Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's the COOLEST to poo in the potty!

So, we are once again exploring the whole potty training thing. She went poo in the potty once and it scared her so, that we are just now getting used to the concept of sitting on it. Well, we went to the library yesterday and got some books about the potty. I was trying to make such a big deal like it was the COOLEST thing ever to get potty books, etc. One of the books is called "The Potty Train, chugga chugga poo poo" and of course, this is her fave. I don't know if anyone knows "choo choo soul" that comes on Disney channel between cartoons, but she loves it and loves to dance to it.........but now instead of her saying "all bored choooo chain" she says "all bored poo poo chain." Lovely, right. Oh yeah, I am sure you will see in the photo, she has once again found the boots I had hidden. I think I will just stop hiding them! By the way, don't get grossed out, she isn't really going to the potty in the picture, she was "practicing" with her diaper on. :)

Maybe it will work.......keep fingers crossed for me. I have said before, I am scared to death of potty training. Petrified. I had planned on her learning at school.......but then I went and quit my job. :)

Speaking of quitting my job, we have been loving her being well. Today she woke up with runny eyes and nose, and I didn't realize how spoiled I had gotten with her not having this. I mean, this used to be a daily occurrence when I worked, but now I am annoyed! Ha!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Thanks, Amy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mimi and Gandaddy Come to Town

How much fun! My Mom and Dad (Mimi and Gandaddy) came to visit us in Mississippi yesterday. We were super excited to see them and actually enjoy the visit since I wouldn't be working. We had a fun filled day today and thought we would share some photos!

First of all, for any sewers that may read my blog - you will understand this. I was PUMPED because my Mom was bringing in my Grandmother's serger for me to use, this is super great for brownie-goose and all of the other sewing that I do. Needless to say, for anyone who has ever sewn with a serger I am sure that you know how finicky the machines needless to say, I needed a tutorial before the temper tantrums began! I took a break to make some coffee and Louisa took my seat next to her Mimi. I just love this picture! Too bad I couldn't have my Grandmother in it so that we could have 4 generations of sewers! I know she would be proud.

While Lula napped, Gandaddy put together her kitchen that they got her for Christmas that we have been waiting for forever! She was so happy to see it when she woke up! She loved to "cook" on it and open all the compartments, and best comes with a phone that has a clip that she can hook on her belt. Seriously! Aunt Sandy also topped it off with a Betty Crocker apron set that has an apron, mitts, wooden spoon (sorry Claudia and By) and oven mitts. She was loving this, especially once we added in her princess shoes. Words sometimes cannot even explain this child. Mom, Dad, Byron and I all enjoyed a great laugh!

I bought a bird feeder this summer and just got around to putting it up the other day. Louisa and I have been enjoying watching the birds come eat. She looks out the window and screams "hey burdees, eat." Well, Gandaddy decided to make some birdfeeders from pine cones and peanut are some pictures of her helping.

Best of all, here is Mallard (who loves pine cones anyway) thinking....."Whoa, peanut butter covered pine cones, YAY!"

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a Monkey!

I have said many of times, and will continue to say, Louisa is just a mess. There really is no other way to say it. The child is FULL of personality and just as quirky as they come.

Well, today on our walk I was able to capture some of it. She just couldn't sit still in the wagon. I am sure that people that may have watched us on our walk were probably thinking, "what is wrong with that child?" Don't worry - we have no clue, we just laugh and shake our heads!

She would sit sideways hanging her feet off the side, backwards, you name it - and the two I caught on camera..........laying face down and laying down completely.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Such a BIG help!

Miss Thing, as she needs to be called, loves to say, "I do it, mines." She LOVES to do things herself. Well, lately she has learned how to help, and I use this term VERY loosely. Today was just icing on the cake. I needed to bathe both of the dogs, and as I was getting things ready, here she comes. "I heps, no mama I heps baftub." Well, it dawned on me that one time when Byron was bathing the dogs he let Louisa "help." So - I had no choice but to let her "heps." She actually was too cute. She was using her cup to pour water on the dogs and would help lather them up and scrub. I don't know if the dogs enjoyed it as much as she did, but - it was fun. Clean up was WAY worse than if it had just been me and the dogs, but it was worth it!

PS - note Lucy's size, she is HUGE!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shoe Shopping 101 - Louisa Style

Somehow in her closet - Louisa does not own 1 single pair of tennis shoes. How this happened, I have no clue! But as I was dressing her in a cute little warm-up outfit the other day, it dawned on me. Well, I figured I would use some of her Christmas money and take her shoe shopping for some tennis shoes.

This was an ordeal in itself. I made the mistake of telling her when we were getting in the car that we were going shopping. She immediately began screaming (no inside voice here) "bug-gay" which is her version of buggy. She loves to ride in buggies and play with the snap thingies that go around their waist. Okay, so we were excited, continue driving up 55 to the dreaded Countyline Road. Well, in the inevitable traffic, she got a little stir-crazy, so I told her we were going shoe shopping. I mean, I could hear the record scratching and the look on her face was PRICELESS. Her eyes were huge and the loudest squeal came from her as she shouted "choose, I try on, um-hmm." (Any time that she wants to do something, she says "um-hmm" with it, such as "mommy, hold you, um-hmm which means mommy hold me") And of course, she started taking off her shoes and socks.

Well, I got her into her stroller and as we were strolling through the mall I was continuously apologizing for my child who was screaming, "choose, i try on, um-hmm." You could tell by the looks I got just who had children and who didn't. Whatev. As soon as we entered a shoe store, her shoes and socks popped off in a thousand different directions, and she would point at the tackiest ones and say "MINES!" I am still not sure how we survived this ordeal, but we finally left the mall with a pair of tennis shoes like her friend Lucy Neal has. So, on to "I choose. Um-hmm. Nucy Neal choose."

I simply cannot wait for teenage Mom always told me I would get payback. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The next Picasso

Louisa has been Byron's shadow this weekend. And, Saturday was no different. Luckily for me, after her nap - Byron watched Louisa while I worked on some brownie-goose orders and gave me a slight break. Little did I know what they were up to. I walked into the den to do something on the computer and the two of them were sitting down watching Bob Ross on the TV. For those of you who know him like I do - Bob Ross is the "happy little tree" man with the afro that paints on PBS. I didn't even know he was still around, but there he was over my fireplace and inspiring my husband. He asked if we had paints, and of course we did - so I told him to strip her down to a diaper, cover her table in newspaper and have at it. As you can see from the photos, Louisa had a blast. However, she did not like to get paint on her hands or fingers - so finger painting was out of the question. At one point, Byron turned into Martha Stewart and began cutting "stamps" out of potatoes that were in the pantry so that they could dip them in paint and almost sponge paint. I was super impressed by that move, didn't know he had it in him. The sound effects were priceless, I cannot even begin to impersonate those.

Byron told her that we could paint a picture to bring to our friends Neil and Kathryn, who Lula adores. Well, that was the end of it. She kept saying, "Neil Kaffrin, are you. Neil Kaffrin house." She is at the developmental stage that should be called broken record. She just repeats things over and over until she either tires or she gets what she is requesting. Sadly enough, they weren't home, so we had to tell her that we weren't going to see Neil and Kaffrin, and she broke down. Luckily, we saved the day by letting her go to their house later and delivering her artwork.

21 months going on 13.................

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

brownie-goose plug

Spring has sprung for brownie-goose! Check out some of my newest Spring fabrics at or coming soon at!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If the shoe fits............

Back before I got all responsible and had to save money and pay bills and be all grown-up and such, I had a small obsession with shoes. What girl doesn't go through this phase? I think that if I allowed myself to even walk through shoe stores now I could potentially get myself in trouble.......but we are working on self control this year!

Well, it seems as though Louisa has gotten it honestly. Bless her heart. :) For the Louisiana family that witnessed it that day shopping in Plaquemine, you know what I am talking about. The child LOVES shoes. Is fascinated by them and always wants to try on everyone else's shoes. When you go to a store, if she even sees the shoe department, she already is working on getting her shoes off and saying "I try on. Choose." Usually she will pick out the tackiest pair and fall head over heels. This is an on-going thing.

I have blogged before about the pink cowboy boots that Mimi and Gandaddy so graciously bought her that I have to keep hidden. Well, as she was "helping" me clean her room the other day, she found them. Yay, right? Needless to say, she wont wear anything else at the moment. This explains the photo at the top of her in her pj's and boots. Obsession much?

Well, this next picture is one of my faves. As I was trying to clean today, I could hear her rustling in my closet. This is a favorite hiding place of our cat Murray, so I figured she was just being tormented........until she presented herself. In my shoes - a boot and a flip flop. She was so proud. "I wear yo choose mommy." Sure, Louisa - wear them all you want!

Okay, this picture I added a day later bc when I got out of the shower, this is what I found, well, should I say "heard." I was in my room and heard her clunking around on the hardwoods in the breakfast room. I mean, this is a constant in our house!

PS - On a side note, to the ENT wives that were over last night: you know how I told Louisa that "people" were coming to see her and she didn't want to sleep because she knew that yall were here? Well, anyway as we stood in the door and said bye to Tori, Betty and Mandy, as soon as I shut the door, not even kidding, the child said, "Mize peapoles don, I go ni-night mommy." And she did........... What a mess I have on my hands!

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 - It's Going to be a better year!

So, today marks my 2 week anniversary for being a stay at home mom. I will have to honestly say, "I LOVE IT!" I was soooo scared of it, and I may still be in the "honeymoon" phase, but it is going great. And the best part is.......Louisa is a completely different child. We are getting her sleeping better at night, she is actually taking naps in the day. Knock on wood, her temperment had done a 180 turn, the tantrums have decreased significantly, I mean, I can't even say enough!

Now, I hope like all get-out that I am not jinxing things by even putting this in writing. I just never imagined I would see this much of a difference in such a short time period. And for my sanity, it is still here! I am actually enjoying this all. I am never one to regret things that I have done in the past because I think that you have to live and learn........but why didn't I "retire" sooner?

Yeah, my spending money is decreased, we work on a tighter budget now and we all but almost passed out when we got our property tax bill (Hinds county just came out this year and reassessed my area of Fondren/Woodland Hills for the first time in years) and found out it increased 13 times. Yep, seriously. But, this is wonderful.

So, for the New Year, I am super optimistic. 2007 and 2008 were rough years, the latter being the worst - but I think that things are looking up for now. Yipee!

Happy New Year from the Norris family!