Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"No Mama, I do It."

And this is what happens when you let your 2 year old dress themselves. I am wondering if I should even fight this battle, I think I will just let it go and plan to run scheduled errands another day, to avoid the looks that I am sure we would get.

This is how it all went down. I was getting ready to get on the treadmill and told Louisa that we needed to go into her room to get dressed, something we do almost every day. She knows this. Well, she refused to go into her room with me and said, "no mama, I do it. I dess Neisha." And with that she shooed me out of her room and shut the door. I fought my better instincts to go inside of her room and wear her out. I thought, you know what, maybe this is her independence emerging and I should celebrate it. Well, after listening at the door just to make sure she wasn't into anything she wasn't supposed to be (her fave) she opened the door, and kid you not said, "tada. See Mama, Neisha dessed." And, it was all I could do not to fall over laughing. She was serious. She walked straight past me and said, "okay mama, run" and headed to the garage where the treadmill is. I sat there in awe just shaking my head. What have I on my hands????? Seriously, bows and all.

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering who Neisha is...................that is what she calls herself. That is how she says Louisa. Hilarious, right. I mean, you just have to learn to take things as they are and let it all roll! One day at the fabric store, I heard another little girl ask Louisa what her name was and sassy as can be she said, "Neisha." Yep - I am sure you can imagine the looks I got from the other moms there. Lovely.


Brandy and John said...

She is seriously way too cute!

Penny Ginn said...

It looks like she has the same fashion instincts as Ashley at that age ... which maybe means she'll grow into actually being able to dress well?!

Ryan, Jenny, Crew and Carrington said...

that is hilarious!!!! and just so you know, my kids are celebrating their independence too at our house....must be a two year old thing. tell neisha she has great taste=)

Tori said...

She is stinking hilarious! Crack me up...thanks so much for watching E today...I really appreciate it.