Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"My Beach"

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited for a wonderful beach weekend down in Perdido Key. Our friends parents own a beachfront condo down there and we went down with 3 other couples, one of which do not have any children - the other two with toddlers. So, the couple without children were not only super sweet, but also super brave!

This was not Louisa's first time at the beach, since she went down when I was home in Savannah last year - but I think this was her first time in which she could appreciate playing and having a good time, and oh yeah - laying claims to her territory. All mothers can appreciate the time in a toddler's life when they begin to lay their claims to everything, ie. my toy, my car, my keys, my insane mother, etc. Well, Louisa and Chapman were in their prime territory-calling stage while sweet Ella just sat back and watched. It was hilarious, the two of them were like 2 dogs running around and going tee-tee on everything to claim it as theirs. When the two of them were together, it was "mine this, mine that." It sounded like the seagulls on Finding Nemo, "mine, mine, mine, mine." At one point, Louisa quickly pointed out to Chapman that the shoes that she was wearing (which by the way were Ella's - since the 2 girls loved to trade off shoes) were "my laybugs (ladybugs)" and as she trotted/swished off, Chapman quickly started to point to everything around him claiming it. Louisa even pulled out "my beach" at one point, to which Chapman became speechless. Shame on her - this was all after she said she was going to marry Chapman on the drive down. Hmmm........ Here is a picture I caught of the two of them duking it out.

She was a much better sport with all the sun and sand than I thought she would be. Which I guess is great, considering her Momma sure does enjoy the sunshine. However, let me just reflect on how different it is to be on the beach with a toddler. I used to go to the beach with a book and my chair and set it down in the water's edge and sit and lose myself in my book for hours on end. Here is my day at the beach now. Forget a book - or a magazine for that, because my eyes were constantly on the toddler that was running around like a mad woman everywhere. There really was no relaxing, which is a shame - but instead I felt like a kid again playing in the water and making sandcastles and finding the clams in the water's edge and trying to pry them open. It was nice in a way that I didn't have to worry about "flipping" in my chair to get an all-over tan, since I was constantly on the go - I was able to tan on all sides at all times. :) I also had to quickly get over the fact that I really don't like to get "dirty" at the beach because that is just a memory now. I could sit in my chair, and then a sweet little toddler would come sashaying up to me and sit on me with her sandy bottom, then you would have to hold them and all the while feel the water and possible tee-tee squishing out of their swim diaper all down the side of your hips - and don't even try to stay dry - that is SO out of the question! But, all in all - I had a great time, and when it all boils down to it - I wouldn't trade my new "life" on the beach with my old one any day. Well, at least not until I go to Savannah at the end of the month and hire Mimi and Gandaddy to watch the tot while I go to the beach SOLO!! Ahhhhhhhhhh, I can relax just thinking about it!

Here are some pictures to enjoy - but do click here to enjoy the entire album!

Lula Kate aka "mobie sta"

I absolutely LOVE this picture!

The boys with the kiddos (ps - you can't see it, but Byron's phone is swimming too. Shame, it didn't make it)

The family after a delicious dinner at The Crab Trap.

Daddy and Lou playing


The Fab Five said...

ugh! the toddler trio is to die for!!

Sara said...

I thought it was funny how Louisa wanted to marry Chapman and then argued with him about who had rights to what. Doesn't that sound a little like most newly married folks? You're all ready to share everything with the love of your life and then you find yourself having to lay claim to your own toothbrush, bar of soap, side of the bed or whatever it may be. I love it when kids show us.... us.

Darby said...

Hey Amy, I'm shooting in apeture priority mode with an f-stop of 1.8 and I'm using a 50 mm 1.8 lens. That's why the background is blury. It's the lens I'm using. I hope that helps!

Darby said...

me.. again. Here's a great post on f-stops and focusing etc...


I just read it today and thought of you... I think it will help you!! Sorry to keep leaving comments... I don't have your email address!