Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Weekend All to Myself!

So, this past 4th of July weekend, I had the house all to myself. Just me, the doggies, the kitty...and our goldfish, who passed away Saturday. RIP Zonkey, you will be missed. Byron and Lula made the treck to Barnesville, Ga. to celebrate Kale and Kane's birthdays.

First I will just talk about time alone. I am a very independant person, and I love to be by myself, do things on my time and just be alone. I don't get to do this often anymore since I am a mom, and you just don't have alone time. I know understand why Mom would lock the door when she would soak in the tub and tell us we weren't allowed to talk to her. I mean, sometimes you just need your space. Well, I cleaned the house Thursday after they left, and to my stayed that way until she got home. It was so nice. Then, Friday I had to run some errands for brownie-goose and the Fall line that I am working on (people get excited, because it is going to be soooo fun) all by myself. Funny enough, both of the fabric stores, and the post office, once I walked in, the workers immediately asked where my other half was. They were amazed to see JUST of the ladies at the fabric store just laughed when I told her that I was going to be able to actually focus on this trip and not run around the store like a chicken with my head cut off that has awful ADD. It was nice, oh so nice to have those moments. Oh, and did I mention sleep. I think I slept through the night for the first time since I was like 20 weeks preggers. It was amazing. Granted, I didn't wake up until like 10 am (but in my defense I had stayed up to 2 am the night before since my creative mind is a night owl) but I felt so refreshed. Ahhhhh.

Now let me just talk about this part. I missed the ever-living mess out of my child. Yes, this same child that drives me to the point of insanity daily (most of the times more than once), the same child that makes me cucko, the same child that pushes EVERY button that I have and even some that I didn't know that I had, the child that makes my head spin, the child that stains my ears, the child that takes away my sleep at night...I guess you get the point. Anyways, I missed her like the second I saw her go down the driveway in my car with Byron. It was weird. The silence in my house was almost deafening for the first few hours until I adjusted to it. I missed hearing her feet pad up and down the hallway. It was nice to have a break, but I realized I am just a little more attached to the little monster than I think. Well, she is already back to making me nutso, that happened within the first few hours of her being home, but I still love her, craziness and all! By the way, I totally missed Byron too, don't get me wrong...but he doesn't drive me mad like she does, so he kind of gets left out of the spot light...

But, they had a blast in Georgia...WHO DOESN'T, I mean, I so can't wait to get back there. They went to some waterslides, Byron took her fishing for the first time, she got to play with her cousins Kale and Kane, Byron got to go play golf, and Louisa got her some Guinney time. (Byron's mom is known as Guinney) Here are just a few pics, and if you want, you can click here for more of her summer fun.

Louisa touching her first fish that she caught at Keith's pond. This was a big step for her since Byron said she was a bit scared of it when it came out of the water. But, she was super interested in capturing the moment on her Dora camcorder toy that she brought fishing with her. Always accessorized.

Happy 4th birthday Kale!

Happy 2nd birthday Kane!

Enjoying a cupcake, the girl loves some sweets.

Kissing her tiger that Bee gave her. How cute!!

The cutest booty ever. Once I told her about the waterslides (mistakenly, I did so on Wednesday and she wasn't going until in the meantime, ALL we heard about was how she was going to go "downa side on my tummy all by self." Well, that she did!

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The Fab Five said...

Torrey and I are looking at your latest post together ( since we don't have cable for trying to save money) and I read the first part, then scrolled down to see all the new pics... and the last one.. I said aloud.. that booty!!! That is the cutest thing! And then scrolled up to see you had written that very same thing!! She is a doll!!