Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Murray!

So, I think that I have blogged before that we celebrate all birthdays in our house, even the animals. So, last Thursday was Murray's (the tabby cat that you so rarely hear about since she is low-maintenance, which is so unlike everything else in my house) birthday, she turned 7. Or, at least we think she turned 7, as she was adopted from the pound as a Christmas presesnt for Mallard one year, and so I kinda made up her birthday. Well, there isn't much that makes Murray happy other than laying in the sunshine, laying on the couch, chasing Lucy around, watching the lizards on our windows at night, etc. She wont even drink milk if I put it in a bowl, or eat the awful-smelly wet cat food. So, it is super hard to celebrate her birthday. Well, last year I got her a bird feeder that I put on the back porch, and she really enjoys sitting on Louisa's table in the den and watching the birds, so this year I didn't stray far. Louisa and I made more of the classic pinecone/peanut butter/birdseed feeders for her. Of course, as did before, the dogs "helped" too. Mallard was beside himself when he saw us collecting pinecones and then, overload to him, covering them with peanut butter. He stole one while I wasn't looking, and so did Lucy - but sweet Lucy got one of the older ones that had old peanut butter on it. So, I don't know who enjoyed theirs most, but I had to capture pictures of the two theifs. Murray was too busy laying inside of one of the hula hoops to even care, she is too cool for it all, I am so sure. A fun time was had by all, even if it was 540 degrees outside. I even caught Lula eating the peanut butter, and at one time...the bird seed. Her ENT father would've had a coronary (since he so loves to remove small round objects from lungs) but I thought it was too cute because she spit them out and said, "eww. doss mommy. burd food is nucky." Eww, gross Mommy, bird food is yucky. Until next time...

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