Sunday, April 26, 2009

"My Wimmin Poo"

Translation - my swimming pool. My sister gave Louisa this great pool last year for her birthday, but it was a bit much for her being so small so we saved it for this year and it is perfect. She loves it. It is one of those that you have to keep the water going and it spurts up in all directions and has so many attachments and fun things that you can get at LEAST 30 minutes out of her. We played outside in the beautiful weather today and it was hilarious to see that Mallard wanted to swim just as much as Lula did. Lucy, however, conveniently hid in the back corner of the backyard where she is currently obsessed with something back there, I think it is a raccoon nest which is great because if I get a baby raccoon, rock on!

Anyway, here are some pictures of her enjoying the pool along with Mallard. It was cute, she would say, "mawward, come wim." We had to start working on our base tans for the beach in 2 weeks. Just kidding on the base tan, don't worry - I slather my child in 50 spf and now worry about my skin after I lifeguarded for 3 summers and spent the rest of my life in the sunshine. Oh well, you still get the wonderful feeling in the sunshine with sunscreen on and hopefully none of the bad effects will catch up with me. :)

How funny is this one? I mean, is there anything cuter than a wedgie on a little girl? Yep, different "babe-ing soup" and no we didn't have a wardrobe change, it is just from a different day.

I had to include this one that I took before we went to Leighton's birthday party. I NEVER catch her smiling and this is just too perfect! Adorable!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shame On You Women at McDades!

Okay, so I debated over and over about making this post - but I am still so outraged that I figured I might as well write and maybe my rage would disappear. I feel bad that I have 2 posts in a row with no pics of Louisa, but I am sure that I will make up for that later.

So, I went to McDades (for those of you not in Jackson - this is a grocery store)today to pick up some items that I needed to make an appetizer for my girls night out tonight. I figured I would avoid the McDades that is right around the corner from me as it was lunchtime and between their amazing deli, Brent's and the small deli inside of the antiques market - the parking lot is BONKERS, and Kroger was out of the question because I am just over it right now. So, I went to the McDades on Northside in Maywood Mart. Bad decision on my part, the place was crawling with you-know-whos. I will refrain from blogging about these people, but for those of you who know me, you know who I am talking about.........what I call them starts with a V. Anyway, yes my child is a handful. I KNOW this, trust me - I am with her 24/7 and yes, sometimes she annoys me, but it is MY child and I am allowed to get annoyed by her. Let me just list the hoop-la that went on in the store while I was there for maybe 15 min tops. I was outraged, once again waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell me I was being Punked. Nah, I was just in Jackson, Ms.

The events unfolding...........
1. As I was standing in the line waiting to have deli meat cut, Louisa was dancing and putting on a show like she does when there is an audience. One lady commented on how cute she was and I politely told her thank you. And then she asked how old she was, and I told her two, and this is what came out of her mouth. "Oh my, she is two? She sure is small, is there anything wrong with her? That isn't normal is it?" I was speechless, and wondering how much trouble I would be in if I took her out. I decided against violence and politely replied, "It depends on how you define normal. Has anyone asked you if there was something wrong with you since you are tall?" And she shut her mouth, and I mine and we continued to stand in line in silence. I can only guess that my ears were a fiery shade of red. I felt bad for being rude, but COME ON people, it is called tact - and one would think with your status as a "V----ger" you would have proper upbringing.
2. The deli line was close to a salad bar that had tons of people piling up all kinds of goodies on their salads. As I was in line, I noticed this one girl fixing her salad talking SO LOUDLY about her ovulation schedule (I am not even kidding on this one)to some poor soul on the other end of her cell phone. Once again.....tact people! Anyway, I had already judged her as getting on my nerves. And my nerves were on edge after event #1 already mentioned. Well, as we walked by her to get to the produce section, Louisa was singing, and I am sure it wasn't her "inside" voice since she really doesn't have one, but whatev. Anyway, ovulation announcer looked at Louisa then at me and rolled her eyes and said to the poor soul on the phone, "hold on I can't hear you because there is a child running crazy and screaming right beside me." OMG let me just tell you. First off, I was holding her hand........second off, if you are talking about your ovulation, you obviously want children and just wait girlfriend........and third off, get OFF of your dern cell phone while you are fixing your lunch and STOP grossing everyone else out in line. COME ON!!!
3. Why I had not left the store by this point, I don't even know. But, as I was standing in line to checkout Louisa was flirting with a meltdown, rightfully so - it was her lunch time. Anyway, the lady in line in front of me looked at me and said, "looks like she needs a spanking for that awful behavior." SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! Speechless for the second time in 15 minutes, I bit my tongue for what I really wanted to say. And instead I told her the truth, that I try not to spank when I am angry, and she so sweetly replied, "oh, well that is what is wrong then."

What in the crap was wrong with these women at McDades today? Honestly I will NEVER again go to that specific store. I was so put out by the time I got Louisa to the car I just wanted to cry. My mom raised me to know when to keep my mouth shut. Too bad those other ladies didn't have the same. I mean, these people were just flat out MEAN. I made the decision after I had Louisa and figured that I no longer had control over the situation that I would NEVER judge another parent for any sort of parenting, because honestly - you don't know what they go through. Shame on those ladies! For real!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Call it What You Want........................

Here are just a few things that I have called it in the past:
1. The witching hour
2. The "unhappy" hour
3. Sundowner's hour
4. And most recenlty, The Suicide Hour.

Let me just explain this one to you. The Suicide Hour as we know it is what happens in our house DAILY around 4:30 or so. Meltdowns, out of nowhere, for NO reason what-so-ever. I have always heard people refer to the "witching hour," and one day my Mom called during the so-called hour and told me that my great-grandmother called it "The Suicide Hour." Rightfully so, if anyone knew my Grandmom Doris, who was known for her knock-you-down eggnog recipe and also saying "Want in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first."

So, the suicide hour, as it is now known at our house is out of control. I get a good hour or so after her nap, and then all hell breaks loose. I mean, seriously! One day I thought, well, maybe she is mad that I am cooking instead of paying her attention, nope - not it. Another I thought that maybe if I let her play outside for a good while after the nap that it would help............nope. Anyways - Louisa basically loses it. Everything results in a temper-tantrum, fussing, whining, crying, "mommy hold you," or the favorite how toddlers hand onto your legs while you try and walk. I honestly don't know what to do about this time period. She sits in time out the most of the time because she does things she knows that she is not supposed to be doing. Hence why I thought it was attention-driven. Let me just give you an example..............

Today we had to run errands like we do every Monday. Of course, she knows as soon as we get to the drive-through at the bank she starts to holler for a "sucka." Well, today when the sweet teller gave her one (if she only knew) I decided to hold it over her for the day, as I so often do with bribery. All day long when she started to teeter on the edge of getting on my nerves, I would remind her that she wouldn't get her sucker at the end of the day if she continued to misbehave. Well, once it was "sucka" time, even though she had not been perfect, I felt she behaved well enough for a 2 year old. So, she got super excited and sat down on the kitchen floor and decided to eat her sucker. I tried to cook dinner and then it happened. Meltdown #1, she couldn't hold it just right so she freaked out and screamed and layed out on the floor. I should have taken it away then..........but thought I could get more cooking done if I gave it back. So after we got over that one, Meltdown #2 occurred, the sucker goo ran down her mouth and got on her "boo-boo" (one that has been there for WEEKS and she talks about daily)............freak-out again. Laying on the floor and screaming. And still, I continued to let her keep it.............bad parenting on my part? Maybe. Well, she quickly got over that one and was silent for a while and all was happy until I realized that silence is NEVER golden in our house. I look over and the stinker was dipping her sucker in the dog's water bowl. So, some people will laugh, some people (who don't have animals) will be grossed out and I just get MAD. For anyone who talks to me about child discipline knows how MAD I get when she gets in the dog's water bowl. Honestly she gets time out at least 4 times a week for being in the bowl. This is one of those moments when you remind yourself to count to ten..............and then I had to repeat that because I had just had it. So, I went over to her, told her why I was upset and angry and made her throw her sucker away and then go and sit in time out. Hence.........Meltdown #3. To spare everyone the details of my child screaming during suicide hour, I will just skip to the part that EVERY time she calmed down of course I had to open the trash can to put items from cooking dinner in it and then another meltdown occurred. By the time I put her in bed I was just spent. And then I realized..............the majority of the time, Suicide Hour lasts ALL day in our house. And people wonder why I almost lose it when they ask if we are trying for another one..............the answer is NO WAY JOSE!! At least not during suicide hour.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Plug for brownie-goose

Alright now, gotta check this out! Just got up my Summer 09 collection and it is HOT! Not to mention fun, funky & a bit preppy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Louisa................................

Another day, another year. I mean, did my child just turn 2? And then when I sit down to think about it, it seems like it has been 10 years. Funny how time treats you. Anyway, we had Lula's birthday party on Saturday and had the best time. We weren't able to finish the playhouse as planned due to weather, but it was okay because the backyard is still a mud pit anyway! But, the playhouse is roofed and looking GREAT! I promise to get more pictures up soon! We all played in the front yard and enjoyed the gorgeous weather!

Louisa had the BEST time. She became quickly obsessed with "peasants" this year, and loved opening them. But to every mother's horror, as soon as she opens she puts the present aside and says "nother one?" I really don't think that there is a way to avoid this by any means, but it is so embarrassing!

One of her favorites was getting into the cooler and pulling out pieces of ice to eat. She was soaking wet by the end of the day. But, who cares right!!! Another favorite was the tricycle that Byron and I got her. The kids down the street always come down on their bikes, and now Lou is SO excited that she has a bike too. She thinks she is just as big as the other kids! It was so cute because one of the kids did ride down the street during the party and the first thing Lula did was go and get her bike to show it off. It was too cute! Another favorite that I can hardly forget are the red, glittery, shiny high-heeled shoes that her Aunt Natalie gave her, we can HARDLY wait until Natalie has a little one that we can buy for. :) We all know Lou's feelings about shoes, well.............her pink cowboy boots would have made her Aunt Carol proud, and now she has a pair to make her Aunt Katie proud!

Here are just a few pictures from the fun-filled day, but PLEASE click this link to view the whole album to see all the fun from the party! You will love it!

YAY! Shiny red shoes from Fancy Nancy! I think I will have to hide these soon!

Louisa and her friend Ella on the tricycle..........I have a feeling these girls are going to be trouble in a few years! What do you think Tori????

Louisa (once again in the ice) with her cousins Kale and Kane that came from Georgia for the weekend.

Mommy, Daddy & Lou (please note the "mobie sta" status in her shades. Her daddy bought her those and now she cannot live without her "sungasses" and being a "mobie sta." I mean, I am IN FOR IT!!

The "mobie sta" herself

Loving to get in the cooler................

2 going on 14, seriously!