Sunday, April 26, 2009

"My Wimmin Poo"

Translation - my swimming pool. My sister gave Louisa this great pool last year for her birthday, but it was a bit much for her being so small so we saved it for this year and it is perfect. She loves it. It is one of those that you have to keep the water going and it spurts up in all directions and has so many attachments and fun things that you can get at LEAST 30 minutes out of her. We played outside in the beautiful weather today and it was hilarious to see that Mallard wanted to swim just as much as Lula did. Lucy, however, conveniently hid in the back corner of the backyard where she is currently obsessed with something back there, I think it is a raccoon nest which is great because if I get a baby raccoon, rock on!

Anyway, here are some pictures of her enjoying the pool along with Mallard. It was cute, she would say, "mawward, come wim." We had to start working on our base tans for the beach in 2 weeks. Just kidding on the base tan, don't worry - I slather my child in 50 spf and now worry about my skin after I lifeguarded for 3 summers and spent the rest of my life in the sunshine. Oh well, you still get the wonderful feeling in the sunshine with sunscreen on and hopefully none of the bad effects will catch up with me. :)

How funny is this one? I mean, is there anything cuter than a wedgie on a little girl? Yep, different "babe-ing soup" and no we didn't have a wardrobe change, it is just from a different day.

I had to include this one that I took before we went to Leighton's birthday party. I NEVER catch her smiling and this is just too perfect! Adorable!


The Fab Five said...

OH MY GOODNESS, if that is not the sweetest thing! I absolutley love this outfit! I will be in touch VERY soon! ha Check out my blog. I uploaded new pics!

The Marion Family blog said...

Love the bathing suit pic! Too cute!