Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flirting with Disaster

The title of the post is something that Louisa does on a daily basis. But, this post has nothing to do with her. Byron and I were flirting with disaster tonight, and we won. Maybe stupidly, but we won...none the less. I think.

So, once again I am blogging about the backyard, so if you really don't care (which is fine) then you can stop reading, because that is what this post is all about.

We made it official the other day, and I called and ordered sod. Since we have seeded twice with no results, maybe third time will be a charm. I honestly hope so because I am so over this project. Yikes, did I just say that? Well, we all know the back-breaking work that By and I did on Sunday with the bricks and the path, I didn't think my body would recover...but I did just fine on the treadmill today, so it looks like I will survive. Well, yesterday we got out there (well, once Byron got home from the hospital) and he transplanted the rest of the plants (he is so green, I would have just whacked them all down) and I moved more bricks. Honestly, we could build a house with the bricks we have dug out of the back yard. Well, they are delivering the sod tomorrow (and rumor has it that they deliver early, like 5:30 am...ummm, we all know that I do not get up that early) and supposedly you have to lay it within a certain number of hours from when it is cut, so basically we will have 2 pallets of ticking time bombs delivered to our house tomorrow at the crack of dawn. So, tonight Byron went by Home Depot on his way home from the hospital to rent a tiller for the SECOND time to chop up the ground to get it all ready. Well, he gets home, and we already are running short on time since he never gets to leave work at a decent hour, and of course the tiller we have is bent around the gas tank so gas is leaking out all over the backyard. Well, we load up the beast of a machine back into Byron's truck so he can go back to Home Depot to get a different tiller. And while we are loading it up, the sky turns black and it starts to thunder. SERIOUSLY? I mean, we went like a month and a half with no rain, and of course, when we have to get something done outside. Well, Byron and I always say, if it wasn't for bad luck we wouldn't have any luck at all. This is so true. Things just happen with us, especially when it comes to renovations and projects. HGTV needs to hire us out for an entire series called, "Are you Kidding Me?" I mean, people would watch us, and laugh and be sad. Anyway, I am starting to ramble, so let me get back to flirting with disaster. So, By gets home with tiller #2 and it is raining, thundering and lightening and he is in the backyard with a large piece of metal equipment just a-tilling away. I am in the backyard holding a metal rake, smoothing out the ground that has already been tilled. With each flash of lightening we look at each other and kinda grit our teeth and close our eyes. Seriously? Just go inside, oh but wait...ticking time bomb to be delivered tomorrow. Anyway, we got the job done, well, I still have some raking to do tomorrow which will be super fun since I know I will be sore from raking around wet dirt tonight. Then, the fun begins around 5 pm. Byron gets home and the sod-a-thon begins. The two of us will be laying 2 pallets by ourselves, and wont stop until it is done. So, this may be my first all-nighter that doesn't involve downtown Athens, drinking, acting like a fool and a follow-up hangover. So, here's to tomorrow night. I am sure there will be a follow-up post, hopefully with pictures of a gorgeous landscape that is lush and green. So, everyone PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for us that the weather holds out. I am all about some rain once we get it laid (since this will help to lower our water bill)...but until then.

Here are some pics just for some eye-candy.

This is just a before of some of the boxwoods that Bryon transplanted. The next picture shows it tonight after By tilled and I raked. I mean, I don't know about St. Augustine, but if I were sod, I most certainly would want to live here.

Byron tilling, don't know what the flash was doing. I have gotten to be artificial light snobby lately, and don't like to use the flash, but I needed it for this action shot. :)

This doesn't even do NEAR the justice of what Byron and I were working with on our shoes. I mean, in the mud (freshly tilled) I was sinking like 4-5 inches and it all sticks on your shoes, so you have an added 5 pounds or so to each foot. I would've done some leg exercises while I was at it...but imagine that headline "girl is struck by lightning in her backyard while doing what appears to be leg lifts with mud while balancing on a rake." No mam, not me.

Until the end of the sod-a-thon...

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