Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Now, if My Calculations are Correct......"

These are the words of my husband. And for anyone who knows my husband - we all know that, yes indeed his calculations are correct for he is a perfectionist. Not that there is anything wrong with being a perfectionist, especially if you are a surgeon, but Byron sometimes takes it to new levels. Say for instance, when using the level when being a carpenter. We all know how there are 3 spaces, and you really want the bubble to be in the middle for whatever it is to be level. Well, Byron and I have 2 different views of "level." I say "between the lines" is perfect. He just laughs, and for him it has to be EQUALLY between the lines to be perfect. So, when he asks (I still don't know why he even does) me if it is level, I will answer, "perfect, between the lines." But then, he will come to check and tell me otherwise! I guess this is a good thing though since he is the main one building, I just assist. This is why things aren't crooked in our house! :)

So, long introduction for this post. This week is Byron's vacation. He rarely takes a "vacation." His times off are ALWAYS filled with projects. This time it is the shed/Louisa's playhouse. I am super excited not only because I can put the majority of Louisa's stuff (which if you have children you know just how much "stuff" they accumulate) outside for her to play, but also since Byron is getting a shed - I in turn get a separate sewing room in the room off the garage that currently houses his tools. This is great since my sewing room quickly outgrew the guest bedroom and has now taken over my dining room which totally does not mesh well with my OCD and need for things to look "neat" at all times. It is my belief that "a clean sewing room is an inefficient sewing room."

Yesterday we started the work. Today was a very productive day - mostly thanks to Byron's new toy. A pneumatic framing nailer - and let me just say, I love it too when I am not scared to death of it. This saved us SOOOOOOO much time today nailing the frame together. Frankly, I don't know how he has held out this long. He has been wanting one for a while, and I am so glad he invested. It is great! We did a great job and it was fun working on a project together again. We used to ALWAYS work together on projects, until Louisa came along.............toddlers make it SUPER difficult to get anything done! Especially Lou, she is so curious and wants to be in the middle of everything, including the circulating saw, the mitre saw and the new nailer. Not such a good idea. Oh well, at the end of the day we have it framed and the floor on the second level which will be her playhouse. Let me just tell you how much fun it was to haul the 4 pieces of plywood that weighed like 1,000 lbs each from the front yard to the back, and then to heave 2 of them to the second level. Advil - we will see you later tonight, and possibly tomorrow morning! It is looking great, and we are super excited, so I will continue to post progress. So again, just like with the work on the backyard - if you don't care, you may want to ignore the blog for the next week! :)

PS - I added a picture of the ground. Looks exciting, right? It is very sad, since we had the yard leveled and we put down seed last Sunday - it decided to downpour for like 3 days in a row. So, we have a little bit of grass, but mostly slosh, brown slosh that is. So, back to the ton-plywood, it was very hard carrying the heavy stuff while you sank and slipped in mud. Ewwwww. Hope the grass grows and the yard dries before her birthday party! If not, moms.........pack the Wellies!!


Ashley said...

we should change the name of our club to "wives of really nerdy men"! all of our husbands are crazy (yet, the ocd is sometimes extremely useful)!

Penny Ginn said...

I'm wondering why my carpenter husband didn't have one of these wonderful pneumatic framing nailers when we built Heather's "shed dorm." I bet I could've driven a nail straight with it! Hmmm .... would the savings in nails have paid for it?!