Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Murray!

So, I think that I have blogged before that we celebrate all birthdays in our house, even the animals. So, last Thursday was Murray's (the tabby cat that you so rarely hear about since she is low-maintenance, which is so unlike everything else in my house) birthday, she turned 7. Or, at least we think she turned 7, as she was adopted from the pound as a Christmas presesnt for Mallard one year, and so I kinda made up her birthday. Well, there isn't much that makes Murray happy other than laying in the sunshine, laying on the couch, chasing Lucy around, watching the lizards on our windows at night, etc. She wont even drink milk if I put it in a bowl, or eat the awful-smelly wet cat food. So, it is super hard to celebrate her birthday. Well, last year I got her a bird feeder that I put on the back porch, and she really enjoys sitting on Louisa's table in the den and watching the birds, so this year I didn't stray far. Louisa and I made more of the classic pinecone/peanut butter/birdseed feeders for her. Of course, as did before, the dogs "helped" too. Mallard was beside himself when he saw us collecting pinecones and then, overload to him, covering them with peanut butter. He stole one while I wasn't looking, and so did Lucy - but sweet Lucy got one of the older ones that had old peanut butter on it. So, I don't know who enjoyed theirs most, but I had to capture pictures of the two theifs. Murray was too busy laying inside of one of the hula hoops to even care, she is too cool for it all, I am so sure. A fun time was had by all, even if it was 540 degrees outside. I even caught Lula eating the peanut butter, and at one time...the bird seed. Her ENT father would've had a coronary (since he so loves to remove small round objects from lungs) but I thought it was too cute because she spit them out and said, "eww. doss mommy. burd food is nucky." Eww, gross Mommy, bird food is yucky. Until next time...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Date Night with Lucy Neal

So, tonight/this afternoon we ventured up to The Renaisance to play with Phoebe and Lucy Neal in the fountains. A fun time was had by all, and for those of you that have kids and live in the area and have yet to take advantage of this, PLEASE go there. It is fun for the kids, it is safe (except for a few slippery spots), it is cool in the summer, and best of it, it is FREE! Of course, at first Louisa ran out into the fountains, slipped on some of the mildwey/algae buildup (maybe they have the same problem that I do with my tub), bonked her head and screamed. I thought, "Great, this will be then end of this..." But, she recovered well and had a blast playing with Lucy Neal and sitting on the fountains, even though Byron continued to tell her to stop. Oh well.

A little potty talk: So, of course as she was soaking wet, she decided that she had to go potty. Seeing as we were in the middle of a shopping mall (an outdoor one for those back in GA) and there were no "outdoor" bathrooms, I took her to what I thought would be a disclosed location so we didn't have to trod through any stores all wet. Well, turns out there was a police man hanging out near my "spot" and I just didn't deem it necessary to risk her getting slapped with public urination at such a young age, so we opted for Barnes & Noble. Well, as soon as she finished, she started to hollar, "I fush wif my foot mommy." Then, she proceeded over to the toilet thing that flushes it, hikes her leg up so high that I am sure she will topple over, bust her head open and then we will be discovered as the wet people in bathing suits in Barnes & Noble. But, to my amamzement, she pulled it off. Little did I know that Byron had taught her to flush with her feet, something I am sure all of us ladies do so that we don't have to touch the flushy-knob. Well, super impressed, Byron later tells me that he usually holds her so she can step on it. Aha moment, makes much more sense than risking the head-busting-open.

So, Byron left and then it was just the girls, so we went to eat at Sweet Peppers, which was fairly uneventful, considering Phoebe and I weren't totally wanting to pull out our hair when we left. Then we went to Fresh Market, since neither of us had been yet. Well, Lucy Neal spotted the gigantic suckers first thing. We thought we were dead meat at that point. Well, not until she also spotted the coffee beans, the jelly beans, the fresh cheese, etc. It was hilarious!! After neither of them wanted to hold our hands (to keep their hands off the items) they decided to hold eachother's hands and walk through the store. I was wishing I had my camera at this moment, because it was adorable. And then, Lucy Neal decides to add, "we need to go find buberries." PRECIOUS I tell you. I guess you had to be there. But, Phoebe and I were both about to pull out our hair and thinking of adult drinks, so we got some caramel coffee and headed out, before the two could get into anything else, or we were booted from the store. Me thinks these girls are going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

I mean, seriously...does it even get any cuter?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wanted: Cleaning Advice

Okay, so I am still in shock that I am about to post these pictures on the web for anyone to see...but maybe I will get some much needed help from it. Okay, the pictures you are about to see are what I define as "gross, nasty and eww." They are from our master bathroom, one that has yet to get redone. We have gone as far as to buy the marble that we will put on the floors and walls, have a plan, but lack the time and money to go through with it all since we will have to bring in a plumber, a new tub, etc. Anyways, I have always thought this was hard water build-up since it is on EVERYTHING in our shower including my shampoo bottles, like when you pick them up you can feel a film on them and they are slippery, ewwwwww, I know. But, it gets on the floor of the tub, on the walls, etc. and it is the HARDEST thing to scrub! Like for instance, this morning, I filled the tub with bleach and let it sit for like an hour. Then, I went in there and scrubbed and scrubbed (and am still light-headed and probably high off bleach fumes, which is maybe why I have the guts to post these pics) with TONS of elbow grease, brillo pads, Ajax, you name it! Even a Comet spray that is supposed to get rid of "all bathroom hang-ups." So, you can get rid of it, but it takes a ton of work and it builds right back up. I need your help...WHAT IS THIS? Is it hard water build-up, is it lime (or lyme, spelling I am not sure) build-up or what. And, what is the best thing to prevent or get rid of it? I even found myself at Wal-Mart one day looking at those ridiculously over-priced automatic shower sprayers (you know, the ones that spray the stuff when you get out) to see if that may help. The easiest solution is to have a maid, but since my husband is severely overworked and underpaid (hence why we have yet to redo the bathroom), that is a bit out of the question. So, some comments and HELP me! Oh yeah, another funny thing about it is that it really isn't in our guest bathroom, funny because one would think that all the plumbing and water is the same. Hmm....

If you really want to be grossed out, you can click on the pics to enlarge to get a better look at the funk to try and diagnose...

PS - try not to be jealous as I know you want to be about the beautiful green tub. I mean, it is a classic. :) Gotta love 50's ranches. Our guest bath was outfitted in pink before Byron worked his magic in there.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Grand Hotel at Point Clear

Byron had a conference this past weekend for the Mississippi Society of Otolaryngologists (yawn, I know...right), but it just so happened to be at the GORGEOUS Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL which is right across the bay from Mobile. So, luckily he invited Lula and I to tag along. I had never heard of the place before but people kept telling me how nice and how beautiful it was, and let me just tell you - it did not disappoint! Although we were quite possibly the poorest people there financially, we enjoyed living it up for a few day. :)

While I was sick, which is ALWAYS fun, I was still able to try and make the best of it. One of the nights I honestly could not even get out of bed and had so much snot running out of my nose that it looked like my nose was crying, so Byron was sweet and had a date with Louisa while I laid up in bed watching the Food channel. How is it that watching TV is always more fun in a hotel? I mean, if I sit down at home and watch TV (even if I am not feeling well) I feel bad, like I should be up doing something, but not at a hotel, it is like it is acceptable. And so, secrelty - I enjoy being a bum while I stay at hotels!

The hotel has a pond in the middle which is surrounded by some of the prettiest oak trees and flowers that it reminds me of being in Savannah. The oak trees are the kind that are covered in Spanish Moss and have branches that dip low and touch the ground, and bases so big that you can sit in some of the forks. Beautiful, absolutely a dream for a photo-shoot, but my little poser wasn't cooperating with me, but I still snuck a few in. Anyway, the pond has ducks that you can feed which is always a fun time with kids, and me. :) So, we spent a lot of time feeding the ducks, chasing the ducks and watching the fish jump in the pond.

This duck was my favorite. He followed us the whole time and would sneak into my duck food when I wasn't looking. While we swung in a hammock, he hung out patiently underneath the whole time. Of course I favored him!!

Unfortunately, 2 days in a row some parent allowed their child to go "big potty" in the pool - so for about 10 hours total, the pool was closed. Considering the thermometer was reaching 100 degrees, this was so uncool that I wanted to lecture all of the moms there on how to put a swim diaper on your unpotty-trained child. I mean, REALLY people!! I think that the culprits should have to wear a sign that says, "Yes, we are the ones that pooed the pool." Well, one of the days we went down to the beach (which was the Mobile Bay) to let Lou swim. Believe it or not, she kept going under and "swimming like a mermaid" like it was her job. Byron and I were so surprised. But she had a great time and the next day when we went to the pool she discovered another new thing that she quickly became obsessed with, the water slide at the pool. Every time we got to the bottom she said, "nodder one." Which meant Byron and I took turns taking her down the water slide over and over and over again. I will admit, I loved it to, so I cannot complain. Plus, if I had tried to go down it without a child, I may have gotten some looks. :)

What is a blog without a rant? So, here we go. One of the days I took a trip to one of the fabric stores in the area to feed my obsession. Well, 15 minutes into the trip Louisa told me she had to go potty, so I told her that if she could wait we could go at the store. She said okay, and we made it the rest of the way. So, I arrive at the fabric store in the 101 degree heat, unload the stroller and my child, get all buckled and settled and walk into the store (which by the way is BARELY air conditioned) and ask for the little girl's room. The girl working at the desk (which is the same girl that boringly gave me the wrong directions earlier over the phone) mumbles to me, "we don't have one. You have to go to the Family Dollar down the road." WHAT, ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME???? So, I put my child BACK in the car, put the stroller BACK in the car and get everyone all buckled and go a few shopping centers down to the Family Dollar to use the bathroom. Thankfully, my child made it. But, as we got back to the fabric store, I was furious and asked the girl where she went to the bathroom...surely she didn't go down the street to the Family Dollar. I mean really, if you see me with a toddler doing the potty dance holding her crotch with the sweetest face DO NOT TELL ME THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A BATHROOM. Shame on you, I mean, really. Then she tried to tell me that she just has to hold it. Oh my goodness, as my friend Phoebe says, don't even get me started. Needless to say I will never visit that fabric store again.

Now for some pictures...

Enjoying the sunset at the marina with Mommy

Feeding the ducks with Daddy

Chasing the ducks, saying "come mere duckies. I sweet. I wan feed you. I can pet you, otay? Come back duckies!" Okay, sweet as you seem, haha, the ducks see straight through that act! Run away fast duckies!!

Pooped, a day of swimming, sliding and feeding ducks, not to mention a bike ride.

The model pose, I absolutely LOVE this picture of her!

Her famous pout - she is just done with it all, caught TWICE!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teetering on the edge...

...of insanity, that is! The past couple of weeks have been crazy. Between our cross-country trip (haha, not really) to getting back into the swing of things, to potty training, running my own business, the settling in of the terrible twos, it has just been a whirlwind and I suddenly realized I have yet to include my followers on what all is going on.

Potty Training: okay, I am STILL in shock on this one. My child potty trained herself. Yes, she did, and I cannot thank her enough because I honestly was dreading it. However, I may not have chosen the week before we were going on a 10 hour car trip - but you know, I can't control everything, no matter how hard I try. She has done absolutely wonderful (knock on some serious hard wood). I mean, she has her accidents here and there, but I think that is to be expected. She always tells me when she has to go, and she has yet to master pulling her pants/panties/etc up and down "all by self" but we will take it as it is. And, to my even more shock and amazement, she is now waking up at night to go to the potty. I put her in a diaper, but the past 5 mornings after waking up in the middle of the night, her diaper is dry as a bone. I mean, I am not even ready for this stage. I am still wondering if I am dreaming it - but Byron has seen/heard it too, so I can't be that crazy. I have finally conditioned myself into getting used to her waking up at night with her nightmares and going in there and getting her calmed down and back in bed, basically while I slept and walked, but now this is new. By the time I have her in the bathroom, taking off her diaper, putting her on the pot, putting her diaper back on along with pajamas and then putting her back in bed, well, I am up. No more sleeping for me, so I lay there and think of all the things that need to be done which just leads to stress and less sleep, vicious cycle. Oh well, she has done it on her own, what a smarty-pants if I do say so myself.

Quotes a-la Lula: The stuff that comes out of her mouth these days is priceless, these are just a few.
1. Tonight as she was "playing" I could tell she had that mischievous look about her (when doesn't she!!) and so I watched her. And she said, "mommy, don nook at me right now. I be tying to misahabe." Meaning, mommy don't look at me right now, I am trying to misbehave. Busted.
2. On the trip back from Georgia, Byron crawled in the backseat to hang out/entertain her, and apparently she was done with him so she said, "daddy font seat aden peas." Translation: Daddy, get back in the front seat again please.
3. When I was getting her dressed the other day I told her to look at how pretty she looked in the mirror and she said, "mommy, don be siwwy. I already know dat." Wow. Then she said, "I just so bootiful I can stand it." Oh my goodness, I am in for it!!
There are tons of other things, but at the moment she is tugging on my ponytail and telling me "Mommy don puter anymore. Pay wif Nula." Translation: Mommy, don't be on the computer anymore, play with Lula.

Who likes a post without pictures? So, this one has nothing to do with the post, but has EVERYTHING to do with her cuteness and her playhouse. So, here you go. And so as I was posting these pics and trying to finish up on the "puter" she told me, "Mommy, I soooo hundy that I be horsie." I am guessing she has heard me say I am so hungry I can eat a horse. Goodness me.

Oh yeah, as I was going through the camera - I found this one that I had forgotten about, this was her first experience with a fiddler crab while in the marsh in Savannah. Priceless!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shout-Out for a Talented Friend

Okay, I absolutely love nothing more than creative outlets. I mean, they are the best. And now that I am a SAHWM (stay at home working mom) I really am into supporting other SAHWM, because I know what they are going through!

Anyways, enough of my soapbox, but I wanted to let everyone know about my friend Tracy that I graduated high school with. She has recently started a jewelry business and her stuff is really great! Check her out, here is a link to her etsy store, and I have also linked her in my "stalk-worthy" blogs at the bottom.

She is in Savannah, but I am sure she knows where the post office is for all my Mississippi girlies! Go get some bling!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happily Ever After

So, my sister (the little one, well - younger one should I say since she is taller than me) got married yesterday. Let me just tell you, it was breath-taking. They got married on the bluff at Bethesda overlooking the high tide and gorgeous oaks and Spanish moss, it doesn't get any more Savannah than that. It was such a fun time, and Louisa just ate it up being the flower girl. I was super panicked that she wouldn't cooperate walking down the aisle, or have an accident during the ceremony or show-out in her old-fashioned Louisa Kate style, but she was well-behaved. Other than blowing raspberries on my shoulder, asking for "nodder song" when the violinist was finished, trying to pull up my dress, etc. she was good and loving watching Katie get married, since this is a new obsession of hers - no thanks to Ariel (the Little Mermaid that is).

At the reception, well, let's just say my child loves the center of attention. Funny, because both Byron and I would rather fade in the background, but once again - who knows where this child came from! She wanted to be on the dance floor during the first dance for Katie and "Frenk" as she calls him, and then again for the father-daughter dance. I let her because I didn't see the harm since she was quiet and behaving.........until the father-daughter when she lifted up her dress to show everyone her "big-ole panties" and then screamed and pitched a fit when I picked her up to stop the display. So, we quietly (hahahaha) made our exit to the ladies room for a quick lesson from Emily Post on big-ole panties and who needs and doesn't need to see them. Well, then she went back out and put on quite a show dancing and enjoying and stealing the spotlight.

Not much to say anymore, since I am about to watch the Hills finale that came on last night but I was wedding-ing so I didn't get a chance to watch (don't worry Kate, I was WAY happier to be there than home watching, I had a blast and really enjoyed it). But, seriously, you have to check out the pictures by clicking here - my sister was absolutely gorgeous, and it was perfect. I am just sad that I didn't get a picture of the two on the firetruck (Frank is a fireman) which was quite possibly the most beautiful photography shot I have ever seen. But, click here to enjoy the pics!

Congrats Katie and Frank and enjoy Mexico!!