Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Building of the Cowan Wall

Day 2 of progress, YAY! Today started out with some stump grinding, which to my suprise - was over in like 45 minutes. I know Byron has spent more than like 6 hours on one of the stumps from Katrina and then this machine that works like a remote control car just came and showed him up. Oh well, it is gone and that is all that matters!

Then began the building of the wall...........the retention wall that will actually give us a yard and no more of this awkward sloping thing that you can't be too sure where you step because you may fall down, especially if you have had some Miller Lite in the backyard, which is a fave of mine. :) Not speaking from experience.......

It is getting close, now if I could just blink my eyes and have grass, because Lord knows we can't afford the sod! Maybe on the way home from robbing a bank we could stop by and rob a landscaping store, hmmmmmm - now that's a thought! We certainly have the trailers to haul it since we have 2 sitting in our driveway right now......blocking my car in the garage, so I am beginning to go a bit stir-crazy. I don't even have a bike to ride to the neighboring grocery store for trash bags. Not to mention the family history of bike riding with a child on the back! HAHAHA Kate, I still laugh my rear off about that one! Slow-motion into the sand on Cobb!

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Brandy and John said...

Funny story :) It's comng along... Yay!