Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are You a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?

Taste of UMC was Saturday night and this year the ENT Wives showed up in all of our glory to host our booth with a Halloween theme serving "witches brew." I think we did a great job this year even though we didn't win any awards.........but we are all winners, right? Whatev.

So, believe it or not, people were a bit spooked (haha, get it) about the witches brew, which actually is just my gumbo stew recipe, but you should have seen some of the looks on people's faces. I mean seriously, do you REALLY think I am going to serve you something with bat droppings and alligator eyes............come on! Wait, do you think we would have won if we did? Hmmmmm.

We had a good time enjoying the free booze at other people's booths, griping about the food, trying over and again to figure out dry ice (it really isn't as easy as it seems), taking off our shoes because our feet were miserable, enjoying our glow-in-the-dark tights, and sweating under our tents in our wool-blend witches hats.

Anyone who reads this and goes to Taste next year..............VOTE FOR ENT WIVES, we need to win!!!


Misty said...

Y'all are too cute! Sorry you didn't win--maybe next year!!I think I probably need to get that recipe from you; it sounds great!

Phoebe said...

your dress is def the cutest! glad that's over for you

Brandy and John said...

LOVE the outfit! Sounds like sooo much fun... you totally need to send an invite next year... would love to come! :) And your recipe sounds awesome!

Kristen said...

amy your hair is so long!! i guess you had it in a pony last time i saw you! i like it!