Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day in the Life of Lula Kate

Never a dull day. Ever. Not in this house. But, I think I kinda like it. Whether it is driving me nuts, or being so sweet I could squeeze her...Louisa has so grown on me, it is not even funny. I am so thankful to be able to be staying at home with her now. Don't get me wrong, I miss my job on some days and honestly think it would be way easier just to get up and put on my scrubs and deal with other people's children all day. But, at the end of the day, I am thankful it was just my child I dealt with all day. Don't let her fool you, she is a stinker, but she is just too dern cute!

Confession, I don't scrapbook, I don't do photo albums, I have over 600 pictures on my digital camera that have yet to get developed, and worst of all, I have only written in Lou's baby book like 3 times. I need to find someone that I can pay to do these things, but then again, I just keep transferring it from one "to-do" list to the other. However, I do blog. And I have grown quite fond of it and can't wait to sit down one day and have it turned into a book. There goes another item on the "to-do" list. Anyways, long story short...Louisa talks ALL THE TIME. I mean, the child doesn't shut her mouth. And she says the cutest things, and I need to get a notebook or something and carry it with me so I can write them all down, but I think that goes in the category of scrapbooking in my mind, so I just don't. But, here are a few from the last week or so.

1. She has a new-found love for Dora. The other day we were out running errands and I was going to treat her to a Happy Meal for being cooperative with me. Well, I kinda wanted Chic-Fil-A, but I asked her if she wanted a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets. Well, she said, "hmmmm. Net's fink about dis one Mommy." Yes, child, let's do. Then after a few minutes I told her that she needed to go ahead and make up her mind so that I could know where to go (ie. Chic-Fil-A or McD's) and she sat there, and then it was like a lightbuld in her head, and she said, "Mommy, you need to get pack-pack and get yur map." In other words, when Dora doesn't know where to go, she gets the map out of her back-pack. I mean, adorable. I just melted in my seat.
2. While we were eating lunch the other day she was talking about friends and how her dolls were friends and such. I asked her who her best friend was, and she said "nucy neal." Then I asked her what about Ella, and if they were both her best friends, and she said, "don be siwwy Mommy. Ewwa is my bebe sista." News to me kiddo. Not to mention she keeps telling random people that she has a "bebe sista." Ummm, nope.
3. Byron got home from work the other day and was changing out of his scrubs before we went for a walk, and Louisa and I were both sitting on the bed just chatting with him, when out of no where, Louisa pops up with (in the cutest little girl voice, might I add), "Daddy, how was yur day?" Melted again!
4. We were eating Oreos the other night (note the picture above with the oreo remnant all over her face) and Byron and I were both dipping our in milk. Of course, Louisa asked to dip hers and for fear of messiness (blame the OCD) I told her that one day when she was grown up she could dip her Oreos. A few days later, I was trying to talk up naps and how cool they were and why she needed to take one. I told her that it would help her grow. She said, "oooohh, to be a grownup?" I absent-mindedly said, "sure" and she got all excited and said, "oooooh. ima gone be grownup and i dip my oros, i have earrings, i get married, and have boobies for a bra and dink beer." Oh my goodness, I almost wrecked with the last two. I don't even think I commented, I believe I was speechless.
5. Yesterday as we were picking up around the house she said, "Mommy, I wan go see Docka Smif. I fink I need a sucka." Okay, we can go see Dr. Smith, but I doubt you could go JUST to get a sucker little one.
6. This last one isn't something that she said, but is something she did that had me in giggles. She LOVES to go potty outside. So, if we are working outside, we will take her and let her squat and go. Judge not, my friends. She may need this trick one day... Anyways, we were all outside last night admiring the grass and she told me she needed to go potty outside. Well, we went through the motions and I had her hovering over the grass and was there for a while, and she never said she was done, or could I see her going teetee. So, I asked Byron who was standing behind her if she was going and the look on his face said it all. She went, but it was #2. Well, she knows not to go poo-poo outside, and I didn't even ask her because she usually asks to go inside. Well, of course it was a messy one and thinking back, it isn't as funny as when it happened, but I could barely catch my breath. The best part, she just kept on like nothing was wrong. She is just a mess, no other way to put it, but she definitely keeps me on my toes!

Just to cap it all off....a little bit of Oreos in the teeth! Until next time!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Okay, so as I was thinking I was way more computer savy than I actually was, I set out to design my own blogger background. Well, that I did, and I love it, the meantime I somehow lost all of my blog lists in the process. So, if you no longer see your blog on one of the lists at the right, PLEASE comment and let me know so I can add it again. For, we all know how I love to blog-stalk!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fabulous Etsy Find

Okay, so I am so excited about this purchase that I just had to share with everyone. I found this sweet lady named Ruby on Etsy that has some amazing clothes and she has the best taste in fabric. I looked at her site forever, and then decided that I wanted to order from her since I don't get to sew for Louisa as often as I like anymore...she is not exactly a paying customer. :)

The stitching is amazing and the craftsmanship is just perfection! I realize I am totally about to post a like for one of my competitors, but I just want everyone to see the cute things she has. The dress came with the matching bow, and then I ordered the goldfish and seahorse bows too because they are just about the cutest things that I have ever seen!

I am all for supporting hand-made things and supporting people working with their trades. So, check Ruby out and look at her cutie-pie stuff! Here is her link:

Happy shopping and thanks again Ruby!! I LOVE them!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Warriors

WHAT a weekend. Let's just say that I had the most fun with Byron and Louisa and got the most done! Let's also talk about how my body aches and am covered in bruises and bumps and bug bites. Our backyard seriously doesn't even look the same. I am so impressed. To try to keep from rambling, let me separate into days.

Friday - sod delivered at 10 am. I was so excited to see the humongo truck (it was HUGE) that delivered our grass. I was also so excited to see the grass,

but little did I know that I was going to be WAY more excited about seeing the empty pallets.

While By was still at work, I put Louisa down for a nap and got to finish raking out all the dirt that he had tilled the night before. Since it poured down rain all night like it was it's job, the dirt was nice and heavy and hard as all get-out to move, but it got done. One area was so muddy and sloppy that my shoe got stuck in it while I was walking. Crazy.

Byron got home around 4:30 and we got to it. Thankfully, my sweet neighbor watched the crazed Lula so we could get stuff done. Of course, there was NO way to put the sod in the backyard on the pallets. You can only access our backyard by a small brick path that is JUST wide enough for a wheelbarrow, so we made about a bazillion trips back and forth with the wheelbarrow.

Who knew that grass was so heavy too! I mean, the first rectangle of sod that I picked up to put in the wheelbarrow almost put me out. So, we laid and we cut and we wheelbarrowed and we sweated and we grunted and we laid and we cussed and we finally got the job done. However, originally we were going to order 3 pallets, and let me just tell you how happy I was to not have had that 3rd pallet. Of course, the yard still needs it - but neither of us could've managed another pallet when we got finished. Towards the end we were so tired that we kept tripping on our own feet, it hurt me to blink and we were moving SO slow. But, we got the job done and were super excited. I can honestly say that my skin was brown. I had mud in my bellybutton from sweat and dirt. It was foul. I turned the bar of soap a nice shade of black. Gross. I sent Byron on a beer run after the showers and he got home and we both were so spent that we didn't even finish our beers. Pitiful. My body ached. I laid in bed and didn't even want to move to breathe. I mean, HOW in the world do people do this for a living? Like, I am okay knowing that I have another pallet ahead of me, but if I knew I had to wake up to that every day, I just couldn't do it. Also, I really don't want to pick up another rake again any time soon. I just want to cuss it out every time I walk by it now. Yikes. Anger management, please.

All raked and ready to go...

How pretty is the insta-yard?

Saturday - we got up and groaned. Hehe, well - we weren't as sore as I thought we would be, but we weren't spring chickens either. We went plant shopping and of course the plant that I had my heart set on the lady at the nursery told me that it wouldn't last all year and that it wouldn't come back. Well, I know for sure that a neighbor in Macon planted the same plant and it was there for the entire year and a half that we were after they planted, so... But, I guess she is the expert, so I got mad and we only bought 2 and then changed our plans. Uggh, whatever. It is purple fountain grass and it kicks booty.

We also got some flowers for Louisa to plant in the flower boxes that Byron built onto her playhouse. She loved picking them out. We got her some impatiens and begonias, and when I asked her if she wanted pink begonias, she said, "yes, I wanna eat be-donuts." And later, she just shortened it to donuts, and that is what she calls begonias. Too cute.

We also bought some pine straw which I am convinced must have had some gold hidden in it somewhere due to the price, but it sure looks good. We planted, and to be honest I was dreading it a bit. However, I don't know if it was because we had been doing backbreaking work all week, or I am just used to digging in Georgia clay, but it was so easy. I was surprised that we got all of our plants planted in record time. Of course, we don't have enough pine straw, but whatever. Maybe we will get that with the 3rd pallet. I mean, whose backyard is this?? :)

Here is my little helper, wearing my "groves."

Sunday - Byron worked on some clean-up and the columns of his shed. Seriously, he may be the only person that I know that has architectural details on his shed. I, on the other hand, painted the interior of Lula's playhouse. A nice bright pink, white and the back wall is a chalkboard.

It turned out super cute and I cannot wait for her to be old enough for me to make her go outside to play and tell her to come inside for lunch. Hehe, maybe not. But, I remember as a child having to play outside and only being allowed to come in to potty or eat. So, I turned out semi-normal, so Lou should do fine with this too, right? Before I wrap up this Sunday, let me just vent about the paint guy at Lowes. I debated on whether or not to even bring it up, but since it still makes me angry to think of it, I will blog to get it out. So, this guy who mixes paint that is all of 24 years old of course immediately assumes I am an idiot since I am a girl in Lowes. Uggh, I hate that. Anyways, so he keeps trying to tell me all these things, in the meantime Louisa is being AWFUL and screaming and pitching fits in the buggy. She is standing up in the back of the buggy because I allow her to do that sometimes. I mean, I am her mom and I can make up the rules. Anyways, as this guy is getting on my nerves because a.) he thinks I am renovation-retarded and b.) he clearly doesn't realize that I cannot focus on the B.S. coming out of his mouth bc my child is misbehaving, he has the gall to say, "Mamm, you may want to have her sit down in there. Kids may fall out if they are standing up like that." I know that my ears turned red instantly (this happens when I get mad) and I think I saw smoke come out of my nose, and I know I must have given him some serious daggers with my eyes, because he changed the subject. But, SERIOUSLY??? Did he just give me parenting advice? I mean, as my friend Phoebe says, "I've got this." I mean, I am her mom. I let her do this. If she falls out, it is my fault. Ugghhh. I am so angry still that this does not even make sense. But, to avoid the teeny-bopper giving me more parenting advice, I had Louisa sit in the buggy just to make nice-nice. Well, later on, Karma showed her nice head as Louisa was sitting on the paint can in the back of the buggy and the lady ringing me up didn't even ring up the paint. I didn't realize until I was in my car looking at the receipt. I mean, I just laughed and thought, see...there you go Mr. Parenting Advice Giver Although You Clearly Don't Have Children. Some people will say, he was just trying to be nice and helpful, but those people need to beware and not mention that to me. :)

It is hard to get a picture of the entire yard since it is so big, something that is great sometimes and not-so-great others. :) But, click this link to go to my album that has all of the pictures of the backyard, from start to finish!

Wow, did I really just write a novel?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flirting with Disaster

The title of the post is something that Louisa does on a daily basis. But, this post has nothing to do with her. Byron and I were flirting with disaster tonight, and we won. Maybe stupidly, but we won...none the less. I think.

So, once again I am blogging about the backyard, so if you really don't care (which is fine) then you can stop reading, because that is what this post is all about.

We made it official the other day, and I called and ordered sod. Since we have seeded twice with no results, maybe third time will be a charm. I honestly hope so because I am so over this project. Yikes, did I just say that? Well, we all know the back-breaking work that By and I did on Sunday with the bricks and the path, I didn't think my body would recover...but I did just fine on the treadmill today, so it looks like I will survive. Well, yesterday we got out there (well, once Byron got home from the hospital) and he transplanted the rest of the plants (he is so green, I would have just whacked them all down) and I moved more bricks. Honestly, we could build a house with the bricks we have dug out of the back yard. Well, they are delivering the sod tomorrow (and rumor has it that they deliver early, like 5:30 am...ummm, we all know that I do not get up that early) and supposedly you have to lay it within a certain number of hours from when it is cut, so basically we will have 2 pallets of ticking time bombs delivered to our house tomorrow at the crack of dawn. So, tonight Byron went by Home Depot on his way home from the hospital to rent a tiller for the SECOND time to chop up the ground to get it all ready. Well, he gets home, and we already are running short on time since he never gets to leave work at a decent hour, and of course the tiller we have is bent around the gas tank so gas is leaking out all over the backyard. Well, we load up the beast of a machine back into Byron's truck so he can go back to Home Depot to get a different tiller. And while we are loading it up, the sky turns black and it starts to thunder. SERIOUSLY? I mean, we went like a month and a half with no rain, and of course, when we have to get something done outside. Well, Byron and I always say, if it wasn't for bad luck we wouldn't have any luck at all. This is so true. Things just happen with us, especially when it comes to renovations and projects. HGTV needs to hire us out for an entire series called, "Are you Kidding Me?" I mean, people would watch us, and laugh and be sad. Anyway, I am starting to ramble, so let me get back to flirting with disaster. So, By gets home with tiller #2 and it is raining, thundering and lightening and he is in the backyard with a large piece of metal equipment just a-tilling away. I am in the backyard holding a metal rake, smoothing out the ground that has already been tilled. With each flash of lightening we look at each other and kinda grit our teeth and close our eyes. Seriously? Just go inside, oh but wait...ticking time bomb to be delivered tomorrow. Anyway, we got the job done, well, I still have some raking to do tomorrow which will be super fun since I know I will be sore from raking around wet dirt tonight. Then, the fun begins around 5 pm. Byron gets home and the sod-a-thon begins. The two of us will be laying 2 pallets by ourselves, and wont stop until it is done. So, this may be my first all-nighter that doesn't involve downtown Athens, drinking, acting like a fool and a follow-up hangover. So, here's to tomorrow night. I am sure there will be a follow-up post, hopefully with pictures of a gorgeous landscape that is lush and green. So, everyone PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for us that the weather holds out. I am all about some rain once we get it laid (since this will help to lower our water bill)...but until then.

Here are some pics just for some eye-candy.

This is just a before of some of the boxwoods that Bryon transplanted. The next picture shows it tonight after By tilled and I raked. I mean, I don't know about St. Augustine, but if I were sod, I most certainly would want to live here.

Byron tilling, don't know what the flash was doing. I have gotten to be artificial light snobby lately, and don't like to use the flash, but I needed it for this action shot. :)

This doesn't even do NEAR the justice of what Byron and I were working with on our shoes. I mean, in the mud (freshly tilled) I was sinking like 4-5 inches and it all sticks on your shoes, so you have an added 5 pounds or so to each foot. I would've done some leg exercises while I was at it...but imagine that headline "girl is struck by lightning in her backyard while doing what appears to be leg lifts with mud while balancing on a rake." No mam, not me.

Until the end of the sod-a-thon...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Go ahead and laugh, you know you want to...

Okay, for all of you that were either sitting in your car, waiting in the lobby, or under the overhangs at Kroger in Flowood today. Please, go ahead and laugh if you haven't already. For, there was a sight to see. I mean, if I hadn't of happened to me, I KNOW I would've almost wet my pants from laughing if I had seen it.

First of all, I don't know if I have ever blogged this before or not, but I LOVE to watch people fall down. It is hilarious and is guaranteed to make my day. I mean, I never want someone to get hurt, but it is really the funniest thing to watch people bust their rear-ends. Well, I did it today, BIG TIME and honestly hope that everyone watching got a good laugh out of it. Here is how it all went down.

So, Louisa and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping when you could hear the rain start on the ceiling at Kroger. Well, on one of our trips to the bathroom (Louisa, not me) I looked outside and saw that it was raining cats and dogs. It was pitch black, you could barely see through the know the kind of summer storm that makes people all crazy and talkative and such. Well, I thought, we can just meandor around Kroger for a while and wait for it to blowover. Well, Lula and I both started to wear thin and were getting a little tired of being in Kroger, so we went ahead to checkout. The lady at the counter made the remarks that we were going to be soaked, and I giggled and told her that neither of us would melt, and that it may be a record for me as a stay-at-homer to have 2 showers in one day. You know, just chatting. So, we get all the groceries in the buggy and I am getting my keys ready, my purse on my shoulder, my game plan, etc. I have to weave through the 10 people in the lobby that are there waiting for it to blow over, but I had a front parking spot and knew that we would get wet and was okay with it. This is the part that I had not planned for...It was raining SO hard that I was soaked the second I got out from under the overhang of the store. Then, it was so flooded that the water was up to my ankles in the parking lot (at the most shallow part). Well, for some reason, the cement was also slippery, WHY that was is beyond me. So, I took off, pushing the car buggy and hauling a$$ to my car. Well, my flip flops couldn't withstand the slippery cement, so there go my feet out from under me. Well, I was still holding onto the buggy, and as I was trying to get my balance, I was being dragged since there HAD to be an incline in the stupid parking lot. Well, I finally lost my grip on the buggy, busted my tail and made a splash in the middle of the road. If you haven't read my blog from last night, let me just tell you how sore I am from yard work yesterday that I am moving slow today. Well, of course, I look up and the buggy, with my toddler who is singing "its raining it pourin old man bonk his head" at the top of her lungs, is going full force down the incline heading straight for an expensive SUV. So, I try to get my sore, stiff muscles off the wet cement as fast as I can and run in the 2 inches of water, on the slippery cement, IN flip flops towards the buggy to try and save the soon-to-be victimized SUV. Well, thankfully I caught the buggy, and for any of you who have to get the car buggys...well, you know the steering isn't right. So, I am trying to stop it and steer it clear of the SUV, and somehow I run it straight into the curb. So, I slam into it so hard that the handle part almost knocks the breath out of me, and Louisa goes flying head first into the grocery part of the buggy. I am not making any of this up, yall. Seriously, this is my life. After this, the events slowly get boring as I just load up my stuff into the back of my car and then decide to unwind in the backseat for a while before I get behind the wheel. The best part, I am laughing so hard that I can barely catch my breath. Of course, I had an audience like no other. I look around, and tons of people are sitting in their cars waiting for the rain to slow down, not to mention the dozen or so that are still in the lobby and outside waiting.

So, please. Enjoy your laughs, because I know for SURE that I would have had a ball watching this unfold. What a way to start the week. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a FUN Weekend!

Well, this weekend was packed with so much goodness that I really don't want it to end. And let me just warn, my hands hurt so bad from the work I did today (explained later) that it really hurts to type, so please excuse any typos in this post. :)

Friday was Byron's birthday. For the first time since we have been together (how awful, right) I actually made him a cake. I don't know why I haven't before, maybe because I am not big on cake, I just forget other people may be? Who knows. Well, he wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. We all know that I am FAR from Betty Crocker. I can cook, and I love to do so...but I don't do well straying from the stove top or the grill. So, since you have to bake in the oven, this is not a strong-point of mine. I have always blamed it on the ovens before, and honestly still think that is my problem. Maybe one day if I have a nice, fancy new oven I will be able to bake. Hehe. Anyway, box cake mix plus icing in the can is how I went. Nothing from scratch here, but it was still yummy! I put Louisa on the countertop with me (sorry for all of you reading about to have a nervous breakdown looking at my child sitting on the counter, but trust me...she wasn't unsupervised) so that she could help me. It was just about the cutest thing EVER. She wanted to pour the eggs, water and oil in and she did such a good job. I explained to her that she had to be careful and make sure not to spill. So, she would count to three (perfect for me because it gave me time to get the picture) and then pour OH SO carefully, all the while saying, "otay mommy. we mus be bary careful. dis can get bary messy, and dat wood be bad." She is just edible sometimes. When I turned the mixer on, you would have thought I had performed a miracle to see the look on Lou's face! The only mistake was making the cake in the morning, and then painfully waiting for Byron to get home so that we could "celbrate and brow out the cannals." So, thankfully Byron let her blow out the candles (I don't think we would've survived if not) and she got to sing Happy Birthday like she had been practicing all day. Too cute, that little one. Here are some pictures from the celebration.

Saturday night we went to dinner with friends. That sounds super normal, right? NO it wasn't. We went to dinner with 3 other couples (well, one of the couples was just the bride since the groom was in NOLA) WITHOUT any children. We have not all gotten together since we met (when we all moved to MS) without children, EVER. It was the most fun. We all had a chance to relax, not worry about anyone choking on food, what food was being thrown on the floor, who was screaming and having a meltdown, who needed to go potty, etc. It was so nice. I mean, I can't wait to do that again!

Today we decided to have a family work in the jungle, I mean backyard day. I have blogged about the yard before, and it really is getting better, but I am just SO over it by now and want it done. I am not a patient person, and my mother in law told me that with children comes patience, but...not yet. And, right now more patience just isn't worth having another JUST yet. Byron has done so much work on the playhouse, the yard itself (tilling and seeding not once, but twice), transplanting all sorts of plants that I would have just wacked down and thrown away, etc. Well, today we planned to get done 3 brick pathways. In order to do so, we had to finish knocking down the last of one of Mrs. Mara's (the previous owner)brick walls. Mrs. Mara apparantly was an artist and a traveler. Supposedly, wherever she went, she would always bring a shovel and dig up exotic plants and transplant them in her backyard. I am told the place was gorgeous with all of the plants, formal gardens and brickwork. However, she became ill with Alzheimer's and later on dementia and was not able to keep up with the yard for like the last 5 or so years. So, it grew out of control. However, we are hoping to make it awesome again, just in a family friendly way. So, we knocked down the last of the brick walls, and I painstakingly (with a hammer) got all of the mortar off the bricks so that we could reuse them on the walkway. Byron helped me out too, or else we wouldn't have gotten it all done. However, my hand is now in a perma-hammer grip, and I have the most humongo blister on the palm of my hand that keeps hitting the space bar and making me wish I had some percocet. Well, maybe not percocet, hmmm... Then we dug out the trenches to set the bricks on the pathways. We got it all done, which was great, but I was so over it and tired in the end that I didn't get a picture of the finished product. We are hoping to lay some sod next weekend (since seeding the yard twice hasn't worked) if things go as planned. That should make for a fun water bill and fun time since the dogs can't go in the backyard for 2 weeks after we sod. Ugghh. For those who may have just started following my blog (yay for you, I can be fun sometimes) and you may be interested in the rest of the stories of the backyard, click here and scroll on down and you will see the beginning of the backyard stories. Here are just a few pics of the day. Honestly, I think I could write about different stories of the day today, but my blister is throbbing, and I think I might have a date with some Advil in the near future.

Story of our lives. I mean, WHO has roots this size that are in the way of their projects. Byron started to pull this one up, and this was just part of it. Now, who wants to place bets on whether or not the tree survives. Hmmm.

This is how Mallard helped. He found Louisa's shovel and kept running around the backyard with it. Well, at least until Lula figured out it was hers and then the war started. So, we had to remove the shovel before, well...meltdowns.

How cute is this little bug helping out with the bricks?

Byron digging one of the trenches for the pathways. Notice in the background the "mansion playhouse." He built a "romeo and juiet" porch on the front and it even has window boxes! Just needs a little paint. Uggh, another project.

Here is a picture of the brick wall in the middle of demo. I had to take a break before my hand cramped more, so I decided to take pics.

This was my leg. However, for some reason, the camera did NO justice to the actual amount of dirt, mortar, sweat and crap that was all over me. At the end of the day, I had mortar in my bra, socks and underwear. When I took off my clothes to shower, you could hear things hitting the hardwood floors. Seriously. Oh, and I am pretty sure I crunched on some mortar at lunch. Yummy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dog Days...

So, I don't think I have ever quite figured out why they are called "the dog days of summer." But then again, I haven't really put much thinking into it. All I know, is that I LOVE the summertime. Always have. I think it helps growing up in Savannah where the beach is at the most 20 minutes away, the rivers are just waiting for you to jump in and the smell of the salt air just sticks with you. Maybe also since Mom would plop on the beach with a book at sun-up with us girls and slather us with sunscreen and let us play until sun-down. So, I have a soft spot for the summertime. Yeah, I do hate the heat though. Especially when I don't have a cool retreat at my becons call.

But, anyway. On to the point of this post. Tonight as I was grilling, I realized that this is just one of the many reasons that I love these dog days. First of all, it was still light outside at 7:30 and I love that. Of course, Louisa gets in bed a bit later, but I figure we aren't damaging her too much if we let her stay up and play outside and enjoy herself. Besides, it isn't like she is really going to sleep anyways. :) Second, I can actually afford fresh produce. Corn, squash, zucchini, things that I shy away from usually since they aren't in the budget, are piled into my grocery cart (the car ones at Kroger to make the little one happy). Third, I get to sit outside, enjoy an ice-cold Miller Lite (one of my favorite past-times)

while I grill and watch Louisa chase the dogs around the yard. I sat down once I put the shrimp and corn on the grill, enjoyed a sip of my bevo and realized, this is the life. The only thing husband. Seriously UMC, I want to hang out with him too. Please let him come home today.

Here are some pictures to help you enjoy my dog days, since the camera is usually attached to me. Tonight we ate spicy ginger grilled shrimp, fried okra and garlic butter corn. Yumm, yumm in the tumm tumm!

PS - so, Byron was able to get home right in time for dinner and I was super excited about that. Well, funny thing was later when we were talking I noticed he had something in his teeth. So, as usual, I told him but for some reason he couldn't get it out. So, I said, let's go look in the mirror, and when we did, we both started giggling and almost didn't stop. The corn (which I included black pepper in the brush with the butter and garlic) had left bits of black pepper EVERYWHERE in our teeth. It was hilarious. Byron had like 8 pieces and I had like 4. Crazy! Good thing we realized as I was thinking I may make the corn when we entertain. Maybe not...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Weekend All to Myself!

So, this past 4th of July weekend, I had the house all to myself. Just me, the doggies, the kitty...and our goldfish, who passed away Saturday. RIP Zonkey, you will be missed. Byron and Lula made the treck to Barnesville, Ga. to celebrate Kale and Kane's birthdays.

First I will just talk about time alone. I am a very independant person, and I love to be by myself, do things on my time and just be alone. I don't get to do this often anymore since I am a mom, and you just don't have alone time. I know understand why Mom would lock the door when she would soak in the tub and tell us we weren't allowed to talk to her. I mean, sometimes you just need your space. Well, I cleaned the house Thursday after they left, and to my stayed that way until she got home. It was so nice. Then, Friday I had to run some errands for brownie-goose and the Fall line that I am working on (people get excited, because it is going to be soooo fun) all by myself. Funny enough, both of the fabric stores, and the post office, once I walked in, the workers immediately asked where my other half was. They were amazed to see JUST of the ladies at the fabric store just laughed when I told her that I was going to be able to actually focus on this trip and not run around the store like a chicken with my head cut off that has awful ADD. It was nice, oh so nice to have those moments. Oh, and did I mention sleep. I think I slept through the night for the first time since I was like 20 weeks preggers. It was amazing. Granted, I didn't wake up until like 10 am (but in my defense I had stayed up to 2 am the night before since my creative mind is a night owl) but I felt so refreshed. Ahhhhh.

Now let me just talk about this part. I missed the ever-living mess out of my child. Yes, this same child that drives me to the point of insanity daily (most of the times more than once), the same child that makes me cucko, the same child that pushes EVERY button that I have and even some that I didn't know that I had, the child that makes my head spin, the child that stains my ears, the child that takes away my sleep at night...I guess you get the point. Anyways, I missed her like the second I saw her go down the driveway in my car with Byron. It was weird. The silence in my house was almost deafening for the first few hours until I adjusted to it. I missed hearing her feet pad up and down the hallway. It was nice to have a break, but I realized I am just a little more attached to the little monster than I think. Well, she is already back to making me nutso, that happened within the first few hours of her being home, but I still love her, craziness and all! By the way, I totally missed Byron too, don't get me wrong...but he doesn't drive me mad like she does, so he kind of gets left out of the spot light...

But, they had a blast in Georgia...WHO DOESN'T, I mean, I so can't wait to get back there. They went to some waterslides, Byron took her fishing for the first time, she got to play with her cousins Kale and Kane, Byron got to go play golf, and Louisa got her some Guinney time. (Byron's mom is known as Guinney) Here are just a few pics, and if you want, you can click here for more of her summer fun.

Louisa touching her first fish that she caught at Keith's pond. This was a big step for her since Byron said she was a bit scared of it when it came out of the water. But, she was super interested in capturing the moment on her Dora camcorder toy that she brought fishing with her. Always accessorized.

Happy 4th birthday Kale!

Happy 2nd birthday Kane!

Enjoying a cupcake, the girl loves some sweets.

Kissing her tiger that Bee gave her. How cute!!

The cutest booty ever. Once I told her about the waterslides (mistakenly, I did so on Wednesday and she wasn't going until in the meantime, ALL we heard about was how she was going to go "downa side on my tummy all by self." Well, that she did!