Saturday, June 27, 2009

Date Night with Lucy Neal

So, tonight/this afternoon we ventured up to The Renaisance to play with Phoebe and Lucy Neal in the fountains. A fun time was had by all, and for those of you that have kids and live in the area and have yet to take advantage of this, PLEASE go there. It is fun for the kids, it is safe (except for a few slippery spots), it is cool in the summer, and best of it, it is FREE! Of course, at first Louisa ran out into the fountains, slipped on some of the mildwey/algae buildup (maybe they have the same problem that I do with my tub), bonked her head and screamed. I thought, "Great, this will be then end of this..." But, she recovered well and had a blast playing with Lucy Neal and sitting on the fountains, even though Byron continued to tell her to stop. Oh well.

A little potty talk: So, of course as she was soaking wet, she decided that she had to go potty. Seeing as we were in the middle of a shopping mall (an outdoor one for those back in GA) and there were no "outdoor" bathrooms, I took her to what I thought would be a disclosed location so we didn't have to trod through any stores all wet. Well, turns out there was a police man hanging out near my "spot" and I just didn't deem it necessary to risk her getting slapped with public urination at such a young age, so we opted for Barnes & Noble. Well, as soon as she finished, she started to hollar, "I fush wif my foot mommy." Then, she proceeded over to the toilet thing that flushes it, hikes her leg up so high that I am sure she will topple over, bust her head open and then we will be discovered as the wet people in bathing suits in Barnes & Noble. But, to my amamzement, she pulled it off. Little did I know that Byron had taught her to flush with her feet, something I am sure all of us ladies do so that we don't have to touch the flushy-knob. Well, super impressed, Byron later tells me that he usually holds her so she can step on it. Aha moment, makes much more sense than risking the head-busting-open.

So, Byron left and then it was just the girls, so we went to eat at Sweet Peppers, which was fairly uneventful, considering Phoebe and I weren't totally wanting to pull out our hair when we left. Then we went to Fresh Market, since neither of us had been yet. Well, Lucy Neal spotted the gigantic suckers first thing. We thought we were dead meat at that point. Well, not until she also spotted the coffee beans, the jelly beans, the fresh cheese, etc. It was hilarious!! After neither of them wanted to hold our hands (to keep their hands off the items) they decided to hold eachother's hands and walk through the store. I was wishing I had my camera at this moment, because it was adorable. And then, Lucy Neal decides to add, "we need to go find buberries." PRECIOUS I tell you. I guess you had to be there. But, Phoebe and I were both about to pull out our hair and thinking of adult drinks, so we got some caramel coffee and headed out, before the two could get into anything else, or we were booted from the store. Me thinks these girls are going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

I mean, seriously...does it even get any cuter?

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Carol said...

I find it hilarious that all Louisa's neat little potty "tricks" are coming from Byron!!!!!!!!!!!