Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shoe Shopping 101 - Louisa Style

Somehow in her closet - Louisa does not own 1 single pair of tennis shoes. How this happened, I have no clue! But as I was dressing her in a cute little warm-up outfit the other day, it dawned on me. Well, I figured I would use some of her Christmas money and take her shoe shopping for some tennis shoes.

This was an ordeal in itself. I made the mistake of telling her when we were getting in the car that we were going shopping. She immediately began screaming (no inside voice here) "bug-gay" which is her version of buggy. She loves to ride in buggies and play with the snap thingies that go around their waist. Okay, so we were excited, continue driving up 55 to the dreaded Countyline Road. Well, in the inevitable traffic, she got a little stir-crazy, so I told her we were going shoe shopping. I mean, I could hear the record scratching and the look on her face was PRICELESS. Her eyes were huge and the loudest squeal came from her as she shouted "choose, I try on, um-hmm." (Any time that she wants to do something, she says "um-hmm" with it, such as "mommy, hold you, um-hmm which means mommy hold me") And of course, she started taking off her shoes and socks.

Well, I got her into her stroller and as we were strolling through the mall I was continuously apologizing for my child who was screaming, "choose, i try on, um-hmm." You could tell by the looks I got just who had children and who didn't. Whatev. As soon as we entered a shoe store, her shoes and socks popped off in a thousand different directions, and she would point at the tackiest ones and say "MINES!" I am still not sure how we survived this ordeal, but we finally left the mall with a pair of tennis shoes like her friend Lucy Neal has. So, on to "I choose. Um-hmm. Nucy Neal choose."

I simply cannot wait for teenage Mom always told me I would get payback. :)


Julie, Mitch & Chapman said...

OMG - she is sooo me! I loved shoes then too!

pmginn said...

Amy, thank you for having me laughing out loud this morning; I sure needed it!