Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a Monkey!

I have said many of times, and will continue to say, Louisa is just a mess. There really is no other way to say it. The child is FULL of personality and just as quirky as they come.

Well, today on our walk I was able to capture some of it. She just couldn't sit still in the wagon. I am sure that people that may have watched us on our walk were probably thinking, "what is wrong with that child?" Don't worry - we have no clue, we just laugh and shake our heads!

She would sit sideways hanging her feet off the side, backwards, you name it - and the two I caught on camera..........laying face down and laying down completely.


derek and brittney said...

Thanks for the comment! and what is funny is that we had a similar situation with some painters a while back. It was BAD. Koda had them pinned in a corner! But like you i think it is great that they will be protective when they need too-that is part of the reason you have a dog anyway:)

The Bryans said...

Thanks for the music!

Brandy and John said...

Hey there Amy-- Glad I found your blog. Your little girl is adorable and I would totally ride around town in the wagon like that! Hope to talk to you soon!