Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Louisa................................

Another day, another year. I mean, did my child just turn 2? And then when I sit down to think about it, it seems like it has been 10 years. Funny how time treats you. Anyway, we had Lula's birthday party on Saturday and had the best time. We weren't able to finish the playhouse as planned due to weather, but it was okay because the backyard is still a mud pit anyway! But, the playhouse is roofed and looking GREAT! I promise to get more pictures up soon! We all played in the front yard and enjoyed the gorgeous weather!

Louisa had the BEST time. She became quickly obsessed with "peasants" this year, and loved opening them. But to every mother's horror, as soon as she opens she puts the present aside and says "nother one?" I really don't think that there is a way to avoid this by any means, but it is so embarrassing!

One of her favorites was getting into the cooler and pulling out pieces of ice to eat. She was soaking wet by the end of the day. But, who cares right!!! Another favorite was the tricycle that Byron and I got her. The kids down the street always come down on their bikes, and now Lou is SO excited that she has a bike too. She thinks she is just as big as the other kids! It was so cute because one of the kids did ride down the street during the party and the first thing Lula did was go and get her bike to show it off. It was too cute! Another favorite that I can hardly forget are the red, glittery, shiny high-heeled shoes that her Aunt Natalie gave her, we can HARDLY wait until Natalie has a little one that we can buy for. :) We all know Lou's feelings about shoes, well.............her pink cowboy boots would have made her Aunt Carol proud, and now she has a pair to make her Aunt Katie proud!

Here are just a few pictures from the fun-filled day, but PLEASE click this link to view the whole album to see all the fun from the party! You will love it!

YAY! Shiny red shoes from Fancy Nancy! I think I will have to hide these soon!

Louisa and her friend Ella on the tricycle..........I have a feeling these girls are going to be trouble in a few years! What do you think Tori????

Louisa (once again in the ice) with her cousins Kale and Kane that came from Georgia for the weekend.

Mommy, Daddy & Lou (please note the "mobie sta" status in her shades. Her daddy bought her those and now she cannot live without her "sungasses" and being a "mobie sta." I mean, I am IN FOR IT!!

The "mobie sta" herself

Loving to get in the cooler................

2 going on 14, seriously!


Brandy and John said...

very cute... love me some Fancy Nancy :)

lnichols said...

Happy Birthday Louisa-
love, Brent, Lindsey, Emmie and Champ