Friday, May 29, 2009

On the Road Again

So, we made it. Louisa, Mallard, Lucy & I trekked 10 hours across country (well, just from Mississippi to Georgia but it felt like cross-country) and are safe and sound in Savannah, Georgia. The trip went way better than I had planned, as far as Lula goes - and so I am super thankful for that, but I have a few gripes about traveling and I thought I would share with everyone since maybe some people will know solutions or can at least appreciate the situations. So, here we go:

1. This one is for the makers of the children's DVDs such as Barney, Clifford, Barbie, etc. First of all, thank you (I guess) for making the videos for my child - granted after 10 hours I was about to find a certain purple dinosaur and behead him. Well, one slight problem. Seriously, make the videos where they start on their own. It is hard enough loading the DVD while driving, but then having to wait and pay attention and look for when I need to chose for it to start, watch bonus features, the sing-along, etc. For real people, just start the dumb movie. They are going to watch no matter what because Barney is a closet brain washer I tell you.
2. Is there a go-go-gadget hand that I can buy somewhere on the market so that when my child chooses to throw something across the backseat I can get it without dislocating my shoulder and veering into other lanes? I know some of you (mostly dads) will say, just let them scream and it will teach them not to throw things. To them I say, hell to the no. At least not in my car, that screaming makes me insane and also takes my mind off the road. But, I am sore, yes - embarrassingly enough from reaching in the backseat to grab baa-baa, a book, a blanket, etc. over and over again.
3. Is there a gas station out there (if there isn't, maybe I should start to work on the invention so I can patent it and then live richly for the rest of my life) that has a drive-though gas-up so that I don't have to stop since I always seem to need gas just when my child falls asleep? I mean, I will fore go bathroom stops, I will starve, etc so that I don't have to stop once the turkey has fallen asleep. However, I ALWAYS seem to need gas then, so I stop and the child wakes up and then the trip is no longer pleasant. Ugghhh. What a vicious cycle.
4. The "save the ta-tas stickers." Hmmmm.....where to start on this one. I think they are a bit racy, but I am all for cancer research and support and have never personally battled breast cancer (and hope to never have to endure it) so in a way I don't have a leg to stand on, but anyway. When I see a lady driving with this sticker on her car, I respect her for I know she has either fought the battle personally or has with someone close to her. I get it. But, when I see a teenage boy who is driving around a truck that is more expensive than my house, has humongo tires on it plus a lift and one of those muffler thingies that makes their car sound loud and has a ton of bumper stickers, like a duck head, a widespread panic sticker, a grateful dead (seriously, do you EVEN listen to them?), etc. and then right smack in the middle of the back windshield a "save the ta-tas" sticker. I mean, I could be totally wrong, but I don't think this boy has the right interest in mind, and is quite possibly mocking the whole idea. This infuriated me to no extent. Had I not been battling Atlanta traffic at the time that I saw this one, well, I don't know what I would've done. But, not cool!

Anyway, we made the 10 hour trip. And we are safe and sound at Mimi and Gandaddy's house. Just wish Byron could have come too - but then again that would entail him getting time off of work, and seriously - any resident's wife knows about this near impossibility.

Pictures to come as we are here for my sister's wedding, yay! We had the rehersal last night (quite an interesting one, details involving a snake to come) and the wedding is Sunday, so I will have tons of pics soon!


Sara said...

I applaud you for traveling so far without your husband. I haven't done it yet, but most likely will by the end of this year. I don't have a DVD player... don't know whether that will be a good or bad thing. I'll have to keep the gas thing in mind if I notice Eden getting drowsy. Good for you for being able to spend time with your family in that beautiful city.

Julie, Mitch & Chapman said...

Oh my gosh Amy....this is hilarious because i told my mom for my birthday that I wanted one of those "grabbers" that old people use to reach things on high shelves so that I can fetch items that my child launches in the car! We miss you guys! Come home soon! : )