Monday, June 1, 2009

Happily Ever After

So, my sister (the little one, well - younger one should I say since she is taller than me) got married yesterday. Let me just tell you, it was breath-taking. They got married on the bluff at Bethesda overlooking the high tide and gorgeous oaks and Spanish moss, it doesn't get any more Savannah than that. It was such a fun time, and Louisa just ate it up being the flower girl. I was super panicked that she wouldn't cooperate walking down the aisle, or have an accident during the ceremony or show-out in her old-fashioned Louisa Kate style, but she was well-behaved. Other than blowing raspberries on my shoulder, asking for "nodder song" when the violinist was finished, trying to pull up my dress, etc. she was good and loving watching Katie get married, since this is a new obsession of hers - no thanks to Ariel (the Little Mermaid that is).

At the reception, well, let's just say my child loves the center of attention. Funny, because both Byron and I would rather fade in the background, but once again - who knows where this child came from! She wanted to be on the dance floor during the first dance for Katie and "Frenk" as she calls him, and then again for the father-daughter dance. I let her because I didn't see the harm since she was quiet and behaving.........until the father-daughter when she lifted up her dress to show everyone her "big-ole panties" and then screamed and pitched a fit when I picked her up to stop the display. So, we quietly (hahahaha) made our exit to the ladies room for a quick lesson from Emily Post on big-ole panties and who needs and doesn't need to see them. Well, then she went back out and put on quite a show dancing and enjoying and stealing the spotlight.

Not much to say anymore, since I am about to watch the Hills finale that came on last night but I was wedding-ing so I didn't get a chance to watch (don't worry Kate, I was WAY happier to be there than home watching, I had a blast and really enjoyed it). But, seriously, you have to check out the pictures by clicking here - my sister was absolutely gorgeous, and it was perfect. I am just sad that I didn't get a picture of the two on the firetruck (Frank is a fireman) which was quite possibly the most beautiful photography shot I have ever seen. But, click here to enjoy the pics!

Congrats Katie and Frank and enjoy Mexico!!

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kerisullivan said...

Both the girls are beautiful Amy!! Is that the flower girl dress you made?! I could eat your child with a spoon. And I wouldn't go saying she's not like you. I seem to remember plenty a Latin class where you were the life of the party!