Friday, January 16, 2009

Such a BIG help!

Miss Thing, as she needs to be called, loves to say, "I do it, mines." She LOVES to do things herself. Well, lately she has learned how to help, and I use this term VERY loosely. Today was just icing on the cake. I needed to bathe both of the dogs, and as I was getting things ready, here she comes. "I heps, no mama I heps baftub." Well, it dawned on me that one time when Byron was bathing the dogs he let Louisa "help." So - I had no choice but to let her "heps." She actually was too cute. She was using her cup to pour water on the dogs and would help lather them up and scrub. I don't know if the dogs enjoyed it as much as she did, but - it was fun. Clean up was WAY worse than if it had just been me and the dogs, but it was worth it!

PS - note Lucy's size, she is HUGE!


Kevin, Kara, and Kolton said...

Hey girl! So glad you found me so I can finally see your little girl - she is PRECIOUS!!!
WHAT - you don't work for Dr. Smith anymore??? :( Makes us so sad - you made the visit so personable!
I'll definitely keep checking in on your blog to see you all!

HollyBerry said...

this is priceless, amy! i've GOT to tell "Doc" to take a look! cute...Doc has been at our house all weekend...he took JoAnna on a date last night by himself to the Ole Miss basketball game while Matthew and I went to a baby shower...JoAnna wore her cheerleader suit and all...they were so sweet together! Doc says JoAnna fell asleep about halfway through the game just like the Rebels did...haha...we lost bad!

Mary said...

These pictures are priceless. You've got to frame one for your bathroom. Too cute!