Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's with Leighton

Today we had a fun play with our friend Leighton. We made heart-shaped strawberry cupcakes (which neither of the girls cared about eating) and fun Valentine's picture frames. Kristen even brought jewelry to play with, which just happens to be Louisa's newest obsession. Didn't know I had a gypsy on my hands!

We took our date outside because it was the most beautiful day ever and the girls put sprinkles on the cupcakes..............GOOD thing we were outside, I know the birds in my backyard are LOVING them some Valentine sprinkles right now! :) They will never eat regular bird food again. Leighton wanted to hold the sprinkles and run with them, it made her super happy!

Once Kristen, Katie and Leighton left Louisa took a nap and when she woke up, the FIRST thing she said was, "neesa neckace, bracet, fingers." Translation......Louisa's necklace, bracelet and rings. She has been going strong playing with the jewelry ever since. Now she is dressing the dogs up. You have to love a labs personality with kids!

Icing the cupcakes with Kristen. Who Lula calls "ki-ki" and when she woke from her nap she wandered around the house asking, "ki-ki, are you?"

Finding surprises in the grass. Probably dog poo...............but, I love this picture!

Leighton LOVING her some sprinkles.

The girls sprinkling (Lou calls them "pinkles") the treats, too bad you can't see the birds in the trees getting excited!

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Brandy and John said...

Looks like a fun day! Your little girl is soooo cute :)