Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mimi and Gandaddy Come to Town

How much fun! My Mom and Dad (Mimi and Gandaddy) came to visit us in Mississippi yesterday. We were super excited to see them and actually enjoy the visit since I wouldn't be working. We had a fun filled day today and thought we would share some photos!

First of all, for any sewers that may read my blog - you will understand this. I was PUMPED because my Mom was bringing in my Grandmother's serger for me to use, this is super great for brownie-goose and all of the other sewing that I do. Needless to say, for anyone who has ever sewn with a serger I am sure that you know how finicky the machines needless to say, I needed a tutorial before the temper tantrums began! I took a break to make some coffee and Louisa took my seat next to her Mimi. I just love this picture! Too bad I couldn't have my Grandmother in it so that we could have 4 generations of sewers! I know she would be proud.

While Lula napped, Gandaddy put together her kitchen that they got her for Christmas that we have been waiting for forever! She was so happy to see it when she woke up! She loved to "cook" on it and open all the compartments, and best comes with a phone that has a clip that she can hook on her belt. Seriously! Aunt Sandy also topped it off with a Betty Crocker apron set that has an apron, mitts, wooden spoon (sorry Claudia and By) and oven mitts. She was loving this, especially once we added in her princess shoes. Words sometimes cannot even explain this child. Mom, Dad, Byron and I all enjoyed a great laugh!

I bought a bird feeder this summer and just got around to putting it up the other day. Louisa and I have been enjoying watching the birds come eat. She looks out the window and screams "hey burdees, eat." Well, Gandaddy decided to make some birdfeeders from pine cones and peanut are some pictures of her helping.

Best of all, here is Mallard (who loves pine cones anyway) thinking....."Whoa, peanut butter covered pine cones, YAY!"


The Bryans said...

Yes, yuck on the wooden spoons! Next thing you know she'll be licking popsicle sticks. We will definitely be on the lookout for some plastic cutlery. :)

pmginn said...

The kitchen picture of Lula would be great on the cover of a 1950's cookbook. You know, the perfect wife - cooking and dressed to appeal to her man!

Wooden spoons and popsicle sticks aren't too bad ... but NEVER EVER those little flat sticks to eat cups of ice cream. Eeeks! Like fingernails on a chalkboard!

Brandy and John said...

Can't wait to see what kind of new stuff you come up with :)

Katie said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could have come so bad, that one of her in the shoes?!! LOVE

aww and i thought byron would be the lucky one to put together her 500 piece kitchen :)

Lauren said...

You are so welcome! I'm happy to help in any small way I can to pass the word along. I just love all the cute outfits you make, and I'll probably place an order soon, after I sell some no-longer-needed things in a consignment sale.

Your daughter is precious, and I love that last pic of the choc lab - we have a sweet chocolate baby too!