Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's the COOLEST to poo in the potty!

So, we are once again exploring the whole potty training thing. She went poo in the potty once and it scared her so, that we are just now getting used to the concept of sitting on it. Well, we went to the library yesterday and got some books about the potty. I was trying to make such a big deal like it was the COOLEST thing ever to get potty books, etc. One of the books is called "The Potty Train, chugga chugga poo poo" and of course, this is her fave. I don't know if anyone knows "choo choo soul" that comes on Disney channel between cartoons, but she loves it and loves to dance to it.........but now instead of her saying "all bored choooo chain" she says "all bored poo poo chain." Lovely, right. Oh yeah, I am sure you will see in the photo, she has once again found the boots I had hidden. I think I will just stop hiding them! By the way, don't get grossed out, she isn't really going to the potty in the picture, she was "practicing" with her diaper on. :)

Maybe it will work.......keep fingers crossed for me. I have said before, I am scared to death of potty training. Petrified. I had planned on her learning at school.......but then I went and quit my job. :)

Speaking of quitting my job, we have been loving her being well. Today she woke up with runny eyes and nose, and I didn't realize how spoiled I had gotten with her not having this. I mean, this used to be a daily occurrence when I worked, but now I am annoyed! Ha!


Mary said...

I know the song you're talking about! Curt thinks she's really hot. Now we will never sing the song the same again! Oh, and by the her boots!

Brandy and John said...

Amy, she is adorable and I love the boots! Hope potty training goes well... I know who to call when it's my turn :) ha!!

Misty said...

Good luck. Levi will be three next month, and we are no where near potty trained-- and not for lack of trying. He's such a little hard head. He could do it; he just won't!! I hope Louisa will be more receptive!

Tori Hayes said...

I'm right there with you. I am trying to get Ella to sit on the potty and
I 'm using underwear to see if when she feels it she realizes she needs to sit. It's taking some time. I'm scared of this whole process. I need to get books from the library! I tried to make my own book by taking pictures of her, but it wasn't a big deal to her. Anyways, I showed her how Louisa was sitting on the potty. You know what she said "ashoo, ashoo" for shoes and then she said "boots". All she saw were the boots. Made me laugh!