of the things I could think of to do at home, so it was off to see Dr. Smith again. And he thought he got rid of me, ha!

Turns out my hacking, coughing, snotty, wheezing, fever-running child had RSV, just as I figured she did. See, Cheryl (at C3M) I did listen to you sometimes. I remember one RSV season you told me that if you listened closely enough to the cough - you could hear a certain hack to it that meant RSV. Well, she had that hack, and I just knew it. So, on home with some steroids and some breathing treatments (which I am sure for those of you moms who have done this before with young children, is NEVER fun).

For those of you who may not know what RSV is, I will spare you the boring definition (since I have hung up my RN for now) and instead give you some of the definitions that I came up with yesterday. Here goes, RSV stands for:

1. Really Snotty Varmit
2. Really Should (have some) Vicks (vapor rub)
3. Raspy Sounding Voicer
4. Rattling Sneezing Vomiter
5. Really Shoddy "Vacation"

I came up with many more, but I will keep it at my top 5 to avoid posting profanity, anything too vulgar or inappropriateness.

She is doing much better today, so I really can't complain. Until the next event.........

PS - I gave my mom a hard time yesterday because I think her and dad gave me the wrong name. I love Amy, don't get me wrong, but maybe if they named me "Murphy" then Murphy's Law maybe wouldn't apply to me so often!


Carol said...

I guess it is just at work I can't leave a message?! Weird! Anyway,hope she feels better soon- those breathing treatments are NEVER fun! Merry Christmas to ya'll! Love you!

pmginn said...

Hope Lula gets feeling better in time for you all to enjoy Christmas. Somehow we managed to avoid breathing treatments with Heather and Ashley, but I've heard about them. Urgh.

This should be a really wild and exciting Christmas at your house - I hate we can't be there to be part of it!

Love, Aunt Penny