Friday, May 29, 2009

On the Road Again

So, we made it. Louisa, Mallard, Lucy & I trekked 10 hours across country (well, just from Mississippi to Georgia but it felt like cross-country) and are safe and sound in Savannah, Georgia. The trip went way better than I had planned, as far as Lula goes - and so I am super thankful for that, but I have a few gripes about traveling and I thought I would share with everyone since maybe some people will know solutions or can at least appreciate the situations. So, here we go:

1. This one is for the makers of the children's DVDs such as Barney, Clifford, Barbie, etc. First of all, thank you (I guess) for making the videos for my child - granted after 10 hours I was about to find a certain purple dinosaur and behead him. Well, one slight problem. Seriously, make the videos where they start on their own. It is hard enough loading the DVD while driving, but then having to wait and pay attention and look for when I need to chose for it to start, watch bonus features, the sing-along, etc. For real people, just start the dumb movie. They are going to watch no matter what because Barney is a closet brain washer I tell you.
2. Is there a go-go-gadget hand that I can buy somewhere on the market so that when my child chooses to throw something across the backseat I can get it without dislocating my shoulder and veering into other lanes? I know some of you (mostly dads) will say, just let them scream and it will teach them not to throw things. To them I say, hell to the no. At least not in my car, that screaming makes me insane and also takes my mind off the road. But, I am sore, yes - embarrassingly enough from reaching in the backseat to grab baa-baa, a book, a blanket, etc. over and over again.
3. Is there a gas station out there (if there isn't, maybe I should start to work on the invention so I can patent it and then live richly for the rest of my life) that has a drive-though gas-up so that I don't have to stop since I always seem to need gas just when my child falls asleep? I mean, I will fore go bathroom stops, I will starve, etc so that I don't have to stop once the turkey has fallen asleep. However, I ALWAYS seem to need gas then, so I stop and the child wakes up and then the trip is no longer pleasant. Ugghhh. What a vicious cycle.
4. The "save the ta-tas stickers." Hmmmm.....where to start on this one. I think they are a bit racy, but I am all for cancer research and support and have never personally battled breast cancer (and hope to never have to endure it) so in a way I don't have a leg to stand on, but anyway. When I see a lady driving with this sticker on her car, I respect her for I know she has either fought the battle personally or has with someone close to her. I get it. But, when I see a teenage boy who is driving around a truck that is more expensive than my house, has humongo tires on it plus a lift and one of those muffler thingies that makes their car sound loud and has a ton of bumper stickers, like a duck head, a widespread panic sticker, a grateful dead (seriously, do you EVEN listen to them?), etc. and then right smack in the middle of the back windshield a "save the ta-tas" sticker. I mean, I could be totally wrong, but I don't think this boy has the right interest in mind, and is quite possibly mocking the whole idea. This infuriated me to no extent. Had I not been battling Atlanta traffic at the time that I saw this one, well, I don't know what I would've done. But, not cool!

Anyway, we made the 10 hour trip. And we are safe and sound at Mimi and Gandaddy's house. Just wish Byron could have come too - but then again that would entail him getting time off of work, and seriously - any resident's wife knows about this near impossibility.

Pictures to come as we are here for my sister's wedding, yay! We had the rehersal last night (quite an interesting one, details involving a snake to come) and the wedding is Sunday, so I will have tons of pics soon!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Day in the Life...........

Okay, first of all - turn it up! I have found a new song that I am in love with and it is quite possibly the theme song for my friend Becca and I. Don't you think, Bec - maybe that was our problem(s) - we had trouble as a friend. :) But, ironically enough, I think it is Louisa's theme song as well. Payback, yay.

So, I feel as though I haven't sat down to blog recently. Not much has changed, but yet everything does when you live with a toddler - does that make any sense? I thank goodness everyday that Louisa drives me bonkers that I am able to stay home with her. Sounds a bit strange since she drives me nutso, but I wouldn't dare miss out on spending a day in the life, of her, my drama queen. If she doesn't aspire to be an actress or in theatre (I would rather her be a nurse or veterinarian personally - but I think she will do whatever I DON'T want her to) I will be shocked. Full of it. Her most recent to-do is that she is potty training herself. Seriously. I am super excited since I am sure that everyone has read all of my blogs about how I think that potty training is the bogeyman and am spooked by the mere mention of it. This is how the story goes. Back in March, I became obsessed with getting all the right books, props, rewards, etc to get started on training. Everyone (including my super smart pediatrician that I really should listen to more often for I think he really does know what he is talking about :)) said that she will do it when she was ready. Well, I was ready and in turn I convinced myself that she was. After a day or two that I just couldn't get her to cooperate with me (we were just flirting with it, not really starting) I just let my laid-back personality (yes, I do have one, but it really only comes around in like a blue moon. We probably wont see her again for a while) decided that I needed to stop and just let it go, and hopefully one day when she was ready it would happen. Also, I soon realized what a disaster it was going to be when Louisa, me, the 2 canines and tabby cat trecked 10 hours to Savannah for my sister's wedding. So, needless to say - potty training went on the back burner and I became obsessed with other things. Well, just the other day she stopped wanting to wear diapers. She took them off as soon as I put them on her. I picked my battles and just let her run around bare-booty, and to my surprise - she went "teetee in the big ole potty." This behavior continued and as I was trying to convince her to let me put a diaper back on her at some point (because this time I wasn't ready since the 10 hour trip is just a few days away) and she simply said, "no momma. i no more diapers. i big ole panties." (she calls big girl panties "big ole panties") So, much to my dismay, I let her wear "big ole panties" and knock on wood - we have been going potty in the big girl potty. I am still asking myself if this is really happening. Is this the ONE time that something with her is going to be just what it is and be easy? If so....................heck yeah! 'Bout time. Knock on wood. :)

So, the picture at the top of the blog if you could hear her singing she is singing our potty song, "teetee in the big ole potty, oh yeah, oh yeah." It is one of the best feelings of pride to see her get so proud of herself. I catch myself tearing up sometimes, and then wonder what the heck is going on with my hormones, and then tell my hard-shell personality to take a hike and enjoy the moment with my emotional wreck personality. (FYI - I really DON'T have multiple personalities, it just is more fun to think of it that way) These are the moments that you fall so helplessly in love with your children that you cannot even begin to explain, this is one of the first times that I have honestly thought, "wow, I wish she would stay this age." Now I know how other mothers feel. But don't be getting all crazy - we aren't ready for another one yet!!!

Okay, enough about Louisa. Hehe. I have been feeling crafty (procrastinating brownie-goose) and decided to share some ideas with everyone to get the motivation going. Here are some projects I have undertaken.

First off, I tried the other night to become a professional photographer overnight. In the end, I just ended up being super tired and sad that I didn't have money to go out and buy a lens that I may and may not need. Hmmmmm. I love photographs that have a blurred background. This girl whose blog I stalk has the perfect examples. Click here to explore her site, she is superwoman! Anyway - I ventured off to failure when I realized that I couldn't get the effect with a moving target with the lens I had, so I set out to photograph my sweet Lucy (the only one in the family who listens and stays still long enough) and this is one of my faves. I don't know why, you can't even see her face, but I just love.

Okay, on to sewing - what my husband calls my crack. Yep, I am addicted and I can say that most people that I know get addicted when they sit down at a sewing machine. I mean, it is sew much fun. (OMG. yep, i just said that, i am a nerd.) But, here are 2 fun projects - things you can make out of other fabrics.

Here is a place mat (sold at Target for $3.99) that I made into a skirt. So cute and preppy and so easy!

My friend Kathryn gave me some of her old Lily Pulitzer skirts last year and I decided to make Lou a halter top and bloomers out of one, I put a before picture of another skirt she gave me because I was too high on crack (the sewing kind, to be quite specific.....don't want to go starting any rumors) to remember to take a before of the actual skirt I used. Oh yeah, pay no attention to the cat napping. That is ALL she does.

Hope this inspires!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"My Beach"

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited for a wonderful beach weekend down in Perdido Key. Our friends parents own a beachfront condo down there and we went down with 3 other couples, one of which do not have any children - the other two with toddlers. So, the couple without children were not only super sweet, but also super brave!

This was not Louisa's first time at the beach, since she went down when I was home in Savannah last year - but I think this was her first time in which she could appreciate playing and having a good time, and oh yeah - laying claims to her territory. All mothers can appreciate the time in a toddler's life when they begin to lay their claims to everything, ie. my toy, my car, my keys, my insane mother, etc. Well, Louisa and Chapman were in their prime territory-calling stage while sweet Ella just sat back and watched. It was hilarious, the two of them were like 2 dogs running around and going tee-tee on everything to claim it as theirs. When the two of them were together, it was "mine this, mine that." It sounded like the seagulls on Finding Nemo, "mine, mine, mine, mine." At one point, Louisa quickly pointed out to Chapman that the shoes that she was wearing (which by the way were Ella's - since the 2 girls loved to trade off shoes) were "my laybugs (ladybugs)" and as she trotted/swished off, Chapman quickly started to point to everything around him claiming it. Louisa even pulled out "my beach" at one point, to which Chapman became speechless. Shame on her - this was all after she said she was going to marry Chapman on the drive down. Hmmm........ Here is a picture I caught of the two of them duking it out.

She was a much better sport with all the sun and sand than I thought she would be. Which I guess is great, considering her Momma sure does enjoy the sunshine. However, let me just reflect on how different it is to be on the beach with a toddler. I used to go to the beach with a book and my chair and set it down in the water's edge and sit and lose myself in my book for hours on end. Here is my day at the beach now. Forget a book - or a magazine for that, because my eyes were constantly on the toddler that was running around like a mad woman everywhere. There really was no relaxing, which is a shame - but instead I felt like a kid again playing in the water and making sandcastles and finding the clams in the water's edge and trying to pry them open. It was nice in a way that I didn't have to worry about "flipping" in my chair to get an all-over tan, since I was constantly on the go - I was able to tan on all sides at all times. :) I also had to quickly get over the fact that I really don't like to get "dirty" at the beach because that is just a memory now. I could sit in my chair, and then a sweet little toddler would come sashaying up to me and sit on me with her sandy bottom, then you would have to hold them and all the while feel the water and possible tee-tee squishing out of their swim diaper all down the side of your hips - and don't even try to stay dry - that is SO out of the question! But, all in all - I had a great time, and when it all boils down to it - I wouldn't trade my new "life" on the beach with my old one any day. Well, at least not until I go to Savannah at the end of the month and hire Mimi and Gandaddy to watch the tot while I go to the beach SOLO!! Ahhhhhhhhhh, I can relax just thinking about it!

Here are some pictures to enjoy - but do click here to enjoy the entire album!

Lula Kate aka "mobie sta"

I absolutely LOVE this picture!

The boys with the kiddos (ps - you can't see it, but Byron's phone is swimming too. Shame, it didn't make it)

The family after a delicious dinner at The Crab Trap.

Daddy and Lou playing

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MISSING: My Dining Room Table

Okay, so - you know when you see someone that you know that has a fairly gnarly looking bruise or cut and you ask them how they got it. How many times have you gotten this answer. "Well, I was in my dining room walking from my ironing board to my sewing machine and tripped over some Wilton Armetale that I have yet to put away, stubbed my ingrown toenail on a plastic storage bin full of blanks (t-shirts, not guns) and then stepped on a straight pin." If you have ever heard someone say that, please comment below and tell me who it is because we have a LOT in common.

My injuries as listed above (not serious, but my stupid ingrown toenail sure does hurt now) are the inspiration behind this random blog. I debated over and over about whether or not I wanted to show the public the current state of my dining room, and then I realized that the majority of people who read this blog know me and know that I wouldn't usually allow a room in my house to look as scary as this. Then, the thought occurred to me, "ooohhhh. What if I have some blog-stalkers. They probably wouldn't stalk me anymore once they see the pig-pen." Well, if I have blog-stalkers, I am SUPER excited because that means that I am interesting to people that I don't know - and if you are out there, please still stalk me after you see these photos. :)

My dining room is now my sewing room. I am not quite sure how this happened, but it did and I think I have passed the point of no return. For those of you that may not know, I have a custom children's clothing line. Check it out at It can only be described as how my Mom used to describe my room sometimes (yes, Becca there was a time when not everything was neat) as a "disaster area." I mean, LOOK at this picture. You can even click on it to enlarge it to fully appreciate the insanity.

WHERE is my dining room table hiding?? Why do I have dueling irons in the front windows for everyone to see?? Oh my gosh, 2 plastic folding card tables in my formal dining room!! A partially finished john john hanging from my light fixture (that my sweet husband built for me)!! SHAME ON ME! I mean, this is one of the front rooms of my house. If you come over, you see this. I am the kind of person who likes for my house to look as if no one lives there. This is hard, and most of the time it doesn't due to my beloved toddler, 2 shedding dogs and a cat that loves to lose her fur. But this is insane. In my defense, it is true what I always say, "A clean sewing room is an inefficient sewing room." I guess it won't be this way forever because Byron is going to be building me a sewing room off of the den/garage. We are going to be sharing the space as an office/sewing room - who do you think will win? :) But, in order for this to happen - he actually needs some time off, for real. UMC, I had him first. Give him back!

Enough of my ranting and scaring everyone with my messiness. But, one last photo (the actual table top) that just makes my OCD skin crawl. But, once again, in my defense - (like my Mom said about her sewing room) I know where EVERYTHING is! :) PS - you HAVE to click this one to enlarge to fully see the atrociousness.