Thursday, February 26, 2009

"I Mell the Frowers"

Yep, little can smell the flowers - and for anyone who has seen Louisa actually "smell" something, you can imagine the laugh that I was getting in the backyard. I had gone out into the jungle, also known as our backyard (not for long, YAY we are having some work done on it soon!) to take photos for brownie-goose, and Louisa had a fit to "mell the frowers" everywhere.

Thought you would enjoy the photo..................

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are You a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?

Taste of UMC was Saturday night and this year the ENT Wives showed up in all of our glory to host our booth with a Halloween theme serving "witches brew." I think we did a great job this year even though we didn't win any awards.........but we are all winners, right? Whatev.

So, believe it or not, people were a bit spooked (haha, get it) about the witches brew, which actually is just my gumbo stew recipe, but you should have seen some of the looks on people's faces. I mean seriously, do you REALLY think I am going to serve you something with bat droppings and alligator eyes............come on! Wait, do you think we would have won if we did? Hmmmmm.

We had a good time enjoying the free booze at other people's booths, griping about the food, trying over and again to figure out dry ice (it really isn't as easy as it seems), taking off our shoes because our feet were miserable, enjoying our glow-in-the-dark tights, and sweating under our tents in our wool-blend witches hats.

Anyone who reads this and goes to Taste next year..............VOTE FOR ENT WIVES, we need to win!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Peas in a Pod

Well, we survived our first round of pink eye. I should say survived very lightly as I have not gotten it, yet.........and with my luck I think it will come on Saturday morning just in time for Taste of UMC. Yipee. Anyway, somehow I have managed to avoid the plague of conjunctivitis my entire life, I don't understand how this is possible because my little sister had it like every other week growing up. Well, Lou got it. In both eyes and it was gross. She looked pitiful, and to top it all off, she has an ear infection. So, once again I am wondering HOW IN THE WORLD I ever worked and dealt with her up all night. Oh, and by the way............WHY is she sick? I had a lunch last week in which she was in a nursey for a whopping 1 hour - is that it, or is it coincidence? Once again, SO GLAD to be at home with her!

We watched our friends Phoebe and Kyle's little girl Lucy Neal last night while they went to a get-together for Kyle's new job (YAY he got a position at AirCare at UMC, way to goooo!). Louisa and Lucy Neal play often, as her mom and I do. :) However, as I was cooking them dinner, Byron sat on the sofa with them and watched Little Mermaid (a new obsession for the time being) and I snapped this picture. Too cute!

Monday, February 16, 2009

For my fellow Georgia Peaches

Okay, my sister-in-law, who is slowly becoming a blog stalker - I am soooo proud, let me on to a blog that someone sent here that has some good recipes. It is a lady out of Georgia (whoop-whoop) that has some interesting combos........check it out, if any of you are like me, I love to try new things!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Be Mine!

How could you even resist this pretty little pout?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's with Leighton

Today we had a fun play with our friend Leighton. We made heart-shaped strawberry cupcakes (which neither of the girls cared about eating) and fun Valentine's picture frames. Kristen even brought jewelry to play with, which just happens to be Louisa's newest obsession. Didn't know I had a gypsy on my hands!

We took our date outside because it was the most beautiful day ever and the girls put sprinkles on the cupcakes..............GOOD thing we were outside, I know the birds in my backyard are LOVING them some Valentine sprinkles right now! :) They will never eat regular bird food again. Leighton wanted to hold the sprinkles and run with them, it made her super happy!

Once Kristen, Katie and Leighton left Louisa took a nap and when she woke up, the FIRST thing she said was, "neesa neckace, bracet, fingers." Translation......Louisa's necklace, bracelet and rings. She has been going strong playing with the jewelry ever since. Now she is dressing the dogs up. You have to love a labs personality with kids!

Icing the cupcakes with Kristen. Who Lula calls "ki-ki" and when she woke from her nap she wandered around the house asking, "ki-ki, are you?"

Finding surprises in the grass. Probably dog poo...............but, I love this picture!

Leighton LOVING her some sprinkles.

The girls sprinkling (Lou calls them "pinkles") the treats, too bad you can't see the birds in the trees getting excited!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Words to Describe.............

This child cracks me up. These photos were taken last night as we were trying to "wind down" for bed time. Haha. She is nuts anyway, but now it is a bit exaggerated since she is on steroids for a bit of wheezing. A nurse I used to work with would classify her as "cuckoo-nanas."

These are her goggles that I think she stole from my parents house last summer. She doesn't call them goggles or glasses or anything of that sort, for some reason, anything that goes on your eyes that resembles glasses are "neckaces." Where she came up with this one, I am not sure, but I have tried to correct her and it does NO good. She found these when we were cleaning out her toy box last week and has been obsessed with them ever since. Last week when we went out to run errands, she insisted (she is very aware of what she wants, wonder where she got that) on wearing her tutu over her outfit and her "neckace" around her neck. People were some kind of staring at us. Once again, you can tell quickly by their responses who has children and who doesn't. The people who have children think: "ahhh, i know exactly how she feels. toddler days." People who don't have children: "what is wrong with that mom, why does she let her child leave the house looking like a rag-a-muffin?" Every time she "accessorizes" herself, I have to think of the movie Big Daddy where Adam Sandler lets the boy dress himself. Thank goodness we don't have flippers in the house or I KNOW those would be her faves! Don't get any ideas Mom!

Enjoy these photos, I couldn't scale them down to just 1 or 2, because you can see her personality in each one. Hopefully you will get a laugh out of these today, or at least leave my blog wondering.........."gosh, why does that mom let her child run around the house in a diaper wearing goggles? Has she fallen off her rocker"? Yes, and I enjoy being on the floor! :)

PS - note the belly! I love it!