Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year In Review

Okay, so I know that I have already blogged like a zillion times in the last few days, can you tell I am procrastinating? Right now the task at hand is finishing the painting of Loiusa's new room. And so far, in the last month painting just is not going my way and I currently have my britches in a wad because the pink will take 2 coats and I feel the same way about a second coat as I do about priming. Plus, I still have trim to paint and I am just over it all right now. My get-up-and-go is gone, and I really have no motivation right now to find it.

So, instead I will blog again. Get excited. I did feel the need to look at the year in review. It seems to me that this year just started yesterday. I guess spending the majority of my time in front of my sewing machines makes it seem that way. I mean, I am pretty sure it was a good year - I don't have many bad thoughts about it, I am sure things weren't always perfect throughout the year...but then again, aren't all years like that? And also, I like to think of life as a journey. It can't always be smooth roads and boring interstate. Lately I have realized that I prefer to travel those small, bumpy country roads that allow you to relax and not worry about being crushed by an 18-wheeler that is texting while driving 95 mph. Those roads always lead to the neatest of places, not perfect places...but none-the-less interesting. Ramble, ramble, ramble. Let's cut to the chase. Since I couldn't think of one single thing to wrap up the year, I decided to point out all the things that made 2009 a good journey for me.

  • I fought my fears and became a stay-at-home Mom. This was quite possibly one of the biggest adjustments to our family, and although I miss being a nurse - I know that this way by far one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I only wish that all mothers could have the opportunity to stay with their children. It is NOT an easy job. In fact, there are days that I would love to put my scrubs on and go to work knowing that eventhough nursing is stressful and hard....I can leave it at shift change. You don't get shift-changes as a Mom. The closest I come to shift changes are when I walk outside and scream my head off and get strange looks from the neighbors or people driving down the street, but it is my moment. And as I have said before, there IS a method to my madness.
  • I went out on a limb and became a small-business owner. This defied my own pre-set limitations and has proven to be that "identity" that I thought I would lose when becoming a stay-at-home Mom. It provides me an outlet, and a VERY small amount of change in the pockets so that Louisa and I can enjoy ourselves without me "going" to work. Don't get me wrong, for anyone that owns their own business, just as I said don't get to clock out.
  • Louisa developed her personality. I guess it has always been there, but she is now fully able to express it all, bless her. She is quite the spit-fire, drama queen most animated 2 year-old that I know. She challenges me on a daily basis, and sometimes I fail. But she doesn't mind, she thinks I am the best. :)
  • I learned that I am not always a good mother. I had set high expectations of myself as a Mom when I was pregnant. I just never envisioned it being this difficult. I wish that I was the perfect Mom, but then again...does that person exist?
  • I came to terms with me. I am who I am. There are some traits about me (my inner control-freak, my OCD, my inability to accept change, etc) that I may not like, but if changed, I change as a person. So, I learned to love the quarkiness. Embrace it. Living with yourself is hard sometimes, but if you learn to go with makes it a tad easier.
  • Strangely enough, for me, it is very therapeutic to pour my heart out to the public on the internet and have complete strangers that I think of as my internet friends soothe your soul. Thank you to all of my internet buddies, I hope to one day meet you all!
  • I already knew this...but confirmed it in the last year. Best friends really CAN have 4 legs, a wagging tail and a wet nose.
  • Speaking of best friends, I have found that life is easier with them. Thankfully I have some of the most awesome set of girl-friends here in Mississippi that make my life all the easier. I couldn't make it here without them.
  • My husband became a 3rd year resident. What a huge accomplishment, not just being a 3rd year...but the journey that he has embarked on since the moment he decided to become a doctor just amazes me. Then again, I always say that he NEVER ceases to amaze me, and he really doesn't. He is the smartest person that I know (aside from me, haha...just kidding - I was getting too serious for a while) and I am so thankful that he does what he does. I am also so thankful that he supports me in who I am. In marriage, that is huge. The best part of him being a 3rd that this December marks our half-way point here in MS. Yippee....I can just hear the pine trees back in GA calling my name.
  • I learned that sometimes, whether you like it or not, the people you count on can let you down and disappoint you. I think this is one of those things that makes being an adult so difficult.
  • I witnessed countless friends finding out they are expecting. Some of these were people who had been waiting, and even though it is always a blessing, it just gives me the chills when dear friends get what they have been waiting so patiently for. What a fun time in our lives.
  • I learned to lay sod. Simple as it sounds, I guess I can add it to the resume.
  • I learned that yes, I do have limits. And although I may not want is best to stick with them.
  • I learned that no good deed goes unpunished.
  • I learned to be careful what you wish for. These last 2 are pieces of advice that came from a very wise person, and he would tell me both of these almost on a daily basis. He is right, as he usually is...but I find that since I no longer get to grace his presence daily and he doesn't get to remind me - I have to learn the hard way.
  • But most of all, in this last year (and gladly it was sooner rather than later...although later than I would have liked, but is that the truth or just the control-freak talking) that family comes FIRST. Always. No matter what.
So, all in all...looks like it was a pretty darn good year, right? I have no regrets. I would love to know what 2009 meant to everyone else. Comment if you want, there will be no random drawing to win something, but I would like to learn about the people that read too. It shouldn't always be about me. :)

Until next year...

Happy New Year

And let the BOOT CAMPS begin!

For all of you that may actually know me (unlike my stalkers which continue to add up and that makes me super happy) and want to say, "no you are tiny, etc." I don't want to hear it. And not because I think I am all that...I most certainly am not, but I think that all of my fellow petite friends will know what I mean when you try and complain about weight, size of clothing, etc. People write you off and get mad. Just because I am short (4'11" for the record, and that is on a good day) doesn't mean that I don't struggle with weight/size issues. In fact, I think it is harder when you are short because a few pounds, jiggles, "softness" and flat-out rolls show up quickly. When you are short, you start to look rounded quickly. And not well-rounded at that.

I have been fortunate up until the day that I got preggers with Louisa to have a kick-booty metabolism. I used to really be able to eat what I wanted. I still can, but with undesired circumstances. I guess it really didn't help that I put on a whopping 40 lbs with Louisa. She was a big baby for me, but at 7 lbs 11 oz it didn't quite justify all the 40 lbs. I mean, I ate what I wanted. A Snickers a day, sweet tea by the gallon (after the first trimester of not touching a drop of caffeine, you know how it is with that first baby), Checkers which had a drive-through conveniently located between my house and the Children's Hospital where I worked, The Bears Den (a Macon rest that you MUST visit if ever in the area, tell Mrs. Betty I said hello), am I making my point here? Well, after having Louisa and struggling to get the weight off (I still haven't gotten all 40 of it off, but I think the rest is here to stay) and then the worst of all...turning 30, my metabolism just isn't what it used to be. It really stinks now to not be able to eat like I would like to. I mean, I LOVE to eat. Thankfully, I LOVE to run as well...but since I have taken a small hiatus from the running in the past few weeks - things are starting to jiggle and shake and gross me out.

And plus, it just wouldn't be the New Year without the resolution of a diet, right? Hehe. No diets here. I don't believe in them, but I do need to get my rear in motion if you know what I mean.

PS - Pay no attention to the pepperonis or amount of dressing on the salad in the above picture. It was added simply for texture. :)

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Tis the Season

Warning...I wrote a novel. Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable.

First of all, I am going to vent about something. Only because it is top on my mind and maybe if I get it over with I can get on with it. Make sense? As I tell my husband on a daily basis...there IS a method to my madness.

Painting....still. After the hallway fiasco I realized that what I thought would be my saving grace (the behr paint and primer in one that was promised to do the trick no matter what) actually failed me miserably, I had a bad mood going into painting the guest room which will soon be Louisa's "big-girl" room. So, I did what was natural, I told Byron it would be his job. Well, then I realized that if I left it up to him it would be May before it was started on, not because he is a slacker...only because his employer refuses to ever let him leave the hospital. No bad feelings there at all.....

Well, fast-forward to Christmas Day, and toys spread literally on every flat surface in the house. This is when my OCD took over and said "you have GOT to get Louisa's room ready so that all of the toys can go in there and you don't have to look at them." I mean, this is a good idea since the previous guest room is twice the size of her room now, but who am I fooling....we all know the toys will be everywhere still, but in theory...

So, after I realized that the latex-based primer (even the suped-up fancy Behr) won't hold a candle to the crazy hybrid oil-based lacquer that is on the trim throughout our house, disguised as oil-based paint; I knew I would have to go to Byron's "old faithful"

Mr. Zinsser oil-based primer. This stuff paints like glue but covers like nothing you have ever seen. I think I have told everyone before about how I feel about priming (waste of precious time) but then add in the oil-based hoop-la and I am just mad already. But, I put on my big-girl panties and got to work. Let's just say that I am not sure exactly what occurred, but I think it may be equivalent to the awful effects that come after some sort of high that crazies get when they sniff things like white-out and spray paint. My head began to hurt so bad that I felt my pulse in my ears, I couldn't stand up straight and my nose and throat were on FIRE. I am not one to quit until I finish (i think bc it has something to do with my crazed-A+ personality) but the guest room is half-way primed...and it will remain that way until who knows. I honestly think that I have lost a few brain cells. I mean, the fumes.....oh the fumes. So, here is a snapshot of what I left. Yes, the trim and bookcases are painted yellow. Remember, the people that built this house had crazy taste in colors, all the walls were white and the trim was either mustard yellow or thrown-up pea soup. Lovely. Maybe that is the only colors that were available in the hybrid lacquer back then.

Now, onto the reason for the season. Hopefully I have not lost any readers just yet. My parents came into town for 4 days and then Byron's mom came to town for 3, and then we drove to Louisiana to stay with Byron's Uncle Doug (Uncle Duck now, thanks to Lula) & Aunt Janice for a day. Needless to say, we all had a great time, and Louisa is now in boot camp after too much time with the grandparents. You know how they all of a sudden just lose all sort of discipline that they ever had. This is in no way against the grandparents, since I remember my grandparents having the same effect on me....but now I am on the flip-side and realize the effects. But a great time was had and Santa was great to Louisa whether or not she was borderline naughty list. He got her a swing set, which comes with a great story. We went with a metal set since the wooden ones are extremely out of our budgets, plus she already has a wooden mansion, I mean playhouse. Well, one of the days when my parents were in town we were driving to Kosciusko, Mississippi to purchase one since NO ONE carries them for like months before or after Christmas. Anyways, the day that we planned to assemble, we had awful weather, including tornado watches which are always fun when you plan to have unassembled metal poles just lying around in the yard. By the time the weather "passed" the cold-front had moved on in and so Byron and I were in the freezing cold, wet, sloshy yard (thanks to like 9 inches of rain) trying to assemble a swing set in the dark. Not a fun time. I think I emitted my allowance of 4-letters for the next 10 years in a matter of 2 hours. Oh well, she loves the swing set and as soon as it isn't 2 degrees outside we will get to go and play on it.

Santa was by far the best to me, which is great since I think I have been very good this year. Minus some tantrums, fits, cussing-spells, etc. He got me the lens for my camera that I have been drooling over for about a year. So, warning....I may have tons of pictures in my posts now as I love the way it takes photos. I mean, I don't even see things this crisp with my own eyeballs! Now my camera REALLY never leaves my side. :)

Okay, Byron is home from the hospital super early (this never happens) so we are going to try and take the doggies for a walk since they are deprived during daylight savings or whatever the curse is that makes it dark early. Here are a TON of pics, without words, of the last week or so. The landscape pics are of Byron's family's land in Louisiana. It is breath-taking down there. It reminds me a bit of Savannah, my hometown which is quite possibly the most gorgeous place on earth. They live on the bayou and have cows and crawfish ponds and tons of oak trees. Beautiful. Alligator infested, but beautiful.

As I edit, my sweet, sweet husband is in the guest room priming with that awful smelling primer so that it can get finished on time. It seems he understands that I will soon begin to twitch uncontrollably if the house doesn't get in some sort of order. Or, he is just ready to have his very own office which will be in Louisa's old room. So, off I go to fix one of his favorite dinners so that he can stumble out of the room in a drunken, fume-induced high and eat a yummy meal.

Until next time...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Night the Lights Went Out

We all know the song by Reba, but I could only wish to be back in Georgia when the lights went out. Although, not really in the context of that song, but oh to be back home again. Well, the lights went out in Mississippi the other night, and yes, I am actually writing a blog on it. Why? I don't know. I think I am procrastinating doing more work on my brownie-goose sites, but who knows.

I was sitting at the computer the other night working on editing HTML codes (which I am fairly new to and am still not warming up to one bit, too bad I don't have the money and relaxed personality to pay someone to do my sites) when out of the blue everything went black. Even my computer with my unsaved work, bitter...yes. Then the beloved sound of a transformer blowing. It was so loud I am surprised that it wasn't in my direct backyard. And of course, it was dark (although it was only like 5:30) and Byron wasn't home and I wasn't prepared, not to mention I had my nose in Dan Brown's latest all day so was a bit spooked anyways. Oh yeah, and then Louisa...bless her. She has a flare for the dramatic. Have you ever gotten this impression of her? I always joke that she is not going to be an actress, only because she is way more dramatic than that. I think the child needs to go straight to Broadway. She would fit RIGHT in. But then, that would make me a stage mom, something I plan on NEVER being (never say never, but I am serious this time). Well, it scared her, rightfully so, but all I wanted was to be able to find my phone (the one time it wasn't at my side) and a flashlight before I did anything. So, luckily I had a head cold earlier in the week, and I have this strange fascination with looking at my tonsils when I don't feel well and so I knew there was a flashlight on the bathroom counter. I found it and immediately found Louisa who was frozen in place playing in her kitchen with the most awful petrified look on her face. It almost brought me to tears. I quickly got her consoled and then found Sambo (my crack...ahem, blackberry) and called Byron and told him to get home ASAP.

He did, thankfully, but I was sad. I had a big dinner planned for him since he had a huge presentation the next day. I had baked a ham, made some delicious Savannah red rice and some green beans that no longer resembled a vegetable after all the bacon mixed in. Thankfully, my cook top is gas and the ham was already done, but put a damper on the night. We did, however, get to have a candlelight dinner, a tried and true candlelight dinner,

but there was nothing romantic about it. The dogs were spooked so therefore not leaving our sides, Louisa was so wound-up and couldn't stop telling Byron about the "tranforma dat bwoed up in da backyawd," Murray (the tabby cat) kept running throughout the house growling and let's all face it...we just couldn't see. How in the world did people do it back then? Crazy, props to them though. At least we got to use most of Byron's utility lights. Hehe. PS - when I edited these pictures, I realized how nasty the sides of my pots looked. I debated on whether or not to share with the world, but figured what the heck. I am not perfect, my pots are old and nothing to brag about, but I love them and they work for me. Maybe someone out there that reads will be rich and feel bad for me and send me some of that pretty turquoise stone-ware that I see in the stores that I cannot even imagine being able to afford. If you are out there and reading, contact me ASAP and I will get you a list of needs. :)

And at the point when I was taking pictures it was still kinda "fun," well, not really fun - but I cannot think of the word. Only I know the word I am looking for is the exact opposite of how un-fun it became when it was a few hours later, we still had no power, it was getting quite frigid in our house and I was forced to read Dan Brown by candlelight, talk about some spooky stuff. I almost passed out and wet my pants when the power did come back on because it scared me so!

If you are wondering why the lack of Louisa pictures lately, she is honestly striking against the camera. She isn't staying still or even cooperating for pictures, so instead...I will post pictures of my other children. The ones that don't talk back. The animals LOVE Christmastime. Mallard especially loves to grab the ball-shaped ornaments off the tree and bring them to you in hopes of play-time. Murray loves to sleep on the tree-skirt, and Lucy, well, Lucy is just sweet and good and happy all the time. Well, every year the animals get presents too. Of course. Well, they have learned over the years to snoop under the tree to find theirs and smell them. Sometimes Mallard will even go as far as starting to rip the paper on his. I didn't have the camera ready when they initially went in for the snooping, but was able to catch a few later on. What can I say, they got it honestly. :)

Until I write again...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goodbye Nasty Green Trim, Well....kinda

Don't you just love him? I sure do.

Okay, so I don't know if I have said this before or not, but I hate to paint trim and doors. So, going into this last reno project that I did solo I really tried to have a good attitude about it. That good attitude lasted for the first 5 minutes, or half of a door....and did I mention there were 10, yes count them, 10 doors in the hallway. Needless to say, the hallway project is done (well, aside from my "new" door that needs to be hung, and that is just not something I can take on solo and changing out of the electrical switches and such....and let's not even go there with me) and I am so far over it that it isn't even funny. But looks good so far, right?

I started to paint on Thursday, ALL day and I am not exaggerating here I painted the Behr paint & primer in one that was GUARANTEED to cover in one coat and stick to whatever surface I wanted (oil OR latex) over that nasty old green trim and doors. Well, it was obvious within a few brush strokes that the one coat coverage could go ahead and be thrown out the window, 4-letter word tantrum #1. And, my initial latex over oil-base test passed with flying colors, so I thought, "you know, it will be okay, I will just paint 2 coats....that is always better than 3, right?" And so I painted, and painted, and painted, and painted and did I mention that I hate to paint trim and doors? Finally the trim was all covered. See below (ps - you can also tell that I had some toddler help which is never productive)

I washed my brush and supplies and collapsed on the couch to try and muster up some energy for the girls-night that I had later that I could just hear the glasses of wine calling my name. Well, Byron got home JUST in time for me to leave and I was showing it off to him so proud and all, and then he asked...."is it sticking?" Let me just preface this first with some history of my husband and painting. He is a perfectionist at painting, I mean, he could be a painter...but he isn't. the amount that if you ever thought you did a good job painting, don't paint with Byron. I cannot even begin to give him a hard time about being a perfectionist without risking calling that sweet, wonderful kettle black, but anyways...I think you get the idea. Well, so of course I told him that my initial test passed and I was all excited but sad that it wouldn't cover in one coat. Then, almost with thunder crashing outside, he asked "have you tried to scrape it with your fingernail?" Haven't tried that one, but as I did, the UN-THINKABLE happened. It scraped right off with NO difficulty. So Home will see me again soon with my receipt, gallon of paint that falsely advertises and temper. Just hope those 4-letters don't squeeze themselves out of my sailor mouth. I am sure that under regular circumstances, that Behr paint works just fine. In fact, my sister swore by it, and then another of my friends did as well. Byron and I are famous for one thing, our luck. And let's just face it, it isn't good luck. Our motto is, "if it wasn't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all." And, I am not trying to gather sympathies here, it is just the truth. With our luck, the paint that I tried to paint over is probably some stupid hybrid oil paint that, well I don't know...I can't even get into it right now without elevating my blood pressure. Anyways, I went against my better judgement and painted a second coat (not of the Behr this time because I no longer want to see that crap on my brush anymore, instead I went with an old, trusted friend....Valspar from Lowes) over the primer/paint and thought, you know what....this will make it all better. Byron agreed with me, only because I think he saw that I was going to go over the deep-end if he told me I had to strip it all off in the accord that we have 2.5 years left here, and before we move out we will just re-touch the areas that need be. And, I am thinking with a toddler, 2 labs and a non-graceful woman of the house....we may be repainting it all. Then, yesterday got to the fun part - color. I LOVE color, and I love to paint color. For the first 5 minutes that is. In our house (good thing I prefaced this post with the perfectionism that is my husband and painting, now this will make perfect sense) we have a paint hierarchy that is in place. Byron cuts in and I roll. And that is how we roll, literally. My hand isn't as steady as my surgeon counter-parts, which makes perfect sense for me to do the rolling. Well, since I was flying this one solo, I anxiously took on the part of cutting in. I can honestly say I gave it my 150%. Mostly because I knew a careful, perfectionist eye would return home later from the hospital to inspect it. Well, about 5 minutes into it I realized that this was not going well, I was over it and I had already spent my allowance of 4-letters. Thankfully the toddler was not in ear-shot. Long story short, since I seem to be fairly wordy today it is just about the worst paint job that I ever remember doing. Byron was super sweet and said it looked fine (through gritted teeth and clenched fists) but I know better. Oh well, right? I am over it, I don't want to see another paint brush for another few days (unfortunately I still have the den and Louisa's room) and don't want to talk about it. Bottom line, it looks WAY better than it did before I started, and that is all I care about right now. Oh yeah, it is hard to tell in the pics, but I love the color, really I do...but don't ask what it is because it was a gallon I found in the garage that I had used to prop something on to spray paint so I can no longer read what it says on the lid. But, it is a brown-gray which is a fave of mine, goes with everything...especially white trim that needs a third coat, any takers?

Now, for the fun part. I think I have blogged before about Old House Depot, if not....let me just tell you my utmost LOVE and OBSESSION with this store and everything in it. It is an architectural salvage store and everything in there is old and worn and "characterized" and right up my alley. If I had money and didn't live in a 50's ranch, I would redo my entire house in elements that I found in that place. So, I went there to find a door since I have been wanting a pretty door to put at the entrance to the hallway since the one I have now is just dull and boring. After numerous times of falling in love with one and then realizing it was the wrong size, or too much work, or too many holes, etc. (I really will spare you all the details on this one, but let's just say I was there for a total of probably 2 hours) I finally found the one that was perfect. Isn't it lovely?

It has a history, which just makes it all the better for me. It has been loved and abused, and now it has found it's home with me. It is propped up in the breakfast room for now until Byron can switch the hinges around and then hang it, but it makes me happy just walking by. We wont talk about the fact that I have to paint one side of it for now, since I just cannot even go there, but I am hoping that once it is in place it will make the hallway all the better.

I am just looking at the clock and realizing I need to shut my mouth, or stop my fingers from writing so much as I need to get in the shower so that I can pick up the spit-fire from mother's morning out in time. But, have NO fear...there are more renos in the future and if you are lucky I am sure to write lengthy blogs on them. I mean, you might even learn a thing or two from me. Mostly how NOT to go about things. :) As I just posted the pics and really looked at them, I realized that now I need to remove all the doorknobs and paint them a color that goes better than the "aged brass from the 50's" with the white. Groan and sigh. Oh and one more thing, if you are a reader and are possibly wanting to buy my wonderful house in 2.5 years, don't will all be perfect for you. :)

Until next time....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ants in my Pants

So, I cannot sit still. Ever. And, I wonder where Louisa gets it from. I have been this way for as long as I can remember, and I really wish that sometimes I could just turn off the switch...but I think somehow it is connected to my super-type A, control freak, OCD mannerisms and I am afraid at what may happen if that was removed. I mean, I have finally come to terms with this personality trait a few years ago, and seriously I think I wrote the book on Type A personality, I mean...I HAD to because no one else would have done it the way I wanted. See, yikes.

Anyways, I am finished up with my sewing for brownie-goose right now. Well, I have an alteration and then another order which I don't know what the customer wants yet, but basically I am done with sewing. Let me just tell you how GREAT it feels to not have turned on Thelma & Louise the last few days. Wonderful. I still have to go in my sewing room often just because I love it and it sings to me and makes me happy, but have been giving the girls a much needed rest. I have been doing a lot of work to the websites though, so if you happen across one that I haven't officially debuted yet or if you are on one and it looks a mess....just ignore for right now. So, onto the next project. :)

Our house, is a very, very, very fine house. It is not my dream house, nor is it Byron's, but it will work for the time being. And most of all, (knock on wood) it is structurally sound...which is more than we can say for the 30+ other houses we looked at in Jackson. But, renovations are just much harder now than they were before. When we lived in Georgia we had a new project going on all the time. And we enjoyed it. Now, it becomes more of a chore because Byron NEVER gets time off or even gets to come home at a decent hour, the toddler, the tight money situation, the lack of motivation, the overwhelmededness, did I mention the todder? Well, as you can see I am totally able to justify why we haven't gotten done with the house. We are very close, but with our beloved house on Boulevard in Macon, we finished everything the week before the house went on the market, so we really didn't get to enjoy it all. And that is something we both agreed we would do differently with this house. But, a 50's ranch just isn't my idea of fun and I really NEED the higher ceilings and abundance of windows. This house is just dark. Always. But, we don't have the capabilities to re-light the thing as needed, so I will just continue to dream about my gorgeous house that awaits me back in Georgia somewhere with tall ceilings, a large, wide center hallway that takes up square footage, floor to ceiling windows with glass so old you can barely see out because it is so wavy, wood floors that you can see the wear and tear, creaks and groans when the house just is, old woodwork that you just can't duplicate anymore, floors that are so uneven that when you drop something it rolls, etc. A girl can dream, right? Makes me think of my farmhouse that I lived in in Savannah when I graduated UGA. LOVED that house, with all its faults but the one that stands out to me is the front doorknob that it never failed when you were in a hurry it would always fall off when you were trying to get in or out. It is funny now, not so much then. Kate, remember that?

So, once again I have rambled. So I will get to the point. Today starts my home-improvement project. Up this time is the hallway, the den and the guest bedroom that is going to become Louisa's room. I am not looking forward to any of the projects to be quite honest because they involve not only painting trim which I hate, but also oil-based trim that must be primed (I think priming and second coats are a waste of my precious time), plus 10...yes, I sad 10, doors in the hallways alone and let's face it - does anyone enjoy painting doors? I think not, but if you are out there, contact me ASAP. The den has a large wall that has wood paneling, the real kind that I just feel guilty covering in paint so we are going to try and stain it white (and I have done a test section and looks like it may need a few coats, groan) and a large built-in on the opposite side that I would love to just tear out since I don't like to dust all that crap anyways. Anyways, I need to stop writing because I am sure I have lost all my readers (well, maybe not you, Amy) and I need to be honest in saying I am just coming up with things to write so I can procrastinate more. Here are some pics that hopefully I will post in a few days with new ones that knock your socks off. :)

The hallway, notice the lovely shade of days-old throw-up green that the trim is. When was this a good idea? Sorry Mack & Mara, but was it really even a cool color back then?

This will hopefully be my saving grace....hopefully since it was $35 a gallon and I just think that is ridiculous for paint. If not, I have already threatened the salesperson at Home Depot.

The wood paneled wall and then built-ins. Forgive the mess, my toddler fired my maid last week.

Time to get to work. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are Still Alive entire month since a post. Sorry to all, but we are still alive and kicking, just busy bees. I can't really say that not much has gone on, because we all know with a drama-queen toddler there is never a dull moment, especially in 4 consecutive weeks. I will probably spare everyone the novel that would occur if I tried to fill you in on everything that has gone on lately, plus...I just don't feel like typing all that much.

First of all, I want to say how lucky I feel that I am. My last post, in which I poured my heart out about what to do with my business brownie-goose, I was AMAZED at the number of people that reached out to me and gave me their two-cents. Some people I don't even know (and when I tried to go and stalk had private blogs, so sad) and I just don't know if I can even begin to express how it makes me feel that people care enough to leave me a comment, or even email me with what they think. Although I had pretty much had my mind already made up, it really helped me to battle the demons when people told me things that further supported my decision. It is funny too, because so many people that I stalk along their blogs and such and people that I have only met a time or two (or maybe not even, I just stalk their blogs) give me their thoughts and it is like they are my long, lost friends. Byron picks on my with my "internet friends" but yall are great, seriously! So, ending the cliff-hanger, I am scaling back...don't know how or details and such, but my heart told me so.

Okay, since the weather channel has now issued a tornado warning in my area (we all know how I am a weather channel GEEK) I think I will start to wrap this up, plus...I am really not in the mood to blog anymore since this post has been interupted by a certain spit-fire a few times. Here are some pics from when it snowed here recently. Again, you know you live in the South when you dress your child in oven mitts to send her outside in the "snow." Until next time...