Monday, July 13, 2009

Go ahead and laugh, you know you want to...

Okay, for all of you that were either sitting in your car, waiting in the lobby, or under the overhangs at Kroger in Flowood today. Please, go ahead and laugh if you haven't already. For, there was a sight to see. I mean, if I hadn't of happened to me, I KNOW I would've almost wet my pants from laughing if I had seen it.

First of all, I don't know if I have ever blogged this before or not, but I LOVE to watch people fall down. It is hilarious and is guaranteed to make my day. I mean, I never want someone to get hurt, but it is really the funniest thing to watch people bust their rear-ends. Well, I did it today, BIG TIME and honestly hope that everyone watching got a good laugh out of it. Here is how it all went down.

So, Louisa and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping when you could hear the rain start on the ceiling at Kroger. Well, on one of our trips to the bathroom (Louisa, not me) I looked outside and saw that it was raining cats and dogs. It was pitch black, you could barely see through the know the kind of summer storm that makes people all crazy and talkative and such. Well, I thought, we can just meandor around Kroger for a while and wait for it to blowover. Well, Lula and I both started to wear thin and were getting a little tired of being in Kroger, so we went ahead to checkout. The lady at the counter made the remarks that we were going to be soaked, and I giggled and told her that neither of us would melt, and that it may be a record for me as a stay-at-homer to have 2 showers in one day. You know, just chatting. So, we get all the groceries in the buggy and I am getting my keys ready, my purse on my shoulder, my game plan, etc. I have to weave through the 10 people in the lobby that are there waiting for it to blow over, but I had a front parking spot and knew that we would get wet and was okay with it. This is the part that I had not planned for...It was raining SO hard that I was soaked the second I got out from under the overhang of the store. Then, it was so flooded that the water was up to my ankles in the parking lot (at the most shallow part). Well, for some reason, the cement was also slippery, WHY that was is beyond me. So, I took off, pushing the car buggy and hauling a$$ to my car. Well, my flip flops couldn't withstand the slippery cement, so there go my feet out from under me. Well, I was still holding onto the buggy, and as I was trying to get my balance, I was being dragged since there HAD to be an incline in the stupid parking lot. Well, I finally lost my grip on the buggy, busted my tail and made a splash in the middle of the road. If you haven't read my blog from last night, let me just tell you how sore I am from yard work yesterday that I am moving slow today. Well, of course, I look up and the buggy, with my toddler who is singing "its raining it pourin old man bonk his head" at the top of her lungs, is going full force down the incline heading straight for an expensive SUV. So, I try to get my sore, stiff muscles off the wet cement as fast as I can and run in the 2 inches of water, on the slippery cement, IN flip flops towards the buggy to try and save the soon-to-be victimized SUV. Well, thankfully I caught the buggy, and for any of you who have to get the car buggys...well, you know the steering isn't right. So, I am trying to stop it and steer it clear of the SUV, and somehow I run it straight into the curb. So, I slam into it so hard that the handle part almost knocks the breath out of me, and Louisa goes flying head first into the grocery part of the buggy. I am not making any of this up, yall. Seriously, this is my life. After this, the events slowly get boring as I just load up my stuff into the back of my car and then decide to unwind in the backseat for a while before I get behind the wheel. The best part, I am laughing so hard that I can barely catch my breath. Of course, I had an audience like no other. I look around, and tons of people are sitting in their cars waiting for the rain to slow down, not to mention the dozen or so that are still in the lobby and outside waiting.

So, please. Enjoy your laughs, because I know for SURE that I would have had a ball watching this unfold. What a way to start the week. :)


Ashley said...

oh MY GOSH. it sounds like such a typical day for me, and it is such a relief that that kind of stuff occasionally happens to someone else! thanks for the laugh...pretty much made my day. i share the sickness of loving watching people fall down. mom and i often find a high-traffic spot for pedestrians when it snows or ices (this thing that occasionally happens in arkansas!!)..not unlike a kroger parking lot...and just watch people fall down over and over and funny unless it's an old person. that's where i draw the line!

p.s...don't you feel fresh! gotta love an unexpected shower!!

Tori Hayes said...

I can't believe it! That is too funny:) Wish I could have seen it:)