Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grow grass, Grow!

So, we had another work hard in the back yard weekend. Actually, I should say that Byron had a work hard in the backyard weekend. I only helped for a little while on Sunday. :) He rented a tiller to help to get the yard ready to plant seed, since we couldn't afford the $12,300 that sod would probably have been! Today we planted seed and covered it with hay. Louisa, of course, was NO help. She was way to busy playing in her sandbox, and by playing I mean putting sand in her nose, ears and eyes. Yep. Once we got it all down (our back yard just grows when you try and do work, I didn't realize just how much space we had back there!) we set up the "hewacoppa" aka. sprinkler to help it all grow. Well, this is when Lou decided she wanted to help. She grabbed a flower watering can that is the same size as she is and was trying to fill it up with water by the sprinklers (hewacoppas). It took her a while to figure out that she was getting wet - and yep, she was fully clothed...........but I just couldn't stop her because it was too cute! She later had an absolute meltdown because I wouldn't let her put her "babe-in soup" on. Yes, her bathing suit. I let her wear it in the sandbox on Saturday just for fun, and now that is all she wants to wear. So, into hiding with many other things it must go!

Anyways, everyone do the dance for grass to grow on Cowan Place. We need it for her party! We also need the playhouse, which hopefully we can get done since Byron has next week off!

Byron planting some red maples, and the rest of the hay-covered yard, hopefully to soon be grass-covered!!

This is when she finally realized that she was getting soaked by the sprinkler!

Who cares that I am getting wet, now I will try and fill my shovel and bucket!

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Ashley said...

i want more details about this back yard project!! we did one about a year ago. you can see pics on the blog around may. we went ahead and spend the $$ (that we borrowed!) b/c there is no way either of us is about to do any "work"!!