Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teetering on the edge...

...of insanity, that is! The past couple of weeks have been crazy. Between our cross-country trip (haha, not really) to getting back into the swing of things, to potty training, running my own business, the settling in of the terrible twos, it has just been a whirlwind and I suddenly realized I have yet to include my followers on what all is going on.

Potty Training: okay, I am STILL in shock on this one. My child potty trained herself. Yes, she did, and I cannot thank her enough because I honestly was dreading it. However, I may not have chosen the week before we were going on a 10 hour car trip - but you know, I can't control everything, no matter how hard I try. She has done absolutely wonderful (knock on some serious hard wood). I mean, she has her accidents here and there, but I think that is to be expected. She always tells me when she has to go, and she has yet to master pulling her pants/panties/etc up and down "all by self" but we will take it as it is. And, to my even more shock and amazement, she is now waking up at night to go to the potty. I put her in a diaper, but the past 5 mornings after waking up in the middle of the night, her diaper is dry as a bone. I mean, I am not even ready for this stage. I am still wondering if I am dreaming it - but Byron has seen/heard it too, so I can't be that crazy. I have finally conditioned myself into getting used to her waking up at night with her nightmares and going in there and getting her calmed down and back in bed, basically while I slept and walked, but now this is new. By the time I have her in the bathroom, taking off her diaper, putting her on the pot, putting her diaper back on along with pajamas and then putting her back in bed, well, I am up. No more sleeping for me, so I lay there and think of all the things that need to be done which just leads to stress and less sleep, vicious cycle. Oh well, she has done it on her own, what a smarty-pants if I do say so myself.

Quotes a-la Lula: The stuff that comes out of her mouth these days is priceless, these are just a few.
1. Tonight as she was "playing" I could tell she had that mischievous look about her (when doesn't she!!) and so I watched her. And she said, "mommy, don nook at me right now. I be tying to misahabe." Meaning, mommy don't look at me right now, I am trying to misbehave. Busted.
2. On the trip back from Georgia, Byron crawled in the backseat to hang out/entertain her, and apparently she was done with him so she said, "daddy font seat aden peas." Translation: Daddy, get back in the front seat again please.
3. When I was getting her dressed the other day I told her to look at how pretty she looked in the mirror and she said, "mommy, don be siwwy. I already know dat." Wow. Then she said, "I just so bootiful I can stand it." Oh my goodness, I am in for it!!
There are tons of other things, but at the moment she is tugging on my ponytail and telling me "Mommy don puter anymore. Pay wif Nula." Translation: Mommy, don't be on the computer anymore, play with Lula.

Who likes a post without pictures? So, this one has nothing to do with the post, but has EVERYTHING to do with her cuteness and her playhouse. So, here you go. And so as I was posting these pics and trying to finish up on the "puter" she told me, "Mommy, I soooo hundy that I be horsie." I am guessing she has heard me say I am so hungry I can eat a horse. Goodness me.

Oh yeah, as I was going through the camera - I found this one that I had forgotten about, this was her first experience with a fiddler crab while in the marsh in Savannah. Priceless!


Ashley said...

she is so freakin precious, it kills me!!!

The Fab Five said...

She IS so cute I can't stand it. PLease come to the Brandon BBTN show and please bring her!

Sara said...

I love the quotes! I'm really looking forward to my own kid "saying the darndest things." Until then, I chuckle at yours.